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  • Always on the Run---CFM heading for M-Tech Tokyo 2014

    By CFM| 2014-06-27 00:00:00

    After a short break from 2014 Fastener Expo Shanghai, the representative of ChinaFastener Magazine exhibited in the 18th  M-Tech Tokyo during 25-27 June.  Japanese companies account for nearly 90% of the 900 exhibitors. 18 exhibitors of fasteners came from Korea and 17 from China mainland. Most of Chinese exhibitors came together with translators since about 95% of the visitors are Japanese. CFM's Booth E32-16 Some of the Chinese exhibitors also went to Fastener Expo Shanghai 2014 as well as CFM representative, like ChinaFar, Jiaxing Zhengying, Ningbo Jinding, Eagle Metalware ,Jiaxing Zhapu, Jiashan Yongxin etc. Jiaxing Zhengying Jiaxing Chinafar Eagle Metalware The 18th Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo (M-Tech), 5th Medical Device Development & Manufacturing Expo (MEDIX), 25th Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo (DMS), 22nd 3D & Virtual Reality Expo (IVR) was held during the same period. Satisfaction was found on everybody’s smiling face Representative of Korea Group Taiwan Group CFM representative recommended appropriate suppliers and was astonished by the creative decoration of exhibitors at scene. It is said that, the fastener industry is relatively stable and closed in Japan. Fastener companies tend to buy steel , cold header ,heat treatment facilities and other related materials at home. During CFM’s short interview with Chinese exhibitors, some of them also said that :” In fact, the main reason for us to come to the show is that we really want to know the development of fastener industry in Japan and see what we can learn from them.”  
  • 2014 Fastener Expo Shanghai Grandly Opened

    By CFM| 2014-06-19 00:00:00

    The 5th Fastener Expo Shanghai opened on 19th June at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, Hall 1 & Hall 2 and will last for three days. Being as the biggest fastener show in Asia, Fastener expo 2014 attracts 655 exhibitors with 1800 booths, covering 42,000 sqm exhibition area, 24% up than 2013. Being as the supported media partner, ChinaFastener Magazine (1F50) witnessed the splendid opening at scene The layout of the exhibition hall is perfectly arranged. Most exhibitors of fastener machinery, wire, mold and consumables gathered in Hall 1. Lots of big names in the industry came from afar, such as National Machinery, Brankamp, Videx, Nedschroef, Sakamura,Hyodong. Also, plenty of powerful Chinese exhibitors chose to build special booth at scene which will surely help to show their products, like Kunshan Dowa, Carlo Salvi, SACMA,Sijin Machinery, Tenglong Group, Chunzu . All kinds of fasteners and stamping parts are displayed at Hall 2. Compared to 2013, the exhibitors of aerospace fasteners increased this year. The layout of exhibitors are decided partly according to product category , like aerospace fasteners, auto fasteners, architectural fasteners. It is very convenient for visitors to find their most wanted suppliers. It is really a feast for eyes to see all the well-equipped cooperation. Many well known fastener showed up, such as Atotech, SRC, Shanghai Fast-Fix, Jiangsu Washen,ABC, Tandl Industry, Zhejiang Goodnail, Yuyao Mingfeng, Jiaxing Chinafar etc. Atomech Atotecha SRC Fast-Fix ABC ABC Good Nail Dongtai QB Yuyao Mingfeng Tandl ChinaFar As the fastener culture show was highly appreciated on Fastener Expo Shanghai 2013, this year the organizer invested heavily in Fastener&Human History Culture Exhibition of Europe, which will be displayed during the same period. It had a clear introduction of the fastener history in Europe from a perspective of the humanities. The output of fasteners in China reached 68 million ton in 2013, with an increase of 3.03% than the last year. And the total value of fasteners climbed up to 67.5 billion RMB, 3.85% up than 2012.Among which , the export volume of steel fasteners increased 8.55% to 255,8000 ton. And the import value of fasteners is 2.99 billion dollars. According to the official statistics from Shanghai’s custom, the import value of fasteners in Shanghai jumped 5.7% to 7,470 million dollars and the volume was 74700 ton. The export value declined 0.9% to 2.27 billion dollars in spite that the export volume increased 9% to 1.29 million ton. All that indicates the slow economy recovery. Fastener Expo Shanghai offered a great opportunity for fastener companies. It is believed to be a big boost in the industry.
  • CFM's World Journey Continues----Hardware+Tools 2014

