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  • The 5th Face to Face ChinaFastener Purchasing Meeting closed in a success on June 21

    The 5th Face to Face ChinaFastener Purchasing Meeting closed in a success on June 21

    By Ivan Su| 2018-06-21 00:00:00

    The 5th Face to Face ChinaFastener Purchasing Meeting was jointly held by and Fastener Expo Shanghai on the second day as a concurrent event of the exhibition. Near 30 professional purchasers and 150 high-quality fastener suppliers in China was invited to meet at a specially-built meeting room for discussion and communication. The purchasers included some globally well-known distributors, such as Bossard, Wurth, Fastenal, Reyher and other famous companies. The organizer also invited India Fastener Association to take part in the meeting.Bossard FastenalWurthRehyerIndia Fastener AssociationThe Meeting was divided into three parts and lasted from 9:30 a.m. to 15:30 p.m. All purchasers and suppliers were following the guidance of the organizer to meeting and communicate in order. Most of purchasers said that they were satisfied with the Meeting and the suppliers. They have made their decisions to cooperate with some of the suppliers and they will make formal cooperation agreement after the Meeting. The buyers said that the Meeting save their time in finding their target suppliers. Face to Face ChinaFastener Purchasing Meeting has been successfully held for 5 sessions. It is a cost-efficiency and time-efficiency purchasing activity, which provides convenience for purchasers to find suitable suppliers for target fasteners efficiently.About is an excellent B2B platform and a well-known media company in China for fastener industry. It aims at providing a platform for purchasers and suppliers to communicate and cooperate with each other. The company publishes a semi-annual magazine called ChinaFastener Magazine, which is released in many international exhibitions, such as Fastener Expo Shanghai, Fastener Fair USA, M-tech Nagoya, etc.About Fastener Expo ShanghaiFastener Expo Shanghai 2018, jointly hosted by ITE Asia Exhibitions Limited and Shanghai ITE Ebseek Exhibition Co., Ltd., was held at the National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai) from June 20 - 22, 2018. As the largest and most influential fastener exhibition in Asia, the show covers all aspects within fastener industry such as various fastener products, equipment and related technology that vividly represents the entire industry. Exhibiting products included non-standard components, fasteners for industrial application, fastener manufacturing technology and equipment, mould and consumables for fasteners, raw materials, and even related supporting products and techniques. Fastener Expo Shanghai 2019 will be hosted during June 26-28 at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai).
  • Fastener Expo Shanghai 2018 kicked off on June 20, 2018 at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

    Fastener Expo Shanghai 2018 kicked off on June 20, 2018 at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

    By Ivan Su| 2018-06-20 00:00:00

    The 9th Fastener Expo Shanghai 2018 kicked off on June 20 at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), a new venue different from last edition. As the official media, took part in the exhibition (Booth 3A616 and Booth 2A820) with the latest issue of ChinaFastener Magazine to bring the first-hand news of one of the top three largest fastener exhibitions in the world. The edition this year attracted near 600 exhibitors highlighting their high-quality products and service, including Jiangsu Washen, Zhejiang Xinchun, Yuyao Xintai, Ningbo ABC, Foshan Kuiloon, Dongguan Donglong, Wafios, FIXDEX FASTENING, Shanghai Rivet, Suzhou New Metallography, Ningbo Ningli, Dongguan Sanhewlett, Shenzhen Manjun, Wenzhou Kaixu, Relia Hardware, Zhejiang Showstrong, Yuyao Biao'er, Zhejiang Morgen Brother, Handan Fuqiang, Kinfast Hardware, Xin Chang Jiang, Hangzhou Lizhan, Pinghu Kangyuan, Jiashan Xueyu, Jiaxing Zhengying, Jiaxing ChinaFar, Wenzhou Fengding, Dongtai Qinbiao, Wenzhou Jinsheng, Zhejiang Bullet, Uni-Protech Fasteners, Zhejiang Sansega, Jiaxing Xingxin, Jiangsu Yagu, Jiaxing Yuxiang, Zhenhai Huazhi, Zhejiang Ansheng, Shanghai Fast-Fix, Hebei Chengzhi, Jiaxing Port Lixin, Foshan Sailuk, Zhejiang Zhongbiao, Suzhou YNK, Foshan City Guangqingchang, Ningbo Aohan, etc.Exhibited products covered machines, standard products, non-standard fastener, molds and dies, etc.  It's no doubt that the exhibition was a celebration of China fastener industry again in June. Hatebur & Carlo Salvi, one of the most famous companies in hot and cold massive forming also exhibited at the expo with a huge well-decorated booth. The exhibition attrached plenty of professional purchasers from all over the world, such as Germany, Russia, Japan, South Korea, the USA, India, etc. What's more, the 5th Face to Face ChinaFastener Purchasing Meeting was jointly held by and Fastener Expo Shanghai on the second day as a concurrent event of the exhibition. Near 30 professional purchasers and 300 high-quality fastener suppliers in China was invited to meet at a specially-built meeting room for discussion and communication. The purchasers included some globally well-known distributors, such as Bossard, Wurth, Fastenal, Reyher and other famous companies. The organizer also invited India Fastener Association to take part in the meeting. Another great concurrent event was ChinaFastener Summit held on the same day of the Purchasing Meeting at Le Méridien Shanghai, Minhang by and Three professionals in fastener industry were invited to the Summit to give a speech respectively based on the theme of "Intelligent Practice and Development Trends in the Fastener Industry". Near 300 China fastener companies' leaders attended the Summit to hear the speeches and to discuss the development tendency of fastener industry in China.The expo continued to meet the development needs of this ever changing industry, it went on to reach new record high. Fastener Expo Shanghai 2019 will be held on June 26-28, 2019 at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai).Hatebur & Carlo SalviJiangsu WashenZhejiang XinchunNingbo ABCKinFast HardwareDongtai QBFoshan SailukJiaxing ChinaFarShenzhen ManjunYuyao XintaiHandan RuiqiangZhejiang BulletWenzhou JinshengWafiosFoshan KuiloonSuzhou YNKWenzhou FengdingHandan FuqiangSuzhou New MetallographyJiashan XueyuYuyao Biao'er
  • Fastener Expo Shanghai 2018, Asia’s Leading Trade Fair for Fastener Industry, will take place on June 20-22

