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  • Foundation Bolt Industry gives analysis of new tendency of 2016 China Fastener Industry

    Foundation Bolt Industry gives analysis of new tendency of 2016 China Fastener Industry

    By CFM| 2016-05-25 00:00:00

    Many people worry that the domestic market pressure will increase due to the decreasing export volume of China Fastener Products in 2016. Actually, there is no need to worry about this. With the sharp increase of the export volume of China Fastener, the export obstruction is also enlarging. According to statistics, in the first half of 2015, the total export volume of China Fastener has reached about 1 million tons, 30.82% increases comparing with that of the same period in 2005. And the total value has reached 1.2 billion USD, 23.07% increases comparing with that of the same period in 2005. It is clearly observed that although the export trade of fasteners develops very fast, there still exists unreasonable problems of product structure. Most of the fastener enterprises try to expand markets relying on increasing the product amounts. Thus, there are still problems of poor quality and low prices. The China Fastener Products are attractive in price and quality and they are of good comprehensive competitive power. Although there still will be some trade conflicts directed at China Fastener Products, development of export of China Fastener Products will be going on.
  • Jeff Sharp-become Director of Global Quality

    Jeff Sharp-become Director of Global Quality

    By American fastener journal| 2016-05-24 11:37:19

    Jeff Sharp has joined PennEngineering® as Director of Global Quality, it was announced today by the Company. Sharp will be responsible for leading and directing the Corporate Management Control System. Sharp has particularly relevant experience and expertise in the quality arena. He most recently served as Customer Quality Manager for the Fletcher Brake Caliper Division of Continental, one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers. Prior to Continental, he served as Vice President of Quality and Six Sigma consultant for the Quality Institute of America and previously held quality-driven positions at AF Global (formerly Ameriforge Group) and Elkay Manufacturing. Sharp holds seven ASQ certifications, which represent formal recognition of proficiency by the ASQ governing body, and is well versed in the TS 16949 and AS 9100 quality certification processes within the automotive industry. He additionally is a Six Sigma Black Belt. Headquartered in Danboro, PA, USA, and founded in 1942, PennEngineering is a global leader in the fastening industry with technical and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe, and Asia supported by a worldwide network of authorized engineering representatives and distributors.
  • Jiaxing Fastener Enterprise return to European Union Market again

    Jiaxing Fastener Enterprise return to European Union Market again

    By CFM| 2016-05-24 00:00:00

    It has been 7 years since China Fastener Enterprises haven’t obtained the orders from EU. Now again China Fastener Enterprises return to European Union Market! What an exciting news! These two days, the first batch of fasteners from Haitang Fastener Factory has been delivered to European Union Market continuously. After the seven-year multinational seesaw battle, China Fastener Enterprise has finally beaten back the high rates of anti-dumping from EU and return to European Union Market.
  • Jiaxing City won the case of anti-dumping

    Jiaxing City won the case of anti-dumping

    By CFM| 2016-05-23 11:16:37

    In 2007, EU registered and investigated the anti-dumping case against the steel fasteners from China. The involved value of China was 760 million USD and the involved value of Jiaxing City was 97 million USD, which involved 90 production and trade enterprises of fastener. Recently, EU Commission decided to cancel the anti-dumping measurement against China Fastener. This case became the first case which gained complete victory with using WTO DSB ( Dispute Settlement Mechanism) to fight against EU. There were three reasons for Jiaxing City to promote the victory of anti-dumping case. First one was the guidance of Government Departments. As a main area that involved with the case, Jiaxing City positively looked for the lawyers and experts to do the suit instruction and made lawsuit strategy. Second one was that Jiaxing Industry Association positively accepted the challenge. Jiaxing Industry Association formed a work group to make lobbying defense without damage. Third one was the unity of fastener industries. Twenty-four involved fastener enterprises positively responded to the lawsuits jointly. Some relevant enterprises made active transformation and increase the science and technology input. In the meanwhile, they expanded the domestic market and developed the market in emerging countries to disperse the export risks. EU’s proportion of fastener export of Jiaxing City reduced from 33.38% in 2008 to 7.87% in 2015.