    By CFM| 2014-06-09 00:00:00

    During 3-5 June the 15th Hardware + Tools Middle East grandly opened in Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC), Dubai, United Arab Emirates, showcasing the Product Groups of TOOLS, HARDWARE, CONSTRUCTION & BUILDING MATERIALS, and MACHINERY.                                                                                                       CFM's booth No (HT711) Being as the most delicate hardware fair in the region, Hardware + Tools Middle East 2014 has attracted 230 exhibitors from 13 different countries, including China ,India, France, Germany, Italy, Poland etc. Among them, most of the exhibitors came from China. Chinese exhibitors counted 155 and 9 came from Chinese Taipei. About 17 Chinese fastener companies took part in this big event, such as Dongtai QB, Yuyao Mingfeng, Ningbo Sijin,  Jiashan Yongxin, Haiyan Sansega, Haiyan Ronghua, Shanghai Anzi, Wuxi Hezi, Haiyan Brother United, Haiyan Hongcheng etc. Shanghai Anzi Haiyan Ronghua Ningbo Sijin Yuyao Mingfeng Jiashan Yongxin Haiyan Sansega Wuxi Hezi Haiyan Brother United Haiyan Hongcheng As the affection of many of EU’s anti-dumping duties, Chinese fastener companies are eager to open new market. It is reported that Dubai had imported 72,583 tons of fasteners from China in 2013, which counted 26% of the total import amount. The export value of fasteners imported from China is 113.2 million dollars. During the last 10 years, the population and number of tourists surged in a great deal. CFM journalist noticed that there are at least 10 five star hotels which are in preparation. Furthermore, the government investment on hardware and architectural projects will possibly exceed 200 billion dollars in 2015, like the expansion of AUH, Dubai Rail Project, City of Arabia in the biggest theme park Dubai Land etc. All that indicate the great potential of fastener market in the Middle East.  Suppliers scanning CFM magazine CFM journalist recommending CAS members to buyers As the professional media in fastener industry, ChinaFastener Magazine (Booth No.HT711) took part in the trade show to recommend excellent fastener suppliers to the international buyers. The 15th issue of ChinaFastener Magazine was warmly welcome by the overseas buyers. CFM journalist also made reference of suppliers to them based on their specific needs. They expressed great interest in Chinese companies
  • ChinaFastener Magazine Exhibited in IndoFastener 2014

    By CFM| 2014-05-15 14:53:27

    The second Indo Fastener show was successfully held on 14th May this year. It will last for three days. Being as one of the major media partner of the show, CFM exhibited and  learnt about the current market situation of Indonesia.  According to the official statistic, there are 26 fastener companies from mainland China exhibited in the show, taking a large proportion among all together 49 exhibitors. 15 Taiwan companies exhibited the show. Several famous firms were very popular at the scene, like Special Rivets, Changshu 5 Rich Hardware, Shanghai Rivet, Shanghai Jingyang, Ningbo Sijin, 3 Star Rivet, Zhejiang Taisheng etc.  CFM's booth G20 SRC Changshu 5 Rich Hardware Shanghai Rivet Shanghai Jingyang 3 Star Rivet Zhejiang Taisheng During the same period, the 7th Indonesia International Automotive (Components, Spare Parts, Tools and Accessories Exhibition ) is held concurrently. And one exhibitor came from mainland China among 44 firms. About 2170 visitor came to the show on the first day. Handan Ruiqiang, S&D Fasteners, Foshan Kuiloon also witnessed the show. Most of the buyers came with specific buying requirements and had business contact with Chinese supplier before. ChinaFastener Magazine recommended CAS members according to the their need at the scene.  (What is CAS member? Click Here) Jiangsu Zhenya Ningbo Maowang Some exhibitors told CFM journalist that though the visitors were not as many as they’ve imagined, but the buyers are very professional and determined. They believed this to be a good chance to develop  business relationship after the show. Affected by the continuously execution of anti-dumping duties in European markets, many fastener companies now intend to increase their market share in Southeast Asian. Thanks to the free trade agreement between China and Southeast Asian Union, both side can enjoy zero tariff. In 2013, Indonesia imported $66 million fasteners from China. As is noticed by CFM journalist, many street reconstruction has been taken in Indonesia which indicated huge need for constructional fasteners. It  will also bring a great deal of promotion to auto fastener industry, too. It is believed that Indonesia may offer huge business prospects. 