    Fastener Expo Shanghai 2018, Asia’s Leading Trade Fair for Fastener Industry, will take place on June 20-22

    By CFM| 2018-05-18 00:00:00

    Fastener Expo Shanghai 2018, Asia’s Leading Trade Fair for Fastener Industry will come to its 9th edition on June 20-22, 2018 at National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai), co-sponsored by ITE Asia Exhibitions Limited and Shanghai ITE Ebseek Exhibition Co.,Ltd. The number of exhibitors will be around 800 with expecting number of professional visitors more than 28000. The exhibition will cover an area of 60,000 sqm. As we can see in the 2017 Expo, 742 exhibitors coming from 13 countries / regions including Belgium, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Netherland, UK, USA, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan region.Themes such as "advanced manufacturing", "high-tech materials" and "close link to End-user" are to be the main focus, with the aim to drive the next take-off of the fastener industry. During the exhibition, some concurrent activities will take place. For example, Face to Face ChinaFastener Purchasing Meeting will held on June 21, 2018 at the same venue of the exhibition, organized by The Meeting will provide a platform for purchasers and suppliers to communicate.China Fastener Summit will be held on the same day of the Meeting. At the meeting, several professionals from the fastener industry will show up as speakers to make speeches based on the theme "The Pratice and Development Trend of Intelligentization in Fastener Industry". More than 300 Chinese companies leaders will take part in the show.Here are parts of the other Onsite Conference & Activities, High performance fastener in typical mounting applications, Latest development in vehicle light weight designing, Solutions for fastener installation fault and malfunction, Latest surface finishing treatments and its impact on the properties of fasteners, New bolt loosen prevention technique in transmission and distribution tower construction, Computer aid engineering simulation technology in fastener heat treatment, Bearing capacity of new chemical anchor bolt and its application in construction, Anti-seismic fastener and its application in high building construction.There will be several theme zones, including Taiwan Group Pavilion, Haiyan Group Pavilion, Jiashan Group Pavilion, Pinghu Group Pavilion, Automotive Fastener Pavilion, Stainless-steel Fastener Pavilion.Background:With the adjustment and transformation of the industrial structure gaining momentum in China, China's fastener industry currently presentsboth opportunity as well as challenge. At the forefront of industry development, Fastener Expo Shanghai, Asia’s largest and the world’s most influentialtrade show in fastener industry, has not only been catering to emerging markets in China and abroad, but also providing an excellent platform for fastenersuppliers from worldwide to gain access to these regions.Scope of Exhibits:1) Fastener and FixingIncluding Standard fasteners, Non-standard fasteners, Stamping and lathe parts, variousfasteners for specific applications;2) Fastener Manufacturing EquipmentIncluding Fastener manufacturing equipment, fastener materials, molds and consumables,testing equipment, packaging equipment and other related production technology and equipment.Parts of the Exhibitors:Jagular Industry Ltd., TaiwanZhejiang Dongrui Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd.Suzhou Jinyuan Fastener Co., Ltd.SRC METAL (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.Shanghai Changbiao Hardware Mechanical Co.,Ltd.Anchor Fasteners Industrial Co.,Ltd.Zhejiang Sanlin Metals Products Co.,Ltd.Haiyan Hongmao Hardware Products Co., Ltd.Wenzhou Fengding Fastener Manu. Co., Ltd.Dongguan KAO-MENG Machinery Co.,Ltd.Ningbo Swikuo Machinery Co.,Ltd.Changshu standard factorySuzhou YNK Fastener Co., Ltd.RIVET Precision Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Carlo SalviFischer Instrumentation Ltd. HiayanJingbeeing Metal Products Co.,Ltd.Tainan Chinchang Electrical Co., Ltd.Jia Shan San Yung Electric Furnace Industry Co., Ltd.SUMON Industrial (Jiashan) Co., Ltd.Tainan Chinchang Electrical Co., Ltd.JiashanSanyung Electric Furnace Industry Co., Ltd.Suzhou New Best Wire Tech Co., Ltd.Wuxi Aotian Steel Wire Products Co.,Ltd .……Online pre-registrationBenefits:1) Have the chance to upgrade as VIP2) No need for queuing3) 1 Free Show Catalogue4) Participate in all concurrent events5) Get an exhibition souvenirLink: us:ITE Asia Exhibitions Limited、Shanghai ITE Ebseek Exhibition Co.,Ltd.Mrs:Wendy WeiTEL:+86 21-6180 6789 ext 860Email:Wendy.wei@ite-asia.comLink:
  • The 5th Face to Face ChinaFastener Purchasing Meeting is about to kick off on June 21

