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Fastener Tech 2009

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  • Country:American Samoa
  • Date:08-10 June 2009
  • Venue:Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
  • Tel:1-330-8642122
  • Fax:8645298
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Fastener Tech 2009
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Fastener TechTM ’09 is an Exhibition for Manufacturers, Distributors and Users of Fasteners.The exhibition portion of Fastener TechTM ’09 will feature exhibits of interest to international manufacturers, distributors and users of fasteners. Also being offered alongside the exhibits are educational seminars and networking events. 10 industry trade associations and publications are participating in the show.
Visitor Profile:
Fastener Manufacturers
Fastener Distributors, including Reps and Importers
Fastener Buyer
Fastener Users including MROs
 Exhibitor Profiles:
Suppliers of products and services used to make, distribute and use fasteners including:
1) Fastener Manufacturing Equipment
Cold Formers, Thread Rollers, Secondary Operation Machinese, Tapping machines, Heat Treatment Equipment
2) Fastener manufacturing Tooling
Dies, Punches, Tap, Cutting Tolls& Abrasives
 3) Quality Control
Sorting & Inspecting, Gages, Testing Equipment, Labs, Processin Monitoring & Control
 4) Packaging & Handling
Packaging Machines,Labels, Packing Materials, Bar Code, Inventory COntrol, Feeding, Washing
5) Materials
Coatings, Platings, Wire, Rod, Bar
6) Services
Heat Treatment, Testing, Coating, & Plating, Sorting & Inspecting, Secondary Operations, Packaging
7) Fasteners
Bolts, Screws, Nuts, Washers, Rivets, Assemblies, Springs & Wire Forms, Threaded Rod, Studs, Screw Machine Parts, Inserts, Clamps, Cable Ties, Pins, Retaining Rings, clips, Adhesives
 8) Fastener Assembly
Nutrunners, Rivet Guns, Drivers, Automation Systems, Feeders
9) More Fastener Industry Related Products & Services

No company plan to attend this exhibition at present

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