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By khunnawat.teer ,2014-07-28 00:00:00

Mr. Duangdej Yuaikwarmdee, Deputy Managing Director of Reed Tradex Co., Ltd. said that According to Ho Chi Minh City has granted investment licenses to 5 FDI projects with a total capital of USD220 million. The newly registered and additional investment came from Japan, Germany and Hong Kong. These projects include steel, mechanics, machinery manufacturing and automobile components. According to the Municipal Department of Planning and Investment, Ho Chi Minh City has provided investment permits for 169 new FDI projects with a total registered capital of USD967 million since the beginning of this year. Some USD110 million have been added to 53 operational projects, bringing the total foreign investment inflow in the city in the reviewed period to nearly USD1.08 billion, doubling the number of the same period last year. “The Positive movements are happening in ASEAN’s automotive manufacturing industry especially in Indonesia and Vietnam which are attracting more investment from giant car makers in order to possess the level of competitiveness that will yield success in the region, especially in the ASEAN Economic Community era. These movements indicate good heath of both the auto and supporting industries.  Reed Tradex has realized that with the Government’s supports, Vietnam’s supporting industries serving the automotive industry, electronics industry, etc., are advancing to become stronger and stronger in response to the local manufacturing sectors’ needs for industrial parts; especially the demands from Japanese manufacturers, one of the biggest investors of the country. And with the ASEAN Economic Community era looming on the horizon, Vietnam’s supporting industries have both challenges and opportunities to handle. Opportunities reside in new machinery, technologies, and knowledge. With a view to help strengthening the industries with essential knowledge the industrialists can adopt to create a sharper competitive edge, Reed Tradex will join forces with Investment & Trade Promotion Centre (ITPC) and Japan External Trade Organization, Ho Chi Minh Office (JETRO) to organize MEGA Exhibition in this October 9 – 11. This year “METALEX Vietnam 2014” and “NEPCON Vietnam 2014” has grown by 20% and the number of exhibitor increased by 20%. We also have International Pavilions from Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, German, UK and Thailand. And we believe that in this year exhibition will be help drive the Vietnamese Manufacturer and the AEC market to competition in 2015. In addition for this year with collaboration from JETRO and ITPC are coming together to join their events, “Business Alliance for Supporting Industry 2014,” with Reed Tradex events “METALEX Vietnam 2014” and “NEPCON Vietnam 2014.” We believe this collaboration will benefit the growth of the supporting industries tremendously. Not only Vietnamese manufacturers will discover the latest machine tools and metalworking technologies and new SMT and testing technologies and equipment for electronics manufacturing but all Vietnamese manufacturers will also meet Japanese manufacturers who are looking for industrial parts and Vietnamese suppliers of quality parts and components, all in one event. Moreover, everyone will be able to gain new knowledge and networking opportunities through seminars and activities that will be concurrently held with the shows. Mr. Dao Thuong Khanh, Director of KSMC Co., Ltd. said that the leading company providing solutions for automation machinery and equipment for industrial manufacturing, cost savings, increase productivity and enhance product quality. Besides, the technology solutions that provide customers KSMC also help protect the health of workers and to create green working environment. The company's main customers are foreign invested manufacturing companies such as