    The 5th Face to Face ChinaFastener Purchasing Meeting is about to kick off on June 21

    By CFM| 2018-05-11 00:00:00, the most excellent B2B platform for fastener industry is organizing the 5th Face to Face ChinaFastener Purchasing Meeting which will be held at National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai) on 21, June, 2018. The Meeting is one concurrent event of Fastener Expo Shanghai 2018, the biggest fastener expo in Asia. The Meeting has been successfully held for 4 sessions. It aims to provide one communication and cooperation platform for the purchasers and suppliers in fastener industry, confirmed by the organizing committee of the will help to accurately match the urgent order of international purchasers in advance so these purchasers can communicate with suppliers face-to-face during the meeting to find excellent suppliers for target fasteners efficiently.Face to Face ChinaFastener Purchasing Meeting is an innovative business communication model which is totally different from the traditional meetings. This is a cost-efficiency and time-efficiency purchasing activity. Taking this chance of high gathering of suppliers, we sincerely invite you to join in the meeting!If you are interested in participating in the meeting, please send your urgent order information to before 30 May 2018. The first 30 purchasers have the chance to be offered 2-night specified hotel for free!If you have any question or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us atEmail:   buyer@chinafastener.comTel:     86-20-82270680Skype: live:buyer_186

Industry Activities

By China Daily ,2019-08-21 13:38:59

China will step up efforts to achieve breakthroughs in crucial robotics technologies and promote the use of industrial and service robots in plants and daily lives, the country's top industry regulator said on Aug 20.Miao Wei, minister of industry and information technology, said the global robotics sector has seen slower growth this year due to the complex international environment."But as an important application of the new-round of technological revolution and its integration with manufacturing, robots remain the key driver for high-quality development. The sector will also achieve fast development in the future with expanding application scenarios and quick technological improvements," Miao added.According to him, China will continue supporting the development of robotics and welcomes all players to share the future growth opportunities.China has been the world's largest market for industrial robots for years. In 2018, over 148,000 industrial robots were produced in China, accounting for 38 percent of the global production volume, data from the ministry show.But the production volumes are currently declining. In June, about 13,700 industrial robots were produced, marking a plummet of 11 percent year-on-year.Ren Shunying, chief investment officer at Siasun Robot Investment Co Ltd, said the decline of China's industrial robots is partly the result of the automotive sector, which has been among the largest users of industrial robots in plants.China's automotive market has seen a decline in sales this year."But as robots become increasingly smart with the help of artificial intelligence, the market for service robots will grow exponentially. The demand for companion robots and healthcare robots will be huge in the future, given China's growing pool of senior citizens," Ren said. According to him, robots will also see wider application in sectors featuring non-standard products.The market size of China's robotics sector is expected to hit $8.68 billion this year, It will mark an average annual growth rate of 20.9 percent from 2014 to 2019, the Chinese Institute of Electronics forecast in a report.Specifically, the market for industrial robots will be worth $5.73 billion this year, and the market for service robots will be worth $2.2 billion. The market size of robots for special use will be $750 million, the report added.

