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  • Data: China' Fastener Imports and Exports Statistics in July 2017

    Data: China' Fastener Imports and Exports Statistics in July 2017

    By CFM| 2017-09-05 00:00:00

    Based on the data of China Customs, the value of China’s import and export fasteners in the July 2017 sums up to 0.71 billion US dollars, up 10.2% versus the same period of 2016 while the quantity of the country’s import and export fasteners at the same period totals 0.29 million tons, up 5.08% versus the same period of 2016. The imports value is near 0.25 billion US dollars, up 10.3% and the export value is about 0.46 billion US dollars, up 10.1%. The trade surplus is approx 213 million US dollars, up 9.8% compared with that of last year.Both value and quantity of import and export fasteners of China in H1 of 2017 go up significantly. The situation of China’s fastener foreign trade is heading for the better.The top three trade partners (based on the import value of July 2017) from which China imports fasteners are Japan, Germany, and USA. The average price of these fasteners from USA is the highest, near USD 10109 per ton. The top five trade partners (based on the export value of July 2017) to which China exports fasteners are USA, Russia, Japan, Germany and Hong Kong. The average price of these fasteners to Japan is the highest, near USD 1906 per ton. Source: China Custom and
  • Data: USA Fastener Trade Statistics from 2012 -2016

    Data: USA Fastener Trade Statistics from 2012 -2016

    By CFM| 2017-08-21 15:00:00

    Based on the data of UN Comtrade, we can see that in 2016, United States imported fasteners worth near 4.53 billion US dollars, down 9.05% versus 2015 while it exported more than 4 billion US dollars fasteners in 2016, up 6.16% versus 2015.From 2012 to 2016, the top three countries (based on the import value of 2016) from which USA imports fasteners are Taiwan, China and Japan, far exceeding other countries. In 2016, USA imported near 1.42 billion US dollars fasteners from Taiwan, accounting for 31.34% of USA's total fastener imports, while China occupied 22.17%, and Japan 13.68%.From 2012 to 2016, the top thress countries (based on the export value of 2016) are Mexico, Canada and Brazil. In 2016, USA exported about 1.32 billion US dollars fasteners, which occupied 32.38% of USA's total exported fasteners in 2016, while Canada 24.52% and Brazil 7.36%.As we can see, USA has a great demand for fasteners since it's the biggest economy in the world. How can we know more about the market and is US market worth investing and developing?Here is the is organizing a business group to investigate US market from Oct. 16 to 24th. We will visit National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo, Fast-Rite, ND Industries, Magni, General Motors/Ford Motors...Welcome to join us: 86-20-8227 0680Email: service@chinafastener.comWeb:
  • The value of China’s import and export fasteners in H1 of 2017 totals 3.88 billion US dollars, up 6%

    The value of China’s import and export fasteners in H1 of 2017 totals 3.88 billion US dollars, up 6%

    By Ivan Su| 2017-08-09 00:00:00

    Based on the data of China Customs, the value of China’s import and export fasteners in the 1st half of 2017 sums up to 3.88 billion US dollars, up 6% versus the same period of 2016 while the quantity of the country’s import and export fasteners at the same period totals 1.59 million tons, up 8.4% versus the same period of 2016. The imports value is near 1.49 billion US dollars, up 8.7% and the export value is about 2.4 billion US dollars, up 4.4%. The trade surplus is approx 897 million US dollars, down 2% compared with that of last year.Both value and quantity of import and export fasteners of China in H1 of 2017 go up significantly. The situation of China’s fastener foreign trade is heading for the better.The import value of fasteners in each month in H1 of 2017 is higher than that of the same months in H1 of 2016. Except the export value of fasteners in February 2017 is lower than that of the same month of 2016, the value of the other five months are higher than the same month of 2016.The top five trade partners (based on the export value of 2017) to which China exports fasteners are USA, Russia, Japan, Germany and South Korea. The value of fasteners exported from China to these five countries accounts for 39.8% of total export value of China in the first half of 2017. The average price of these fasteners to Japan is the highest, near USD 1906 per ton. The top five export regions (based on the export value of 2017) in China are Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province, Guangdong Province, Shanghai Province and Shandong Province, whose export value occupies near 87.6% of China’s export fasteners in H1 of 2017. The average price of fasteners exported from Guangdong Province is the highest, near 3,708 USD/ton. The top five trade partners (based on the import value of 2017) from which China imports fasteners are Japan, Germany USA, TPKM and South Korea. The value of fasteners imported from these five countries to China accounts for 74.7% of total import value of China in the first half of 2017. The average price of these fasteners from USA is the highest, near 12806 USD/ton. The top five import regions (based on the export value of 2017) in China are Shanghai City, Jiangsu Province, Guangdong Province, Beijing City, and Liaoning Province, whose import value occupies near 65.2% of China’s export fasteners in H1 of 2017. The average price of fasteners imported to Guangdong Province is the highest, near 12,806 USD/ton. Source:
  • The Inauguration Ceremony of Jiangsu Washen’s Newly-built Factory was Held Ceremoniously