Japan, South Korea, USA, and Taiwan. At the moment, there are more than 60% of FDI companies in the EPZs, the industrial parks in Vietnam have cooperated with KSMC. Our motto is to update new technology that gives customers the optimal solution based on production to the latest manufacturing technology by Panasonic to attain the best quality, save production costs, and improve labor productivity. We will exhibit the laser printing, Engraving, laser welding technologies; Laser sensors. Especially the Panasonic Eco Technology - core technology on saving and efficient use of energy resources in accordance with ISO50001 standard. And this is the first time for Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX (PIDSX) and Panasonic Industrial Devices Automation Controls Sales Asia Pacific (PIDACSAP) will participate with KSMC in METALEX Vietnam to showcase their new product ranges of sensors and Laser Market system. The first product is HG-C1000, Ultra-compact and precise positioning sensor that is realized by CMOS and new optical system. And the second one is LP-GS, Revolutionary compact size, Z-direction control and smart operation. Mr. Luu Trung Manh, Regional Managing Director of Carbon Vietnam Co., Ltd. said that Carbon Vietnam Investment Corp, is one member of Carbon Group Company, we are specialized in Foundry industry a part of supporting industry in Vietnam. We also focused on recycling metals including aluminum. Carbon does not invest in traditional industries but focusing on customers’ demand survey and supply capabilities in the world. Nowadays, supporting industry and heavy industry in Vietnam have been increasingly growing, especially when the Common Market Asia will be set up. Most firms from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are shifting to invest in Vietnam. This is considered the opportunities as well as challenges for Vietnam and requires the help and cooperation from the Government. However, Vietnam has many advantages in human resources, land, natural resources, and the South China Sea is the main gateway to facilitate the attraction of foreign investment. METALEX Vietnam is evaluated as one of the best international exhibitions in Vietnam and good criteria for the field of metal, professional organization, that's why we chose METALEX Vietnam. In recent year, METALEX Vietnam was held successfully. Our main purpose to joining this exhibition is to spread the company’s image to the partners. This time, we will showcase the Foundry products at the exhibition which attracts more businesses to participate. Mr. Pham Van Toi, Director Tri Viet Technical Co., Ltd. said that we are supplier of machinery and equipment leading in Vietnam in the field of engineering machinery industry, besides providing products of machinery, equipment and spare parts for the mechanical engineering industry, construction. We also choose efficient investment solutions for enterprises come to Vietnam. Customers will be satisfied with the technical solutions and the best service as consultants selected investment options; installation, warranty, maintenance of industrial machinery; technical training and skills to operate machinery, equipment. Tri Viet is focusing on developing optimal range for each type of machinery, industrial equipment at the potential market and product diversification provided the Vietnam market. The goal of Tri Viet is becoming a long-term investment and business efficiency. In METALEX Vietnam, Tri Viet expects to introduce more machines with high-tech equipment in accordance with industry in the country and contributing to the overall development of the supporting industry in Vietnam. “Business Alliance for Supporting Industry 2014” “METALEX Vietnam 2014” and “NEPCON Vietnam 2014” will be organized during 9-11 October 2014 at Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC). Reporters who need more information please contact:  