By China Daily ,2019-08-20 14:16:14

Coastal provinces in East and South China recorded robust economic growth in the first half of the year, despite escalations in trade tensions, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.The GDP of Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong provinces expanded by 7.1 percent, 6.5 percent and 6.5 percent, respectively, in the first six months, outpacing the country's 6.3 percent figure, the NBS said.Guangdong also achieved a record-high GDP of 5.05 trillion yuan ($716.7 billion) in the first half, placing it first among all provincial localities, followed by Jiangsu at 4.86 trillion yuan.It was a milestone for Guangdong's GDP to top 5 trillion yuan in the first half, showing that its developed manufacturing cluster and pilot role in reform and opening-up have contributed considerable economic vigor to withstand external risks, said Liu Chunsheng, an associate professor of international trade at the Central University of Finance and Economics.Yang Weiyong, an associate professor of economics at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, said: "Steady growth of the coastal provinces amid headwinds from trade tensions showed the considerable economic strength of these regions."Yang also said that growth in provinces in central and western regions accelerated to help them in catching up with their peers in eastern regions in the first half, which may be attributable to a better use of local resources and accelerated infrastructure investment to address weak links.In Southwest China, Yunnan and Guizhou provinces and the Tibet autonomous region registered year-on-year GDP growth of at least 9 percent in the first six months and outperformed peers nationwide, according to the statistics bureau. In the same period, the GDP of Henan, Hubei and Hunan provinces in Central China also expanded faster than the nation's 6.3 percent.Looking at the second half, Yang said Central China's provinces are expected to continue relatively robust growth as policies to boost infrastructure investment filter through, but he called for policymakers to deal with a potential slowdown in eastern regions as external uncertainties intensify.Liu said the need for local governments in Northeast China is to nurture new growth engines based on local resources and improve the business environment by deepening market-oriented reforms.In the January-June period, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces lagged behind all other provincial localities in economic expansion, with year-on-year GDP growth standing at 2 percent and 4.3 percent, respectively, the statistics bureau said.Northeast China's local governments can learn from the development practices of Guizhou province, which has turned to the development of big data and tourism to bolster growth in recent years and registered a GDP expansion of 9 percent in the first half, Liu said.The provincial government of Guizhou has decided to further promote big data applications and their integration with other industries in the second half, while striving to maintain the burgeoning momentum of tourism. It also pledged to step up efforts to support private enterprises and improve the infrastructure network.

Raw Materials

By CFM ,2018-03-30 09:19:17

On Mar. 29, 2018 Spring Reception of Fastener Industry Association of Guangdong Province was held at Foshang Luhu Interntanional Convention Center. A total of 500 people in China attended the Reception including experts, suppliers, distributors, materials suppliers, purchasing agents, fastener making machines suppliers, representatives of associations and media companies in China fastener industry.On the afternoon, the guests brought their product samples and brochures to displayed their companies before the official meeting. The official meeting began at 5:00 p.m., with the speech of Mr. Chen Jutian, president of Fastener Industry Association of Guangdong Province. He expressed his ideas in the development of fastener industry. He said, the development and popularity of the Internet and E-commerce brought new opportunities to fastener industry. However, fastener industry is somewhat different from other industries. He hoped all fastener companies could keep developing new products and technologies to upgrade their companies.Mr. Chen JutianFollowing the speech of Mr. Chen, Yao Haiguang, executive vice-president of CHINA GENERAL MACHINE COMPONENTS INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION (CMCA) and Mr. Yu Ruyong from CMCA-China Fastener Industry Association addressed the conference.Mr. Yao HaiguangMr. Yu RuyongDuring the conference, the association awarded prizes to new members. Mr. Yang Junfeng, chairman of presented prizes to the members. With the theme of "Discussing about new future of fastener industry", the conference aimed at gather industrial workers to discuss about the topic together to make a better future for fastener industry in Guangdong.