    The Inauguration Ceremony of Jiangsu Washen’s Newly-built Factory was Held Ceremoniously

    By Ivan Su| 2017-07-28 00:00:00

    At 10:00 a.m. on July 27th, 2017, the inauguration ceremony of new factory of Jiangsu Washen Fastener Manufacture Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Jiangsu Washen) was ceremoniously held at Chengnan Industrial Zone in Jingjiang City of Jiangsu Province. Mr. Yang, secretary of the Industrial Zone, Mr. Chen Xiaohua, chairman of Jiangsu Washen, customer representatives, agencies, suppliers, medium and all staffs of the company totaling 300 people attended the ceremony to witness the wonderful moment of the completion of its new factory.Based on the introduction, the newly-built factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters. Washen invested 7 million RMB, purchased six sets of five die five blow machines, 20 sets of three die three blow machines and 4 sets of laser sorting machines and started to use the ERP enterprise management system for the new factory in order to substantively improve the company’s R&D abilities and management level. The company is heading to the target of becoming “the Intel in fastener industry”.At the ceremony, Mr. Chen Xiaohua said, "We have more mature thoughts and the company is growing more steadily after seven-year development. In the future, We will completely upgrade our company in our product, service, channel, branch, and other various aspects to write a better page of our company. The plan for our next five year is to achieve 0.1 billion RMB annual value of production."Mr. Chen Xiaohua, president of WashenPhoto of Mr. Chen with ChinaFastener.comAs a dark horse in the field of rivet, the developing speed of Washen surprised the whole industry. Jingjiang Washen Fastener Manufacture Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010 when it achieved 0.2 billion pieces of rivets. In 2011, the company passed ISO/TS 16949 quality management system approval, which built a strong foundation for its entering to auto industry. After four-year growth, it was renamed “Jiangsu Washen Fastener Manufacture Co., Ltd.” It kept on purchasing new manufacturing machines and developing new products. In the same year, its annual output reached a high record, 0.6 billion pieces of rivets. In 2015, Washen succeeded in barging into auto industry, with its annual output surpassing 1 billion pieces of rivets. This was a leap of both quantity and quality of its products. The year of 2017 is doomed to be a milestone in the development history of Washen. The completion of the new factory marked the step of the company on a higher level. The company has a bigger development space in manufacturing high-end rivets and technology innovation. What’s more, the company hosted a grand banquet on the day. A serious of performances climaxed the ceremony.Source:

Industry Activities

By Laurence Frost, Agnieszka Flak ,2017-09-14 09:57:46

Talks have become bogged down in recent weeks, with the EU's chief negotiator saying not enough progress had been made to begin discussing a free trade dealDeepening uncertainties over the direction and timetable of Brexit negotiations may force Toyota to shift some UK production elsewhere if they are not addressed, the Japanese carmaker warned on Tuesday.Early Government assurances that free trade with the European Union would survive Britain's departure have been replaced by talk of transition periods, Toyota executive vice president Didier Leroy told Reuters."A few months ago the UK Government was saying, 'We're sure we'll be able to negotiate (a deal) without any trade tax,'" Leroy said in an interview at the Frankfurt car show. "They are not saying that any more."He added: "It's clear that if we have to wait two to three more years to have a clarity on this topic, we will have a big question-mark about our future investment in the country."Brexit talks have become bogged down in recent weeks, with the EU's chief negotiator saying not enough progress had been made to begin discussing a free trade deal, amid differences over the size of the "divorce settlement" London should pay. Britain's car industry is increasingly anxious that its exports could face tariffs and other barriers after 2019.PSA Group boss Carlos Tavares sounded an impatient note on Tuesday, saying Brexit uncertainties were complicating integration with Opel and its British Vauxhall plants, acquired by the Peugeot maker from General Motors."Until we have more visibility on the trade dimension it's very hard to define a strategy," Mr Tavares said in Frankfurt.Jaguar Land Rover, Britain's biggest automaker, also warned last week that Brexit was already deterring EU workers and suppliers.Toyota announced plans in March to begin upgrading its Burnaston plant in central England in preparation for future models at a cost of £240m, after receiving written assurances from London.But Mr Leroy, Toyota's top foreign executive, said the company could not wait indefinitely before deciding whether to build a new model at the site after production of the ageing Avensis model ends. Burnaston also builds the smaller Auris."We cannot take this kind of decision before we have clarity on the future trade relationship," said Mr Leroy."We will not close the plant tomorrow morning, but if in two to three years we have to decide some future investments, of course the key point will be the competitiveness of this plant in future."Mr Leroy declined to say how much of the upgrade funds had already been spent, stressing that considerably larger sums would be needed to launch production of any new vehicles.Without further investment, Burnaston's output "will probably start to decline before we will be able to take a decision," Mr Leroy said. "The longer we have to wait, the more potential there is to move to another factory."He added: "We will not postpone a new product for three more years just because the negotiation is going to take three more years. So really there's a strong need for us to have clarity as quickly as possible."Source:

By Mengjie ,2017-09-11 10:51:29

On Sept. 6, the U.S. Commerce Department on Wednesday launched anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations against imports of stainless steel flanges from China and India, the latest trade protectionist move by the Trump administration.The investigations were initiated based on petitions filed by the Coalition of American Flange Producers and its two members, the department said in a statement.They alleged that Chinese and Indian producers were dumping stainless steel flanges in the U.S. market with margins ranging from 78.49 percent to 257.11 percent.They also claimed that the governments of China and India were providing "unfair" subsidies to domestic producers of stainless steel flanges, the department said.The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), another U.S. trade authority, is scheduled to make its preliminary inquiry determinations around Oct. 2.The probe will continue if the ITC determines that there is a reasonable indication that imports of stainless steel flanges from these two countries materially injure or threaten the domestic industry of the United States.In 2016, imports of these products from China and India were estimated at about 16.3 million U.S. dollars and 32.1 million dollars, respectively, according to the department.The Trump administration has initiated 62 anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations so far this year, up 41 percent year-on-year, the department said.China's Ministry of Commerce has kept urging Washington to abide by its commitment against protectionism and help maintain a free, open and just international trade environment.Source: Xinhuanet

By GREG ROBB ,2017-09-08 00:00:00

Auto production was down sharply in Ohio.Business contacts across the country expressed concerns about a prolonged slowdown in the auto industry, a report released Wednesday showed.The Federal Reserve’s so-called Beige Book, a collection of anecdotes about the economy gathered before the central bank makes interest-rate decisions, said reports were mixed about auto production.In Cleveland, year-to-date production at auto assembly plants declined more than 16% when compared with the same period a year ago, although much of decline was due to retooling. Slowing demand for autos has led some contacts to temper their outlook for the economy during the past few months. In Chicago, one contact noticed auto suppliers no longer are searching for space to build new factories.Several districts noted concern as auto sales were down and inventories were rising.Vehicle sales in August slumped to the worst rate in more than three years, Autodata reported last week. There are mounting signs that American car buyers have become increasingly fickle following a multiyear auto expansion.Despite the weak auto sector, the overall economy continued on a “modest to moderate” growth pace across the country in August with little sign of inflation. This has been the same conditions seen most of the year and earlier.Employment growth slowed somewhat in most districts although labor market conditions were still characterized as “tight.”Firms in Dallas and San Francisco said labor shortages were pushing up wages, but the majority of districts reported limited wage pressures. Manufacturing and construction firms reported having a shortage of workers. Firms in Atlanta, St. Louis, and Minneapolis said they had to turn down business because they could not find the necessary workers.The Beige Book, based on information collected on or before August 28, said there was not enough time to gauge the full extent of the flooding from Hurricane Harvey.The Atlanta and Dallas Fed banks reported the storm created broad disruptions to economic activity along the Gulf Coast.The port of Charleston, South Carolina is expecting increased volume of freight traffic in coming weeks as ships were expected to be routed away from Houston. This caused spot freight prices to jump.Assorted nuggets from the report:• Legalization of cannabis increased demand for low-skilled workers in parts of the San Francisco district.• A contact at the Delaware shore noted concerns about shorter stays and more cautious spending.• Agricultural credit conditions continued to weaken in the Kansas City district and were expected to decline further in coming months.• Attendance at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota was up almost 5% over the past year, the Minneapolis Fed reported.Source: Market Watch