By Würth Group ,2014-07-25 10:06:56

In the first half of 2014, the Würth Group generated overall sales of EUR 5,020 billion. This corresponds to a year-over-year growth of 2.8 percent. Except for Italy, all problematic countries succeeded in generating growth again. There are clear signs that Spain, for instance, has bottomed out as they succeeded in generating a sales plus of almost nine percent. Robert Friedmann, Chairman of the Central Managing Board of the Würth Group, said: "We want to close the year 2014 with a new sales record. Although the focus of our business activities is on Europe, the strong euro has a negative impact on the development of sales. However, we do not expect further negative influences in the second half of the year." The operating result of the Würth Group is clearly growing. At EUR 235 million, the operating result is up 14.6 percent over last year (previous year: EUR 205 million). "The good order situation of our customers and the economic development are a tailwind for us and we are therefore looking optimistically at the second half of the year," Friedmann adds. In the first half of 2014, the number of employees increased to a total of 64,891, which corresponds to a growth of 2.1 percent (December 2013: 63,571). In Germany, the Würth Group has a total of 19,744 employees, while the Würth companies abroad account for 45,147 of the Group's employees. In the second half of 2014, we expect the trends of the of the last six months to continue. It seems very likely that we will achieve a new sales record by generating more than ten billion euros.

By Wang Xin、Yao Chun ,2014-07-23 09:48:24

ASHINGTON, July 22  -- The U.S. government determined on Tuesday it would maintain the existing antidumping duty orders on steel threaded rod and malleable iron pipe fittings from China, despite Beijing's repeated calls for Washington to drop protectionism. The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) concluded in a ruling that revoking the current antidumping duty orders on these products from China would be likely to lead to continuation or recurrence of material injury within a reasonably foreseeable time. It is the first "sunset review" for the antidumping duty order on imports of steel threaded rod from China, which was introduced in 2009. The antidumping duty margin on this product runs from 47. 37 percent to 206 percent. This is the second "sunset review" for the antidumping duty order on imports of malleable iron pipe fittings from China, which was first issued in 2003. The antidumping duty margin on the product runs up to 111.36 percent. A "sunset review" was conducted every five years after anti- dumping and countervailing duties were introduced. The Uruguay Round Agreements Act requires the U.S. Department of Commerce to revoke an anti-dumping or countervailing duty order, or terminate a suspension agreement, after five years unless the department and the ITC determine that revoking the order or terminating the suspension agreement would likely lead to the continuation or recurrence of dumping or subsidies and of material injury within a reasonably foreseeable time. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce has repeatedly urged the United States to abide by its commitment against trade protectionism and work together with China and other members of the international community to maintain a free, open and just international trade environment

By CENS ,2014-07-08 10:56:20

Mainly dampened by steadily declining steel  exports to China, which remain subject to 3-8% duties, the output value of Taiwan's steel industry totaled only NT$405.1 billion (US$13.5 billion) for the first four months of this year, down 5.6% year-on-year (YoY), according to the statistics by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA).   MOEA said that the industry's output drastically dropped 38% YoY to NT$953.6 billion (US$31.78 billion) in 2009, when the global market was seriously impacted by the financial tsunami, and then rebounded by 48.2% in 2010, and hit an all-time high of NT$1.5146 trillion (US$504.86 billion) in 2011, mostly due to brisk demand from the domestic downstream sectors and growing public works projects and housing starts.   However, anxious about oversupply in the global market, particularly in Asia, due to by Chinese steelmakers having aggressively developed and boosted supply in recent years, Taiwan's steel industry has seen its overall output and export to China continuously slide since 2012.   In the past few years, exports had contributed nearly 30% to the industry's output, mostly going to ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) member countries. MOEA's statistics show that exports to the ASEAN bloc made up 21.6% of the total last year, a four-year high, when the share of those to China (including Hong Kong) dived to 14.1% from 23.8% in 2009.   J.C. Tsou, chairman of the Taiwan Steel & Iron Industries Association, says that exports to China have steadily declined partly due to high tariffs, and partly due to oversupply in the country. To revive the industry's growth, Tsou has advised Taiwan to step up negotiations with China on striking cross-strait goods trade agreements to offer lower duty relief or exemption on steel exports.   Over the past years, imports of China-made steels have significantly increased, to command 25.2% of Taiwan's domestic market last year compared to 9.7% in 2009. Japan has remained the island's largest steel import source, but its market share has gradually slid, to 28.9% last year from 32.4% in 2009, shows MOEA's statistics. (SC)

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