Company News

By Abhijat Sanghvi ,2018-08-23 00:00:00

Bengaluru, India – Bengaluru-based manufacturer of precision fasteners, Paragon Fasteners has acquired Kuduma Fasteners Pvt Ltd that manufactures high tensile fasteners and cold headed components for automobile and industrial applications. Kuduma Fasteners is a tier 1 vendor to many Southern India-based auto majors.Kuduma has its presence for more than three decades in the Fasteners industry. The company has an in-house state-of-the-art continuous furnace along with a wire processing facility with a total installed capacity of 300 tonne a month.With almost all machinery from Taiwan, multi-station Bolt Formers with a range starting from M 4 to M 16 with up to 250 mm long (up to M 8), it makes for an ideal facility for a Fasteners enthusiast.The acquisition of Kuduma has added another feather in the Paragon’s cap as it has a major strategic advantage with the above facility, which can be utilized for heat treatment and wire processing too, thereby adding to the bottom line of the company. The highly experienced VS Venkatraman would be heading the competent and dedicated workforce. Established in 1996, with a small capacity for making precision fasteners, Paragon Fasteners today boasts of a large capacity and range to produce precision fasteners in both ferrous and non-ferrous metals catering to major OEMs of automobile, machine manufacturers, electronics, electrical, furniture manufacturers, etc. The company has since then acquired some big names in the industry such as Kadimi’s Fasteners Unit (2001), Electronic Fasteners (2008), and EkaEngg Technics (2011-12). The acquisition of Kuduma is the biggest till date. With this, Paragon has carved a niche for itself with the largest range of standard and custom-made import substitute cold forged fasteners and an in-house heat treatment unit and a wire drawing unit.Quote box:The acquisition of Kuduma has been a long-standing dream for us. With this, Paragon has carved a niche for itself with the largest range of standard and custom-made import substitute cold forged fasteners and an in-house heat treatment unit and a wire drawing unit.” Dilip Sheth, CEO, Paragon FastenersSource: Fasteners Association of India

