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  • The 5th Face to Face ChinaFastener Purchasing Meeting is about to kick off during Fastener Expo Shanghai 2018

    The 5th Face to Face ChinaFastener Purchasing Meeting is about to kick off during Fastener Expo Shanghai 2018

    By CFM| 2018-05-11 00:00:00, the most excellent B2B platform for fastener industry is organizing the 5th Face to Face ChinaFastener Purchasing Meeting which will be held at National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai) on 21, June, 2018. The Meeting is one concurrent event of Fastener Expo Shanghai 2018, the biggest fastener expo in Asia. The Meeting has been successfully held for 4 sessions. It aims to provide one communication and cooperation platform for the purchasers and suppliers in fastener industry, confirmed by the organizing committee of the will help to accurately match the urgent order of international purchasers in advance so these purchasers can communicate with suppliers face-to-face during the meeting to find excellent suppliers for target fasteners efficiently.Face to Face ChinaFastener Purchasing Meeting is an innovative business communication model which is totally different from the traditional meetings. This is a cost-efficiency and time-efficiency purchasing activity. Taking this chance of high gathering of suppliers, we sincerely invite you to join in the meeting!If you are interested in participating in the meeting, please send your urgent order information to before 30 May 2018. The first 30 purchasers have the chance to be offered 2-night specified hotel for free!If you have any question or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us atEmail:   buyer@chinafastener.comTel:     86-20-82270680Skype: live:buyer_186
  • Global Fastener Trip 2017 - Taiwan Wrapped up on Apr. 17

    Global Fastener Trip 2017 - Taiwan Wrapped up on Apr. 17

    By CFM| 2018-04-20 00:00:00

    Taiwan is known as The Kingdom of Fasteners since it has been the annual global industry sales leader for many years.To investigate the current development situation of Taiwan fastener industry, organized a group of more than 40 Chinese fastener companies to take part in Taiwan International Fastener Show, and to visit Taiwan local fastener companies and Taiwan Fastener Museum, so called Global Fastener Trip 2018 - Taiwan from Apr. 9 to 17, 2018.The first stop of the trip was Taiwan International Fastener Show. As the ONLY international B2B fastener show in Taiwan, the exhibition attracted near 20000 visitors from all over the world. More than 400 exhibitors highlighted their diverse products and service at the show.ChinaFastener Magazine at the ShowThe group came to Jieng Beeing Enterprise Co., Ltd.after the Show. Chen Huizhong, vice president of the company and other staffs welcomed the group.Based on introduction, the company was founded in 1973. It has four offices in Taiwan, two factories in China and one in Vietnam. It sells its products all over the world.As one of the earliest company specilizing in producing fastener dies, the company is regarded as a school of fasteners dies talents. During the conference, Mr. Chen introduced the history and its patented products to the group. Technicians of the company discussed with the group members about the technologies in producing fasteners and achievements.During Q&A, staffs of the company answered questions from the group members and discussed the difference between dies of the company and dies of Italian companies, and the bottleneck of Chinese fastener companies and the future.The group came to Ching Chan Optical Technology Co., Ltd.after ending the visit in Jieng Beeing. Alex Wu, president of the company welcomed the group.Founded in 1992, Ching Chan staff adhere to "technique innovation" and "quality improvement" to successfully develop multiple optical sorting machines, meanwhile the establishment of OEM sorting department is to sustain a large number of practical field test to continually enhance and improve the quality.Nowadays, CCM high-precision sorting devices have gained excellent name recognition among the well-known fastener manufacturers in the worldwide.President Wu shared the history of the company, the locations of its global agencies, and management experience with the group. He emphasized the application of its optical sorting machines and patented products. He also introduced its newly-developed technologies which can satisfy more customized requirements.The Group came to a well-known museum called Taiwan Fastener Museum in Kaohsiung. The museum was established under the support of government and some fastner companies.The museum records the origin and development of fastener industry systematically in Taiwan and spreads the knowledges about fasteners in different exhibitions.The group came to the third company Chang Horng International Co., Ltd to survey how the company manages its company and its requirements of fastener machines.The company is specialized in 2 Die-4 blow screw heading machines and cold formers. It sells all type of screw heading machines and also offers related technical consulting, training, repairing and maintenance.Now it has set up two branches in Shanghai and Dongguan in China.Ke Jinghong, president of the company led the group to visit its factory after a conference. He answered questions from the gourp and introduced the future development of the industry and companies. The clean factory of the company impressed the group.In recent years, China is focusing on environmental production. China government set higher and higher requirements for environment pollution. Therefore, after visiting all companies, organized a seminar on Rust ans Stain Removal Technology. All members expressed their ideas and opinions on the technological difficulties and shared their experience.We keep learning in every trips and make progress after communication. The Trip in Taiwan helped us know more about technologies and achievements of Taiwan fastener companies and the current situation and tendency. We'll be in the USA for the next Global Fastener Trip. Follow us for more information of fastener industry.
  • Fastener Fair USA 2018 Opened with a Success