Industry Activities

By CFM ,2016-05-23 11:16:37

Raw Materials

By CFM ,2016-05-13 00:00:00

By CFM ,2016-04-23 00:00:00

Recently, the steel price has surged wildly and it attracts the attention of the industry. We learn from some industry insiders that the price of deformed steel bar of many areas has been surmount to 3000 RMB per ton, such as Changsha, Xian, Chengdu and etc. Based on the data from the Statistical Bureau, the price of deformed steel bar has gone up by 4.6%, comparing with the previous period. And, the price of wire has risen by 4.3%. The rise of the steel price is the normal price returning Regard to the reason for the continuous rising of steel price, the vice-chairman of China Iron and Steel Association gives his perspective. On the one hand, since the early year, the supply-front reform of the steel industry kicks off, so there is some reduction of the supply. On the other hand, due to the restoring production of the enterprises since the new year and the leading of the state investment policy, there is increasing demand of the downstream industry and it prompts the rising of steel price to some certain extent. In a view of the factors of investment and seasonality, it is the normal price returning of the recent rising of steel price in the country. Faced with the sudden steel price storm, the fastener enterprises how to improve their own competitive power? Previous preparation: Control the production cost and save the resources. Medium-term preparation: Faced with the continuous rising of the production cost, they need to aware that it is not the long-term solution to increase price. It is much more important to improve the product quality and advance the industry transformation. Later-period preparation: There is no doubt that the fasteners are in huge need. What we should do is to locate the exact market segment.

Company News

By Fastener + fixing magazine ,2016-05-23 00:00:00

Wire® 2016 was a very important edition for SACMA Group as it was an opportunity for the company to show gratitude to those customers from around the world that have shown trust in SACMA and Ingramatic machines; joined the Winning Technologies® club; and selected SACMA G3roup for their projects in the future. SACMA Group points out its large and worldwide success is due to the innovative and unique way it designs and manufactures all of its machines – all carried out in-house. Once again SACMA Group had a magnificent stand at wire® that welcomed operators and technicians visiting the show and displayed the latest machines and innovations available from SACMA and Ingramatic. Machines that were on the stand included the net shape part former model SP470-CRM – equipped with the latest technologies including the S-Feed and the Desmodrive transfer system – as well as the CNC warm thread rolling machine model RP420-WF30 with its ability to deform exotic materials. Over the five days of the show SACMA Group received a lot of visitors, from around the world, with the majority bringing new projects – once again underlining the large interest from key players within the fastener industry for SACMA Group’s vast capabilities. Small and medium sized companies also visited the stand and were interested in the numerous features that Ingramatic and SACMA machines can offer, such as easy setup, servomotor technology, and quick change tooling. This all results in making user-friendly machines that are able to make standard parts and very special components at low production costs – enabling fastener manufacturers to diversify their activity and make parts with a higher added value. “SACMA machines are considered the best and most productive machines in the world. The recent wire show was another demonstration of the growing interest from visitors for all of SACMA’s Group machinery – with contracts being confirmed for machinery with delivery dates in late 2016 and in 2017. SACMA Group will definitely be attending the next wire show in 2018 with more technologies that will be able to anticipate the fastener market needs now and in the future.”