By Optimas ,2018-08-23 00:00:00

In engineering a lot of focus is centred on complex systems and assemblies. Every manufacturer has a specialised approach, or systems that help to define a brand. However, from a logistics point of view, every component is of equal importance. A shortage of a single, small bolt over an entire assembly can cause a production shutdown. Optimas Solutions, a global industrial distributor and service provider of c-class components, employs fasteners experts on the ground at its partners’ manufacturing facilities to combat this. But how do you, as a professional, successfully integrate with these businesses to improve their approach to components and their supply?To define the ideal approach, we spoke to a number of leading Optimas Solutions components specialists regarding their relationship with customers, and the methodologies they employ to become an information source for all fastener concerns.Questioning the normalIan Larkin, Optimas Solutions Customer Application EngineerThe first step of any fastener relationship must be to gain familiarity with the customer’s operations. Past experience in an industry can be important here, but leading manufacturers will enact varying approaches to achieve a finished product, so gauging specific customer requirements is important. Hence the advantage of having a fastener expert on the ground; someone operating off site would not be able to reach the level of understanding required to accurately address specific fastener issues.As a fastener partner, we have to fit an ‘ideal standard’. We are working with big global customers who are driven to succeed, so we have to respect current processes and enhance the policy towards components to the specific requirements of the manufacturer.The easiest way to gauge these requirements is during a line walk. We will travel the entire production line looking at points of use, while asking basic questions to see what we can tweak or possibly improve. This way we can meet the key figures on the line, while also taking a focused approach to tackle fastener problems on the ground. We don’t want to tear up the customer’s rulebook, but if we can point out a cost saving or alternative option to production staff, we will do so.A good example of the benefits this can provide to manufacturers is highlighted byone particular customer.We noticed a washer that wasn’t strictly necessary was being added to a flange screw. We found washers at multiple points of use, so we posed the question to the assembly team. It turned out that during the design of the product, the head engineer had requested the inclusion of washers to improve the aesthetic of the overall product. We were able to demonstrate that the washers were unnecessary for the application, and as a result, delivered an annual cost saving of $30,000 - a massive result when the cost of washers is considered.You can utilise engineering expertise as part of a sales function, but it also adds value to our customers. By making sure that we don’t make presumptions, we start an open relationship with the customer in close proximity. This builds trustand lessens the impact of implementing new methodologies.By getting involved with the product and seeing how it is used, people on the ground can get a deeper insight into possible solutions.Becoming an information sourceGerry Abraham, Customer Application Engineer at Optimas SolutionsA key aspect of integrating with a manufacturer’s operations is responsiveness. Such businesses work in exacting timeframes in all aspects of their work, whether full scale production or prototyping a new product. Fastener suppliers who simply supply components can leave manufacturers with the impression that if a component problem arises, they alone must solve the issue. Optimas Solutions aims to differentiate itself by working together with purchasing, design and engineering teams within the business to aid problem solving.One project comes to mind, which was in relation to design engineering activity for a new diesel engine. A bolted joint for the turbo mounting was backing off during testing. The result was that the turbo itself was coming loose, producing excessive noise in operation. The manufacturer approached us for a solution. We connected the customer with a number of suppliers to help rethink the situation. The customer trialed 3 or 4 recommended locking type fasteners to replace the problem part, before selecting a preferred option. Ultimately, we wanted to give the customer choice and a chance to improve performance, so they could be confident in the part going forward.By undertaking research into component issues and displaying honest knowledge regarding fasteners, an OEM manufacturer can gain increased confidence in a fastener partner. Backed by a personal relationship with the manufacturer’s teams, all component issues will be forwarded to the fastener experts with total confidence.Cross departmental communicationChris Sterner, Engineering Program Manager at Optimas SolutionsCommunicating fastener solutions throughout a business is another primary concern for an embedded fastener expert. This ensures that once a fastener challenge is overcome, the solution is transmitted to other projects where it can be utilised efficiently.By starting this dialogue from the beginning, efficiency and response is improved. In addition, close contact means that specific fastener solutions can be enacted across multiple projects. Open dialogue regarding each other’s projects allows wider implementation of identified solutions, instead of starting from scratch every time a potential problem arises. By standardising solutions, you also deliver cost and efficiency benefits.Consistent presence is important for these customers. We try to breed familiarity by being present at design reviews, which is a lot more beneficial to the manufacturer than simply being on the end of a phone. It also allows us to share solutions, as each fastener problem we solve allows us to convince these varied groups within a business that we can be trusted to deliver.By ensuring a consistent presence, fastener experts can effectively manage the balance between cost, engineering integrity and design efficiency. This means that despite the sometimes conflicting goals of those involved in fastener specification, all concerns can be tackled simultaneously and effectively to enable improved efficiency.Providing guidance on fasteners affects the activities of the purchasing, design, engineering and assembly teams – so being able to balance the requirements of each of these groups is paramount. Regular face-to-face contact is the optimum method, helping to build relationships between teams and delivering a fast response. Ultimately, a fastener expert must communicate across each department to achieve the perfect balance.Going furtherChris Sterner, Engineering Program Manager at Optimas SolutionsBecoming a fully integrated fastener expert means taking the emphasis on component knowledge away from the manufacturer. Manufacturers therefore aren’t required to familiarise themselves regarding available standard parts, availability, material standards or overall usage – enabling time to be spent on other areas of the business. To become this trusted partner, you have to go the extra mile.One story really fits this philosophy. One of our experts was asked to demonstrate some fasteners that were mentioned during a customer meeting. As he didn’t have these samples readily available at the meeting, he took pictures of the fasteners that were installed on his own car. He even took out a number of fasteners from the vehicle so he could share samples with the customer and demonstrate their usage. While quite an extreme approach, it was certainly effective in demonstrating the solution to the customer.The capabilities of the service also goes a long way. Our access to failure mode analysis and full technical studies means we can provide exact answers to tackle fastener application issues. If we don’t have an answer ready for the customer immediately, this capability means we can react as fast as possible with a high technical proficiency. If it’s a unique problem, as fastener experts we can also learn from similar experiences, so the benefits of shared knowledge are also available.Demonstrating the ability to exceed expectation means increased confidence and reliance. This can make a fastener expert more indispensable than a traditional fastener supplier, as customers are confident that any challenge will be met with the same committed and methodical approach.Changing preconceptions on fastenersFasteners are the only assets on a production line that are used uniformly, but with engineering typically focusing on landmark innovations, the emphasis upon them can be diminished. As a fastener expert, challenging this preconception is all part of the job.Chris concludes: “Fasteners may be the most inexpensive components that a manufacturer utilises on a production line, but they are one of the most critical. A lack of fasteners will shut down production just as much as complicated components, so we must demonstrate to our customers that the expertise we deliver can provide reliable service no matter the challenge. It is this philosophy that means we can help support the day-to-day fastener demands of market-leading manufacturers.”About Optimas SolutionsOptimas is a global distributor of fasteners and c-class products. Optimas at its core is a provider of integrated supply chain solutions and engineering support focused on delivering highly engineered fasteners to world-class customers around the world. Optimas has a diverse, global team of approximately 1,600 individuals, over 60 distribution centers, 9 quality labs and 2 manufacturing locations to support the complexities of our customers’ industries, enabling them to achieve their goals and be successful.