    Fastener Fair USA 2018 Opened with a Success

    By Ivan Su| 2018-04-12 00:00:00

    On Apr. 11, "The Future of the Fastener Industry Expert Panel" kicked off Fastener Fair USA 2018 on the morning at 9, sponsored by Earnest Machine at Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio., lasting for two days. The Fair was held by organized by Mack Brooks Inc., a subsidiary of the Mack Brooks Exhibition Group. It's the onlyexhibition for the full fastener supply chain in the United States. As the media partner of the Fair, reporter of ChinaFastener Magazine attended the Fair with the latest issue of ChinaFastener Magazine.Photo: Reporter of ChinaFastener Magazine with Organizer of the FairThe show featured over 250 exhibitors from 20 countries looking to connect with manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and end-users in the heart of the Midwest manufacturing region representing a variety of industries like automotive, aerospace, energy, civil engineering, and construction. Over 50 Chinese companies highlighted their best products and service at the Fair, including Hangzhou Lizhan, Brother Holding, Yuyao Xintai, Jiaxing Risen, Beijing Jinzhaobo, Haiyan Guangda, Shanghai Finefix, BSC, Ningbo Henghui, etc. The Fair also featured many well-known international companies, such as Carlo Salvi, Brighton-Best International, Magni, Marposs, Sacma, Nedschroef, Unbrako, ect.Besides, several educational seminars were held concurrently during the whole Fair by the organizer. All of Fastener Fair USA’s educational sessions were led by experts from a variety of backgrounds and will cover topics on maintenance and repair, aerospace applications, growing your distribution business, managing data, fastener basics for newcomers to the industry, marketing, leadership, and more.Nearly 2,000 registrants were on hand for the first day of Fastener Fair USA. Attendees who have registered comprise of 45% distributors, 32% manufacturers, and 23% suppliers and end users.Data from US Census Bureau illustrated that in 2017, USA imported 1,141,576,422 US dollar fasteners from China, up 13.57% versus 2016 (1,005,133,580 US dollar) which underlines an increase in the demand of the USA for Chinese fasteners. However, US President Donald Trump announced that US would levy high anti-dumping tariffs on products from China and iron or steel nuts were included. Many Chinese companies are concerned about the situation of US fastener market. Reporter of interviewed some US distributors and companies regarding to the tariffs. Ms. Andrea Piotrowski, quotation specialist of Würth Industry North America said that there would be some influence yet slight. The policy is still on the way so they don't see any influence now. What's more, China will fight back against the anti-dumping measure, thus there will be a balance between China and USA. Chinese suppliers and purchasers can make negociations if the tariffs is settled. A few distributors expressed their anxiety about the question. As distributors, they purchased many kinds of fasteners. Once some of them are on the list of anti-dumping tariffs, they have to reduce the number of products from China or purchase from the other countries.Reporter of ChinaFastener Magazine with Würth Industry North America The next Fastener Fair USA will be held in Detroit from May 22-23, 2019.Yuyao XintaiHangzhou LizhanBeijing JinzhaoboBSCShanghai FineFixThe 23rd issue of ChinaFastener Magazine will be released in Metalex Malaysia and 2018 Fastener Expo Shanghai. A full report of these exhibitions will be included in 24th issue of ChinaFastener Magazine.Reporting by Sharon Chen, Editing by Ivan Su
  • Numerous Visitors Made 3rd M-Tech Nagoya Crowded Today