Raw Materials

By DAVID SCUTT ,2017-09-11 00:00:00

Chinese crude steel output has gone from strength to strength this year, hitting record highs in each of the past two months.However, as seen in the chart below from the Commonwealth Bank, that strength entirely reflects improved domestic demand rather than demand from abroad.Chinese steel exports have been crunched, falling by 30% year-on-year in August, continuing the downward trend that began a year earlier."China’s steel exports have been responding to trade barriers put in place by the US, India and the EU, as they try to protect their respective domestic steel industries,” says Vivek Dhar, mining and energy commodities analyst at the Commonwealth Bank.Even with that sharp decline, Chinese crude steel output has risen by around 5% from January to July, something Dhar says reflects strong steel mill margins and resilient domestic demand."The increase in output is notable because of the headwinds facing China’s steel exports,” he says."End-user demand remains resilient as Chinese stimulus continues to flow through China’s commodity intensive sectors. China’s manufacturing sector is still expanding, while infrastructure investment continues to grow strongly.”The gains in steel prices have also underpinned demand for iron ore and coking coal, helping to explain the strong rebound in prices from the levels seen in mid-June.While he expects both factors will continue to support domestic steel demand in the months ahead as policymakers look to shore up growth before a leadership transition in mid-October, he says that steel prices will probably weaken in the latter parts of the year."Steel prices should fall from current levels by year end, as the supply additions prove too much for actual demand,” says Dhar, noting that he only expects a modest 2% increase in Chinese steel consumption this year.However, he admits that view “may face risks” as authorities implement steel production cuts between mid-November and mid-March in order to improve air quality in northeastern provinces.Source: 

By Yang Yi ,2017-09-07 11:16:21

North China's Hebei Province has set up more stations to precisely monitor pollutants in the air as its new efforts to fight against smog.Since the beginning of this year, Hebei provincial environment protection department has ordered several cities to install devices to collect air pollution data, aimed at setting up a province-wide network.Handan, one of the first group of cities to trial the precision of monitoring network, has installed 196 stations for air data collection, said officials with the city's environment protection bureau.Sensors have been put up near key industrial plants, main thoroughfares and airways in the city to collect data on six main types of pollutants: sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone and two sizes of particulate matter.Dust and volatile organic chemicals sensors have been installed near large construction sites and gas stations."If certain data goes high, our staff will respond immediately, track the source and send inspectors to intervene," said Gao Feng, deputy director of Handan environment monitoring center."In July, several monitoring stations reported high carbon monoxide levels. We immediately studied the data, and found the source of pollution was a steel factory to the north," he said."The steel factory is far from the city, and if it were not for the data, it would be hard to tell the cause," he added.Hebei is aiming for a 40 percent cut in PM 2.5 (airborne particles smaller than 2.5 microns in diameter) density by 2020 compared to 2013 levels, through slashing excessive industrial capacity.Source:

By Nectar Gan ,2017-09-05 00:00:00

Teams led by ministerial-level officials are completing inspections of environmental protection efforts across China, with the results having already affected the promotion prospects of thousands of officials.The teams, made up of officials from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Communist Party’s anti-graft watchdog and its personnel arm, began the first of four rounds of inspections in July last year after an earlier pilot project in Hebei province.The fourth round, which began last month, will complete coverage of mainland China’s 31 provincial-level regions.Some 18,000 polluting companies have been punished so far, with fines totalling more than 870 million yuan (US$132.2 million) handed out, and more than 12,000 officials disciplined.The two party agencies involved in the inspections, the graft-busting Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Central Organisation Department, are arguably the two most important in determining officials’ promotion prospects.The scope and severity of the crackdown on lax enforcement of environmental standards has been unprecedented, as has been the response from local governments, who have traditionally turned a blind eye to environmental violations as long as they contributed to local economic growth.Some local governments were so worried about the inspections that they ordered many factories to shut down before inspectors arrived. Some factory owners have complained the tough approach was not fair because they were not given time or help from authorities to install costly equipment, while workers complained of losing their jobs.This was in stark contrast to the past, when enforcement officers from the ministry were often met with defiance and resistance, including being barred from entering the factories and sometimes even illegally detained."The central environmental inspection teams are different. They are like the ‘imperial envoys’,” said Professor Junjie Zhang, director of the Environmental Research Centre at Duke Kunshan University.The power of the central inspection teams lay in their authority to hold local officials, especially municipal and provincial party bosses, responsible for environmental problems, he said, which was something the ministry alone had been unable to do.The punishments handed out range from public criticism and demotion to removal from office and other disciplinary actions.Professor Zhu Lijia, a public policy expert at the state-run Chinese Academy of Governance, said such punishment would adversely affect officials’ political prospects because party rules barred them from promotion for between six months and two years – depending on the kind of punishment they received.Environmental protection has become a key performance indicator for officials in recent years as the central government tries to address acute pollution caused by decades of unchecked economic growth which has increasingly fuelled social discontent and resentment.The weight given to environment protection in officials’ performance evaluations was rising across the country, Zhu said, adding that in smog-plagued Beijing it currently accounted for about 30 per cent of their score.With a key party congress due to start in the middle of next month, officials hoping for promotion are especially sensitive about the central environmental inspections.Tianjin was reprimanded by inspectors in July for manipulating air quality monitoring data, temporarily blocking sewage outfalls and fabricating meeting documents. The city’s environmental protection work had “obviously fallen short of the central authorities’ requirements and its status as a municipality directly under the central government”, the inspectors concluded.Their stern censure carried so much weight that Tianjin party secretary Li Hongzhong – one of the top contenders for the party’s powerful Politburo at the congress – immediately called a meeting of the city’s top officials to discuss how to act upon the feedback given by the inspection team.A week later, in a show of his determination to clean things up, Li was seen on the city’s television news bulletins making “unexpected calls” on polluting factories and catching an aquarium factory secretly carrying on production despite having been ordered to shut down."The central environmental inspection team’s feedback is a decree given to Tianjin by the party’s central authorities,” he said. “Our obligation and responsibility is to ensure its out and out implementation, without the slightest room for bargaining.”Xinjiang party boss Chen Quanguo was also reported by official media this week as having personally supervised the clean up of a polluted reservoir, a problem pointed out by inspectors during their visit to the far-western region.Zhang said the officials’ reactions showed the central environmental inspections were effective as a short-term measure, but an unsustainable approach in the long term."The question is, why were the officials held accountable only after central authorities sent inspectors to look into the problems? Everything was written clearly in the laws and regulations, but why weren’t they implemented?” he asked."The central inspections cannot go on forever. It is the implementation of the environmental laws – or more broadly speaking, the rule of law – that needs to be strengthened.”Source: South China Morning Post

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Exibition & Association News