Exibition & Association News

By CFM ,2019-07-06 00:00:00

From June 19-21, Korea Metal Week 2019 was held at Kintex, Seoul. Journalist of came to this exhibition with 25th issue of 華人螺絲ChinaFastener Magazine to get to know Korean industrial market.There were 14 kinds of exhibits on show, namely, fastener & wire, foundry & die casting, automobile & machine parts, press & forging, tube & pipe, metal surface treatment & painting, 3D technology, aluminum, laser & welding, fundamental manufacturing industry, pump technology industry, tools, composite, control, measurement & automation.Exhibitors were mainly from Korea, mainland China, Japan, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, etc. Some Chinese exhibitors included: Zhejiang GEM-Year Industrial Co., Ltd., Shanghai BSC Corporation Ltd., Hebei Fuao Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Huantai Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., Dong Tai City Huawei Standard Component Component Co., Ltd., etc.GEM-Year Industrial Co., Ltd.BSC Corporation Ltd.Heibei Fuao Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Zhejiang Huantai Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.Dong Tai City Huawei Standard Co., Ltd.Manufacturing is one of the pillars of Korean economy. In order to maintain competitiveness in fierce international competition, on June 19, Korean government announced that its aim was to make manufacturing be one of the top 4 of the world.According to the blueprint, Korean government will strive to increase the additional value of manufacturing from 25% to 30%, and increase the proportion of new industries and new projects from 16% to 30%. The aim was to make Korean export scale rank 4th of the world. At present, Korean export scale ranks 6th of the world.According to World Daily, automobile manufacturing and maintaining leading position of semi-conductor are shinning points of the blueprint. Korean government plans to invest 8.4 trillion KRW to important fields to support their research and development. Korean government also plans to promote AI technology to all manufacturing industries. A series of strategies relating to AI will come out within the year. By 2030, Korea will build 2000 AI factories and establish data centers to accelerate the development of software, robot, sensor and equipment relating to AI.However, the introduction of the fabulous policies does not change the worsening situation of Korean manufacturing. The rate of operation of the first quarter this year has dropped to the lowest level since 2008. The trend of manufacturing enterprises leaving Korea is obvious. Therefore, it takes time to tell whether the policies work or not. 

By CFM ,2019-07-05 15:11:03

On June 26th, 2019, gala dinner “the Night of Screw” was held grandly in Shanghai to celebrate 15th anniversary of and 10th anniversary of Fastener Expo Shanghai. Nearly 700 people from fastener industry attended this fabulous party.The theme of the Night was “industry, internet and future”. Ms. Wu Wai Yee, Chairman of Hong Kong Screw and Fastener Association, Mr. Gian Marco Dalpane, vice-chairman of European Fastener Distribution Association, Mr. Shi Jianhua, vice secretary of China Automotive Industry Association, Mr. Chen Jutian, chairman of Guangdong Province Fastener Association and other distinguished were invited.Mr. Gordon Payne, general manager of ITE Asia, expressed gratitude for everyone’s coming, and stated that Fastener Expo Shanghai would not go so far without the support from exhibitors and visitors. “We will provide good service to all our customers, no matter it is big or small,” Mr. Gordon Payne said.E-Commerce enterprises, such as Gongpin Yihao, Santie, Jinshang, Tongming, stated that AI and internet would be the future of fasteners. Since the development of industrial internet was good, Chinese fastener enterprises should take an active part in it.Regarding the future of fastener industry, Mr. Yang Junfeng, founder of, Fastener Expo Shanghai and INDUSTBOX, stated that business in 2019 was hard, but it was the best time in the next 10 years. In the next 10 years, there were two development trends. One was consumption upgrade which the key factor was brand building. The other was industry internet which technology innovation played an important role. It was believed that fastener industry would be more hopeful in the next 10 or 15 years.