By Fastener + fixing magazine ,2016-05-19 00:00:00

Over the last two years NORMA UK Ltd, a subsidiary of NORMA Group SE, has gone through a transformation of its production operations that it says has enabled it to become a benchmark within the fastener industry. Will Lowry, editor, went to speak to Mark Burnett, managing director at NORMA UK, to find out what these developments have involved and how they benefit the customer. In 2016 NORMA UK has a double celebration – it is 10 years since NORMA Group was formed and also 10 years since NORMA UK moved to its new location at Greenham Business Park in Newbury, Berkshire, where it focuses on both the distribution and manufacturing of engineered joining technology. “We have a great manufacturing facility here at Newbury, which has become a benchmark for the industry,” states Mark Burnett. With previous management experience at automotive tier suppliers, Mark joined NORMA UK two years ago and his first objective was to streamline the company’s manufacturing operations and to focus on its key performance factors – delivery and quality. “Customers nowadays don’t just want a simple clamp. NORMA UK put together a plan on how it could transform the production floor and free up space to support further growth. The first step was to reorganise the traditional, flexible man power machine cells to a new layout that offered 360° access to the machines and created a ‘U’ shape working pattern – helping to improve the ergonomics of the working environment. It has been 18 months since NORMA UK started the process and the main production floor is now complete. However, the transformation hasn’t stopped there. The company has now started working on the press shop. “Once again we have set up a working team to oversee the press shop project,” mentions Mark. “We have built up a stock reserve so we can take each machine out of action for a week and totally refurbish them. We are probably six months away from completing the process.” Other projects that have also happened in this time include the installation of an extraction and filtration system, as well as an acoustic booth for the deburring area. This has helped reduce the amount of noise and dust – creating a nicer and safer environment for the employees to work. Another major step that NORMA UK has taken to ensure it is producing the very highest quality, is to move its quality department onto the shop floor. “When we started the journey two years ago we were occasionally receiving a few technical complaints from customers and we weren’t really reducing the amount we were receiving,” says Mark. “To combat this we decided to move the quality department from an office to the production floor. We also introduced NQR (NORMA Quick Response) and PSP (Problem Solving Tools) as part of the NORMA Production System (NPS), which is now being rolled out worldwide within NORMA Group. These include a cross functional team of experts – including an engineer that designed the part, a quality representative that talks to the customer, an operator that makes the part, and finally the team leader from the area – looking at a customer complaint for quality and how we can offer a solution to stop it happening again.” A critical part of the NQR and PSP processes is that when analysing a complaint, the team only looks at a good part versus a bad part – there is no blame apportioned to anybody. “It is important that the employees were able to speak openly about what happened and not be worried about who would get blamed. It is only by having an open process that you are able to go into the root causes of a problem and find a long-lasting solution,” explains Mark. It is not only the production processes and operational improvements that NORMA UK has looked to streamline. The company is also working with its staff and focusing on how it can be more competitive within the market as a UK manufacturer. “I believe communication is key within a company if you are to be successful,” states Mark. “All your employees need to know what is happening within the business and what the company’s plans are for the future – so you can all work to the same goal. This ability to know what it will be producing in the future has enabled NORMA UK to create a capacity plan that tells it when it will need capital expenditure for new presses or new equipment. To support this future growth, the company has just acquired some additional land at the rear of the site, which will enable it to increase the manufacturing space when necessary, as well as the warehouse capacity. “By 2020 we will become one of the bigger plants in NORMA Group,” adds Mark. “It is a big challenge producing in the UK, especially with the exchange rate between sterling and the Euro. Most of our sales are in Euros, which means that a fluctuation up or down can have a big influence on the company. However, thanks to the streamlining of the production process, and the experience and knowledge of our staff, we are able to offer high-quality products at competitive prices.” The last two years have seen a lot of developments at the company, all with the aim of further improving the quality of the products and the delivery to the customer. With a clear strategy for the coming years, NORMA UK is in a strong position to continue to lead the way in effectively and successfully manufacturing in the UK. “Our vision is simple,” concludes Mark with a confident smile. “We will continue to support growth through momentum, innovation and continuous improvement – whilst delivering the highest quality products.”

Exibition & Association News

By American fastener journal ,2016-05-20 11:53:52

International’s Committee on Fasteners (F16) has presented its top annual award – theAward of Merit – to Quentin Smith of Faurecia in Auburn Hills, MI, U.S.A. The prestigious award, which includes the accompanying title of fellow, is ASTM’s highestrecognition for individual contributions to developing standards. The committee honored Smith for his dedicated work to develop standards in a number of areas, includingbolting technology, corrosion of metals, and fasteners. He has been a member of ASTM since 1980. Smith is a fastener engineer with Faurecia, designing automotive hardware. He previously served as ametallurgical engineer with Lockheed Space Operations, a senior fastener engineer with Dana Corporation, and a corrosion Engineer for the OregonDepartment of Transportation. In addition to ASTM, Smith is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the American Society for Metals, and the National Association of Corrosion Engineers. Helping our world work better Over 12,000 ASTM standards operate globally. Defined and set by us, they improve the lives of millions every day. Combined with our innovative business services, they enhance performance and help everyone have confidence in the things they buy and use – from the toy in a child’s hand to the aircraft overhead. Working across borders, disciplines, and industries we harness the expertise of over 30,000 members to create consensus and improve performance in manufacturing and materials, products and processes, systems and services. Understanding commercial needs and consumer priorities, we touch every part of everyday life: helping our world work better.