By Sue Kirchner ,2017-09-14 10:02:36

Fastener Fair USA, the first exhibition for the fastener and fixing industry in the U.S., is inviting industry professionals to submit proposals to participate in educational sessions scheduled for the show. The goal of these daily educational sessions will be to share industry developments, trends, case stories, and solutions applicable to the show’s core attendees – fastener and fixing end-users, distributors and wholesalers. The show will take place April 11-12, 2018 at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, OH.  Fastener Fair USA is the premier event bringing together manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and end users in the region’s only dedicated fastener, fixing, and joining technology exhibition. The show offers a first-hand look at the latest solutions and technology available in the marketplace, as well as top-notch educational programs developed and delivered by industry experts. Mack Brooks Exhibitions, the organizers of the Fastener Fair shows worldwide, intends for the show to offer a unique opportunity to get the latest industry information, forecasts, and technical education with keynote sessions and breakouts.“Fastener Fair USA is the only show for the entire fastener and fixing supply chain. Therefore, we plan to offer broad ranging educational sessions for all levels of experience, industry focus, and visitor segments,” said Melissa Magestro, Executive Vice President of Mack Brook Exhibitions, Inc.Show attendees will include:Mechanical engineers, product designers, purchasers and R&D personnel from the following industrial sectors:  • Automotive• Aerospace• Agriculture and construction equipment OEMs• Home appliances• Consumer electronics• Furniture• Wind power• Oil and gas• Power transmission/hydraulic/pneumatic• On-and-off highway equipmentThe show will also offer exclusive, technical education sessions specifically for OEM end users and their product design challenges.The Fastener Training Institute (FTI) will be participating in the inaugural show, offering fastener product and technical training. FTI is committed to elevating the level of technical understanding and expertise of individuals in the fastener industry by providing a variety of training programs presented by recognized industry experts. The Institute provides beginning and advanced training on fastener products, standards and specifications.“The Fastener Training Institute is proud and pleased to partner with Mack Brooks to provide the fastener product training sessions at their upcoming Fastener Fair USA,” said John Wachman, President of the Institute. “This inaugural event will help us reach students from the fastener manufacturing, distribution and OEM markets. This new partnership is a great fit for both our enterprises as we support each other to serve the fastener industry and their users."To be considered, Fastener Fair USA invites all industry professionals to submit proposals on fastening and fixing technology, innovations, case stories, and solutions by October 15, 2017. The exhibition will be a unique opportunity to participate in high-level education and training taught by industry experts for the entire fastener supply chain, including OEM end users, distributors and wholesalers. Potential speakers can submit their topic and a summary using the Speaker Submission form on the Fastener Fair USA website at To learn more about Fastener Fair USA visit or call Mack Brooks Exhibitions Inc. at 866-899-4728.  Companies interested in exhibiting at the show should contact exhibit sales at or 312-868-0203.About Mack BrooksFastener Fair USA is organized by Mack Brooks Inc., a subsidiary of the Mack Brooks Exhibition Group based in St. Albans, UK, which has branches and partner companies in France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Russia, India, China and the USA. The Mack Brooks Exhibitions Group has been organizing industrial trade fairs around the world for almost 50 years. As a privately-owned, independent and professional show organizer, the company organizes a program of highly specialized trade exhibitions throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas, in the fields of engineering, transport, metalworking, information technology, textiles, food and beverages, railways, construction, tunneling, printing, converting, airport management and aviation. The Group also publishes related directories, magazines, sector reports and Internet sites. Visit Mack Brooks Exhibitions online at Source: Fastener Fair USA