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Optimas OE Solutions Holdings, Inc. LLC announced in June the acquisition of the US-based Circle Bolt & Nut Co., Inc. (CBN) located in Kingston, PA. “We are pleased to have Circle Bolt & Nut join our team. We are convinced that this is the right investment for Optimas to expand beyond our current base of business,” stated Anesa Chaibi, Chief Executive Officer. The acquisition supports the Optimas growth strategy into product adjacencies and enhanced MRO capabilities.Jim Castellino, CBN President & CEO, added, “I’m very excited for our company to become a part of the Optimas family. Together we will be able to provide exceptional value to our customers.” As a premier supplier of a wide variety of parts and components, CBN services Original Equipment Manufacturers and Maintenance Repair Operating needs of industrial companies by providing Vendor Managed Programs that utilize state of the art technology. “Circle Nut & Bolt enables Optimas to accelerate our expansion into small and medium sized accounts,” said Christian Wiltrout, President, Americas.The transaction also diversifies the portfolio of Optimas customers across multiple industries. “The addition of Circle Bolt & Nut to our Optimas family is another positive step forward in accelerating the execution of our growth strategy and company transformation,” stated Anesa Chaibi.About Optimas OE Solutions Holdings, LLC (“OPTIMAS”)Optimas is a leading, global provider of integrated supply chain solutions and engineering support focused on delivering highly engineered custom fasteners and other “C” Class components, such as fittings, clamps, bearings, and rivets, to our global customer base of large, industrial companies as well as small and medium-sized companies. Optimas specializes in the delivery of highly engineered fastener hardware and components across multiple industries and continents.About Circle Bolt & Nut Co., Inc.Circle Bolt & Nut Co., Inc. is an international supplier of fasteners, specialty hardware, and value added services with worldwide sourcing and distribution capabilities. Since 1979, CBN has grown from one facility in Northeast Pennsylvania to national coverage through seven full service branches and other satellite warehouse and service locations.Source: Optimas OE Solutions Holdings, Inc. LLC

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Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd., the largest trade show organizer in Japan announced that Manufacturing World Japan 2018is coming back at Tokyo Big Sight from June 20 - 22, 2018 with the largest scale in its history. It is world’s leading trade showfor the manufacturing industry.Held with the Largest Scale Ever!According to the huge supports from manufacturing industry of Japan and all around the world, the number of exhibitors in 2018 is expected to reach 2,580. This figure is the largest ever in the history ofManufacturing World Japan. The number of visitors is expected to be 90,000and they will pack the show floor during 3 days show period. From the survey of visitor pre-registration, motivation of visitors for purchasing from exhibitors is extremely high.All kinds of Industrial Subcontracting & Motion Technologies (Bearings/Motors, FA Technologies, Springs, CNC Turned/Milled Parts, etc.), Industrial IT Solutions (CAD, CAM, Industrial IoT/AI & 3D Printers, etc.), Medical Device Design & Development (Medical parts/Electronic Components, Medical Materials, etc.), 3D and Virtual Reality technologies and solutions are gathering.More International Exhibitors - Great Meeting Platform for Global Business!The number of international exhibitors of 2018show is expected to be 420. This is also the largest number in Manufacturing WorldJapan’s history.Huge Number of Major Companies are Exhibiting!Many major companies from all around the world are exhibiting in Manufacturing World Japan 2018.They are unveiling the world’s latest or world’s cutting-edge technologies/solutions/products which are “must-see” for all professionals working in manufacturing industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to catch up the world’s latest solutions for manufacturing!Keynote & Special Sessions – Industry leaders address their latest topicsKeynote & Special Sessions will be held as the concurrent events of trade show. Top industry leaders from global leading companies such as MAZDA MOTOR, NEC, OMRON, HONDA MOTOR, HITACHI, FUJITEC, STRATASYS, DESKTOP METAL, NISSAN MOTOR, OLYMPUS, UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO etc. will reveal their latest topics for manufacturing innovation, IoT technology, smart factory, IT strategy for manufacturing industry,etc. 11,718 attendees in 2017 show.<Bilingual Keynote Session (V-K)> English & Japanese-Alfonso E. Albaisa, Senior Vice President, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.- Susumu Tachi, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo- Michitaka Hirose, Dr., Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology,The University of Tokyo<Bilingual Special Session (D-S2)> English & Japanese- Hiroaki Katayama, President & CEO, Stratasys Japan Co., Ltd.- RicFulop, CEO and Co-founder, Desktop Metal, Inc.Information of Manufacturing World Japan 2018- 2,580* exhibitors, 90,000* visitors (*expected figures) -Dates: June 20 (Wed) - 22 (Fri), 2018Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, JapanOfficial website: Visitors (FREE)Exhibition Ticket Request: Ticket Request: Visit (For More than 6 persons): Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.Manufacturing World Show ManagementErika Suzuki (Ms.)TEL:


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