Fastener News

By National Industrial Fastener & M ,2016-05-10 10:26:28

LOS ANGELES — The National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo has recognized and awarded Bruce Wheeler, Chairman of Star Stainless Screw Company as the 2016 inductee to its time-honored Hall of Fame. The show is also recognizing its first ever Young Fastener Professional award, given to Ryan Kertis of Stelfast Inc. For 35 years, the National Industrial Fastener show has recognized and honored those individuals who have made significant contributions to the betterment of the fastener industry and for the first time ever the show will give a special shout out to the industry’s young professionals in a special, joint award recognition ceremony during the October 2016 event. Hall of Fame Winner: Bruce Wheeler The Fastener Industry Coalition committee reviewed several exceptional nominees and selected the top candidate, Bruce Wheeler, Chairman of Star Stainless Screw Company as the 2016 inductee. Backing this decision is the unwavering dedication demonstrated by Wheeler to provide the best possible service to the fastener community through a decades-long commitment that started many moons ago. Wheeler, started his career back in 1973, working in the warehouse of Star Stainless Screw Company. He worked in nearly every department of the company, moving from the warehouse to the sales department, eventually becoming the branch manager. After nearly a decade in sales, Wheeler elevated to executive vice president and then president. In all his roles and responsibilities, he believes that solid relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees are critical in a successful business and to this day he still operates with an open door policy. “The nuts and bolts of business are easy, the real challenge is in managing a vast number of employees,” Wheeler said. Wheeler is also an invaluable source as a true thought leader for young fastener professionals trying to navigate the industry. “It’s important to acknowledge that our industry is changing and we’re in need of young people who are eager to learn the ropes while we work towards moving our industry forward. And we do that by embracing fresh, new perspectives and ideas from the younger generation of fastener professionals,” said Susan Hurley, show director of NIFMSE. “We are excited more than ever to partner with the Young Fastener Professional community and we’re proud to start recognizing the next generations of young, driven leaders.” Young Professional Fastener Winner: Ryan Kertis The Fastener Industry Coalition committee has selected Ryan Kertis of Stelfast Inc. as this year’s Young Fastener Professional winner. “There were many good candidates nominated for the Young Fastener Professional award, but Ryan Kertis definitely filtered to the top of the list. As the founder of the Young Fastener Professionals association, Ryan recognizes the need to develop the next generation of fastener professionals and is creating innovative ways to help this important group acquire and develop the skills they need to succeed in our industry. We feel this, in addition to his many admirable personal qualities, merits Ryan to be the first recipient of the Young Fastener Professional award”, said Vicki Lester, Fastener Industry Coalition Board of Directors. While attending night classes at Monmouth University to complete his MBA, Kertis first post-collegiate job was with Porteous Fastener Company as an Inside Sales person in 2009. In 2012, he received a Master’s degree in business administration and was presented with an opportunity at Stelfast, Inc. as the pricing manager where he would be responsible for the development & adjustment of customer pricing on a national level. In the short period of time since he has been a part of the fastener industry, Kertis saw the potential for young professionals like himself to thrive and succeed in this industry. In 2014, he founded the Young Fastener Professionals organization that aims to empower the next generation of fastener professionals through a multitude of platforms including educating, collaborating & networking.A special recognition award ceremony to honor Bruce and Kertis will take place on the show floor in the Session Area at the National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Oct. 26.

By Fastener + fixing magazine ,2016-04-27 00:00:00

Organiser Inter Ads-Brooks Exhibitions Pvt Ltd has announced that BLECH India will take place from 27th – 29th April 2017 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai, India. Mumbai provides the perfect location for the fifth edition of the event. The city is located in the state of Maharashtra, which is India’s leading industrial state – contributing 13% of national industrial output. Furthermore, a large number of foreign companies have already settled in the Mumbai region. The previous edition of BLECH India was in 2015 and was held from 22nd – 25th April 2015 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai, and attracted 3,798 visitors. The four day event drew both global visitors and exhibitors, with 147 exhibitors from 16 different countries present at the exhibition. The majority of exhibitors were Indian-based companies. However, there were also exhibitors from Germany, Italy, the USA, China, Turkey and Switzerland. The exhibitors showcased a comprehensive range of machines, tools, and solutions, for the complete sheet metal forming and fabrication process. An enormous amount of live machine demonstrations were also on display. The organisers point out that the overall impression and feedback from the visitors and exhibitors on BLECH India 2015 was extremely positive. A high percentage of the visitors to the exhibition were company owners or had buying and specifying responsibilities. The greatest number of visitors came from industry sectors that included: Mechanical engineering (31%), sheet metal products, components and assemblies (27%), steel and aluminium construction (7%), automotive industry and related suppliers (5%), as well as iron and steel production (3%).


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