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  • The Third Seminar Organized by HKSFC Successfully Closed

    The Third Seminar Organized by HKSFC Successfully Closed

    By CFM| 2015-07-13 00:00:00

    On July 10, organized by Hong Kong Screw & Fastener Council, the third seminar on “designing advanced fastener dies” was closed with favorable results in Shenzhen City. It attracted near 85 enterprise representatives from fastener industry to attend this seminar. As the appointed media, CFM followed to report the whole event. Mr. Lin Zhiming, President of HKSFC introduced the goal and schedules of this seminar. Due to the harsh competition in fastener industry and higher requirement of relative fastener products, to design suitable dies for fasteners shall be one of the crucial sessions to produce high-end fasteners. Two specialists in fastener industry were invited to share with attendees their knowledge and experience. CEO of CPM Company, Dr. Gerhard Hermann Arfmann spoke on the topic of how to apply FEA to realize the advanced design of process and die. Another honored speaker is Mrs. Zhang Liping from Shanghai Chun Zu Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. who shared on the topic of the new destination to design extruding and cold-heading dies. Dr. Gerhard Hermann Arfmann from CPM Mrs. Zhang Liping from Shanghai Chun Zu Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. On site of the seminar, speakers and attendees interacted in harmony and enthusiastic atmosphere. CFM Journalist gained information about the next seminar. It was announced by HKSFC that the next edition would be on discussing the e-platings. Secretariat of HKSFC would publish details of the fourth seminar later.
  • 2015 Fastener Expo Shanghai Successfully Ended

    2015 Fastener Expo Shanghai Successfully Ended

    By CFM| 2015-07-01 00:00:00

         The 2015 Fastener Expo Shanghai is successfully ended today after its three-day exhibition with favorable results. Visitors and exhibitors both had joy and smiles Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center.   Smiling visitor Smiling Exhibitor       “This is another successful fastener expo held here. You can see numerous visitors and exhibitors crowded in this center. Foreign purchasers are easily to see since we offer interpretation for 8 official languages so it is not necessary to worry about the communication problem.” said Mr. Yang Junfeng, CEO of the organizing company of the Fastener Expo Shanghai.      When interviewing the visitors and exhibitors onsite, most of them indicated their intent to attend the next edition of Fastener Expo Shanghai when some of the interviewees showed that they would take that into consideration. In this respect, should no one deny the success and bright future of Fastener Expo Shanghai. Eagle Metalware PPG Jieyang 66 Stainless Steel Fasteners Dongguan Demeng Hardware Products Zhejiang Sansega Wenzhou Fengding Haiyan Fujian      With a crown of World Factory, China is the main source of fasteners import for many nations. After launching the “One Road And One Belt” Strategy, China has cooperated with developed or developing countries for numerous projects, stimulating the demand of fasteners and thus the export. Regardless of the anti-dumping duties imposed on fasteners or relative stuffs by USA, Europe and other countries, the fastener export still shows a strong growing tendency.      But satisfaction will only bring the shadow of death, since the world is spinning fastener with its wings of technology. Heading to high-end manufacturing should be the destination of all enterprises in the line. To follow this trend, the organizer of 2015 Fastener Expo Shanghai, Shanghai Ebseek Exhibition Co., Ltd. cooperated with to arrange a conference (2015 Global Fastener Industry CEO Summit) for fastener CEOs to better cope with their company’s future on June 26th, the second day of Fastener Expo Shanghai. Six experts in the field gave speeches on the topic of The Next Five Years, sharing their wisdom in different degree.      Shanghai Ebseek Exhibition Co., Ltd. has officially announced that the 2016 Fastener Expo Shanghai will be held in the same place during June 23th to June 25th. It is predicted that more fastener suppliers and purchasers will participate in this fair, bringing a large number of business opportunities.
  • 2nd Fastener CEO Summit: Build Our Future