By Phan Thy Nhan ,2017-08-21 00:00:00

Ho Chi Minh City, Aug 2017 - Further strengthening and enhancing the manufacturing industry, especially in metal working, metrology and automation, Reed Tradex forces to reorganize the 2017 edition of “Metalex Vietnam” on 12 – 14 October, 2017 at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC). The exhibition is not merely just a trade fair, it is also set up as technology-intensive playground with many on-site activities likes "Koma Taisen Competition" or "Cooking Omelet with Robot Chef" and many more.MXV in hall 1MXV in hall 3"According to the ministry's statistics, Vietnam has nearly 600,000 enterprises, with more than 90 per cent of them being small and medium-sized and most of them used outdated technologies. To enjoy the current benefits from investment, importation of outdated technologies must stop, and speeding up training and developing skilled human resources and technological workers is an imperative", said by Prof Dr Don Nang, former head of the Ministry of Science and Technology's Department of Legal Affairs. Indeed, applying new technology appropriately and comprehensively is considered as one of the most important and urgent tasks set for manufacturers in Vietnam recently.Metal WorkingReturn as an annual playground for the manufacturing industry, this year, "Metalex Vietnam (MXV) 2017" will bring to Vietnam the experience of technology marvels and new metalworking revolution from over 500 brands from 25 countries such as Misumi, Hexagon, Takamaz, Hiwin, Murata, Showa Denki, Keyence, Saeilo, etc… The exhibition will be a worthwhile experience packed with 10 international pavilions from 8 nations which are India, China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore. There will be the full spectrum of machine tools and solutions ranging from machining centers, EDM machine, sheet metalworking, welding technology, metrology and many more.Technology PresentationAlso co-located with Metalex Vietnam, the “Electronics Assembly (EA) 2017” highlights advanced electronics manufacturing technologies and parts from local and international suppliers. This is great chance for Vietnam's electronic manufacturers to gain first-hand experience on surface mount technology (SMT), electronics manufacturing automation, machine vision and so on.However, there is another co-located event - "Industrial Components & Subcontracting Vietnam (ICSV) 2017" which is the easiest way to engage with parts makers from various sectors. All the participants can explore quality parts ranging from automotive parts, electronics components and other industrial parts to expand business circles.Ms. Kasinee Phantteeranurak, Project Manager of Reed Tradex shared about the co-location of these 3 exhibitions that “The co‐location which covers all sectors in the industry will allow manufacturing and supply chain professionals the opportunity to take advantage of unparalleled business and networking opportunities as well as exposure to the newest equipment, machines and technologies display of any exhibition. We believe that the co‐location of the exhibitions will represent a win‐win for exhibitors and all attendees.”More distinctive, to promote industrial robotic applications in Vietnam, Universal Robots and Reed Tradex will co-organized a showcase all about the robotic arm’s flexibility and adaptability, addressing the challenges of improving productivity, throughout the activity “Cooking Omelet with Robot Chef” to demonstrate its potentials to SMEs in various sectors seeking to improve their production process.Another awaited event is “Koma Taisen” competition where all manufacturers from small to medium enterprise are all set to showcase their metalworking skills and design reflected through their customized spin tops which require to be ensured of the diameter at 20mm or less, and overall length is up to 60 mm.Koma TaisenThe organizer Reed Tradex also keeps running the support activities such as "Business Matchmaking", "Agent Wanted" and "Sourcing Service" to provide networking opportunity for local businesses to interact in a global market place. Along with the return of the technology tour "Shows in show" right at the exhibition, this program will allow local industrialists to discover the latest cutting-edge machinery and metalworking solutions that can take their production efficiency into the next level.In additional at Metalex Vietnam 2017, the special training class will open for engineers to broaden their knowledge and skills necessary to operate smart technologies integrated with Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and advanced robotics that will transform Vietnam’s entire industrial ecosystem. The “Engineer Master Class” with the honor speaker from Ho Chi Minh City Association of Mechanical Engineering (HAME), is ready to help engineers create value and opportunities for a smart future.  A confluence of trends and technologies at Metalex Vietnam 2017 is ready to serve the market's demand in high precision and quality. In particular, the exhibitors have planned to be active demonstrating high-technology, machines and applications to the Vietnamese market.One of the typical exhibitors, Mr. Taveesak Srisuntisuk, Managing Director of Hexagon Metrology (Thailand) Ltd. shared “At Metalex Vietnam 2017, we will highlight our latest Global Performance coordinate measuring machine ideal for users who need perform variety of metrology operations, and the AICON PrimeScan for highly precise 3D digitalization of industrial components. These technologies give our customers the confidence to increase production speed and accelerate productivity while enhancing product quality.”Another exhibitor - Takamatsu Machinery Co., Ltd. has planned to bring the skillful engineers to join Metalex Vietnam 2017. Mr. Kazuya Yoshimura, Managing Director of Takamatsu Machinery Co., Ltd. shared “We will present the latest GSL-10, 6 inch spindle spec and the GSL-15 Plus, 8 inch spindle spec at Metalex Vietnam 2017, in which these products can help to optimize production efficiency for Vietnam manufacturers”Visit the official site of Metalex Vietnam 2017 for more information: Source: Metalex Vietnam 2017

Fastener News

By RAKHI MAZUMDAR, ET BUREAU ,2017-04-28 09:37:50

KOLKATA: Domestic steel production is expected to remain high in the current year 2017-18 and is likely to rise by around 8-10%, an industry research report by CARE Ratings has said. However, steel prices may rise going forward as steel producers are expected to face increased cost pressure due to supply disruption and a steep surge in coking coal prices on account of Cyclone Debbie in Australia. The latter accounts for around 70% of India’s coking coal requirements that are fulfilled through imports. Sharing its outlook for steel industry in the current year, the latest report by the agency said government allocation for infrastructure in the union budget 2017-18 is expected to act as driver for construction and infrastructure in the country. Additionally, the National Steel Policy 2017 also aims to raise steel production the report pointed out. A number of steps by the government are likely to increase domestic steel consumption and thereby production it said. It includes Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, Make in India campaign, encouraging use of Made in India steel for various projects and spending in areas like railways, roads and urban development. Domestic producers are also increasing steel producing capacities expecting an increase in demand for steel of account of several initiatives taken by the government. Incidentally, India’s crude steel production grew by 4-5.5% during financial years 2012-14 on year on year basis. It stood at 81.69 million tonne (mt) in 2013-14 and 81.69 mt in 2012-13, while output grew 8.9% to 988.98 mt in 2014-15. In 2015-16 it saw a subdued growth and went up marginally by 0.89% to 89.78 mt, before gaining momentum and rising 9.4% to 89.11 mt in April 2016-Feb 2017 as steel producers raised output backed by government’s strong measures like Minimium Import Price to rein in cheaper imports.Source: The Economic Times


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