    2nd Fastener CEO Summit: Build Our Future

    By CFM| 2015-06-27 00:00:00

    At 4 p.m. on June 26th, the 2015 Global Fastener Industry CEO Summit welcomed its grand openings in Honta Luxury Collection Hotel, Shanghai. By sharing experience and predictions,the 2nd Global Fastener Industry CEO Summit aims to help enterprises in global fastener industry to better see and build their future. Focusing on the topic of The Next Five Years, six influential experts from global fastener industry made speeches respectively. Below are the speakers and their speeches.                       Mr. Feng Jinyao, President of China Fastener Industry Association, CEO of SQB Automotive Fasteners Ltd. He presented a speech on the topic of “Made-in-China, 2025"-- Chance for China Fastener Industry. During his speech, he mentioned the current situation of China’s Fastener Industry and shared with each attendee his thoughts of the future of China’s Fastener Industry.                    Mr. Lee Youlong, CEO of Seoul Metal Co., Ltd, gave a speech on the topic of “The Next Five Years for Well-known Enterprise in Precision Electronic Screw Area”. Within the presentation, he mentioned the “Smart Factory” of his company, which surely recommended the high level technology for future fastener industry.                  Mr. Li Jiansheng, E-Coat Engineering Director AP of PPG Coatings (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. He showed a future destination of Fastener Industry in a humorous way. Within his speeches, he paid attention to the environmental protection in the line of the e-coatings for fasteners. The topic for his speech was “Guidelines for Fastener Surface Treatment under Strict Environmental Protection Policy.”                Mr. Anton Schwer, CEO of Schwer + Kopka GmbH in Germany. In the 2nd CEO Summit, his speech topic was Traditional Fastener Industry Heads for the Era of Intellectualization. Intellectualization takes a large part to decide how long a company can survive from the harsh condition.               Imported Equipments Help China Fastener Industry Enter High-end Manufacturing is the speechtopic of Mr. Tony Ge, CEO of WAFIOS Umformtechnik GmbH in Germany. WAFIOS is a company for various machines. Thus, the speech of Mr. Tony Ge introduced mainly the products of his company but also mentioned that advanced technology will help a company to keep its cutting edges across the world.              The last speaker of CEO Summit was Mr. Jun Xu, the CEO of Brighton Best International from United State. Hints Learned from BBI Next Five Years Development was what Mr. Jun XU shared with every attendee. In his presentation, he talked about the past five years of BBI, company’s core products and the possible future footprint for fastener industry.             It is officially recorded that there are around 200 attendees attending the 2nd CEO Summit. Mainly these attendees are CEOs from America, Brazil, Belgium, England, India, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, etc, besides the entrepreneurs from mainland China and Taiwan. Good reflections and suggestions are both received from the home and abroad attendees. Many of them expressed their intent to attend the next CEO Summit since they were benefited from the sharing and interacting. Some ardent attendees also gave suggestions to the arrangement and organization of CEO Summit. “I saw old friends and new faces both in the 2015 Global Fastener Industry CEO Summit. With positive reflections from the attendees, we believe the 3rd CEO Summit will be a better one.” said Mr. Yang Junfeng, CEO of as well as the Special Host for the CEO Summit.
  • Custom Statistics of China Fastener Import & Export in February, 2015

    Custom Statistics of China Fastener Import & Export in February, 2015

    By CFM| 2015-04-28 10:59:07

    Based on the Customs Statistics of China Fastener Import & Export in February this year, the total import volume is 16,320,521 kg, whose total value reaches to 176,538,115 USD. Compared with the same period in last year, the total volume and total value decrease 19.7% and 17.8% respectively. In February 2014, the total import volume was 20,322,519 kg and the total value was 214,883,375 USD. The total export volume in February 2015 is 224,562,519 kg, 109% increased on the basis of that of last year. The total value reaches to 400,316,961 USD, increased 97%, compared with that of last year. It is easy to recognized that the total volume and value of export in February is higher than that of import in the same month. And the Additional Value of China Fasteners are much lower than that of overseas, while gap between the domestic and the abroad is widening.

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By Steel First ,2015-04-24 13:35:53

By CFM ,2015-04-22 15:22:36

In September and October 2013, President of People’s Republic of China, Mr. Xi Jinping presented the strategic conceptions of building “The New Silk Way Economic Belt” and “The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road” respectively. Later these two conceptions are referred as One Belt And One Road (OBAOR). It’s worth mentioning that the Belt connects China with Central Asia, Mid-East, Southeast Europe and Western Europe, while the Road connects countries in East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia Sub-continent, Arabian Peninsula, and North Africa, etc. In the aspect of High Speed Railway Construction: In the Executive Meeting of State Council which was chaired by Prime Minister Li Keqiang , it was decided that the railway construction should quicken its steps. Based on this instruction, China Railway Corporation has raised its construction goal this year, within which the fix-assets investment will raise from 700 Billion CNY to 720 Billion CNY. In 2015, there will be 12 high speed railways putting into construction. Total running mileage will reach to 8,887 miles in two years. The development of high speed rail construction will bring higher demand of railway fasteners. In the aspect of Wind Power Industry: In February this year, National Energy Bureau has released the monitoring results of Wind Power Industry in 2014. Based on the statistics, the newly increased capacity of the whole year has achieved 19.81 million KW, which hit a new record. It is estimated that the scale of wind power will grow dramatically in the areas of North China, Northeast China, and Northwest China after promoting wind power industry in Mid-east China and Southern China. The development of wind power industry also bring opportunity to fastener industry. In the aspect of Nuclear Power Industrial Chain: It is clearly pointed out in the Action Plan of Energy Development Strategy in 2014-2020 that by 2020, the total nuclear power capacity should reach 58 million KW, while there will be over 30 million KW nuclear power under construction. However, by 2014, the operating units and the units under construction are less than 50 million KW. Still there is a huge space for growth. With the plan of restarting nuclear power, there will be a peak time for input and output in nuclear power industry. With advantages of high technology and high cost-effective ratio, nuclear power has become the major driving force for China’s “Walking out” Strategy. A analyzer told that most of countries, whose nuclear power generating capacity takes less than 6% of the whole generating capacity are developing countries around One Belt and One Road. The export of nuclear power will welcome its spring day under this circumstance. OBAOR brings positive influence to the development of China’s western area and coastal area. Great changes can be seen in the field of Infrastructure Construction, Transportation Industry and Trade & Services. All these changes also lay profound foundation for the development of fastener Industry.

By Reuters ,2015-03-09 10:21:19

According to two sources familiar with a European Commission proposal, the European Union will impose anti dumping duties later this month on imports of stainless steel cold rolled sheet from China and Taiwan.   The EC plans to set tariffs of about 25% for imports from China and of about 12% for Taiwanese product, following a complaint lodged in May 2014 by the European steel producers association, Eurofer.   The EC will present its proposal to EU member states next week and by March 26 will put in place the duties, which are provisional pending the outcome of an investigation due to end in September.   Eurofer said that China and Taiwan shipped EUR 620 million worth of cold rolled stainless steel into the EU in 2013, some 17% of the overall market, and were guilty of dumping, or selling at unfairly low prices. A parallel investigation into alleged illegal subsidies for Chinese producers is also due to end in September.   Europe's largest stainless steel producers are Acerinox, Outokumpu and Aperam. Chinese and Taiwanese producers include Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Company, Baosteel and Yusco.   The EC, prompted by Eurofer, is also investigating alleged dumping of grain-oriented flat-rolled electrical steel, typically used in transformers, by producers in China, South Korea, Japan, Russia and the US.   Eurofer is also seeking to prolong existing duties on Chinese imports of wire rod. Despite a lower euro and a slow pick up of European demand, European producers were still confronted with a massive increase of imports from Asia, and from China in particular.   Eurofer said that total Chinese steel exports rose to a historic peak of 93 million tonnes in 2014 equivalent to 60 per cent of total EU steel consumption. Chinese steel exports to the EU increased to 4.5 million tonnes last year from 1.2 million tonnes in 2009.   Eurofer believed the large expansion of China's steel industry does not reflect cost advantages but is based on state-owned enterprises raising capital on preferential terms, as well as other forms of subsidy. China's exports include not just basic products, such as hot rolled steel but also high end coated sheets.

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By CFM ,2015-07-13 00:00:00

Fastener News

By CFM ,2015-07-07 14:02:47

As the price within China’s Steel Market declines in a great degree, the phenomenon of “Sell into Corrections” among sellers is increasing too. Iron ore market across the world undergoes a fluctuation temporarily and turns to the decline at last with an accelerating decline of iron ore price. Based on the latest market report, the future market of steel continued its declines with a price decreased to 1,800 CNY per ton. Correspondently, the spot market of steel suffered from the price declining. Decreasing demand from downstream industry should be the main cause of the price decline of steel. Decreased demand urged steel factories to lower their ex-factory price, assuring none the confidence to stay firmly on this far more competitive market. On the market of construction steel, the decline was growing when in particularly in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, the price per ton has decreased 20 to 100 CNY within a week. Under such a circumstance, the market price of steel has dropped away from the ex-factory price. Even to reduce the production of steel, it would do no help to convert the choice of merchants to clear their storage. Decline continued too on the market of steel sheet, in particularly the hot rolled strip and coils. By July, the storage of iron ore in main ports of China has firstly welcome an increase of 3.05 million ton to a total volume of 81.85 million ton after undergoing a continuous ten-week decrease since late April. China’s steel factories continue their loss with a decreased demand, which will later bring a reversion to supply and demand of iron ore.


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