    Numerous Visitors Made 3rd M-Tech Nagoya Crowded Today

    By Ivan Su| 2018-04-11 00:00:00

    3rd Mechanical Components & Meterials Technology Expo Nagoya (M-Tech Nagoya) officially opened today at Portmesse Nagoya, Japan. Organized by Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd., the expo will last for 3 days concurrently held with DMS Nagoya, FacTex Nagoya and AeroTech Nagoya. These four exhibitions composed Manufacturing World Nagoya.What's more, the expo has two sister expos, called M-Tech Tokyo and M-Tech Osaka.As a media partner, reporter of attended the expo with the latest issue of ChinaFastener Magazine at Hall 3, 2-92.A total of 638 exhibitors took part in M-Tech Nagoya, and Manufacturing World Nagoya has 1021 exhibitors. Almost all exhibitors were from Japan. Only 28 companies were fastener-related companies. As a large-scale exibition in Japan, numerous visitors came to the show, targeting their necessary products. Some of the visitors were technicians of some companies, coming for the purpose of study and technology discussion.The previous expo report showed that the number of visitors in 2016 reached 34,573.Based on the introduction, located in the middle of Japan, Nagoya is the third largest city in Japan. Plenty of manufacturing companies set their headquarters in the city. The exhibition is the epitome of the area's manufacturing industry.Data from Trade Statistics of Japan illustrates that in 2017, Japan imported near 0.22 million tons fasteners from China, occupying 67.08% of total import fasteners quantity of Japan in 2017, almost the same as that of 2016. These fasteners are valued at 45.68 billion Yen, occupying 40.82% of total import fasteners value of Japan in 2017, up 12.21% versus 2016. The data reflects that Japan has a strong demand for Chinese fasteners.The exhibition will be held on Apr. 17 to 19 at the same venue.Mikasa PowerSanwaOitechNord-LockKoshinshaSource: ChinaFastener Magazine

Industry Activities

By CFM ,2018-05-11 00:00:00, the most excellent B2B platform for fastener industry is organizing the 5th Face to Face ChinaFastener Purchasing Meeting which will be held at National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai) on 21, June, 2018. The Meeting is one concurrent event of Fastener Expo Shanghai 2018, the biggest fastener expo in Asia. The Meeting has been successfully held for 4 sessions. It aims to provide one communication and cooperation platform for the purchasers and suppliers in fastener industry, confirmed by the organizing committee of the will help to accurately match the urgent order of international purchasers in advance so these purchasers can communicate with suppliers face-to-face during the meeting to find excellent suppliers for target fasteners efficiently.Face to Face ChinaFastener Purchasing Meeting is an innovative business communication model which is totally different from the traditional meetings. This is a cost-efficiency and time-efficiency purchasing activity. Taking this chance of high gathering of suppliers, we sincerely invite you to join in the meeting!If you are interested in participating in the meeting, please send your urgent order information to before 30 May 2018. The first 30 purchasers have the chance to be offered 2-night specified hotel for free!If you have any question or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us atEmail:   buyer@chinafastener.comTel:     86-20-82270680Skype: live:buyer_186

By CFM ,2018-05-02 00:00:00

The Next issue of ChinaFastener Magazine will be a special issue with a special column, Fastener Machine, Dies and Molds Suppliers. In the column, there will be lists of high-quality machine and dies suppliers, interviews, news and analysis of fastener machine and dies markets.The following suppliers of machine and dies have confirmed their participation in the issue.Machine suppliers:1) WAFIOS(Shanghai)Machinery Co.,Ltd.WAFIOS Umformtechnik GmbH is among the leading manufacturers of innovative machine technology and tools for cold and warm forming with traditional brands like HILGELAND, KIESERLING, NUTAP and MRP.www.wafios.chinafastener.com2) Foshan Kuiloon Metal Products Co., Ltd.Foshan Kuiloon Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a professional company in manufacturing stainless steel tableware fittings like screws, nuts, rivets, wahsers, and various kinds of machines, such as bolt former, thread rolling machine,www.kuiloon.chinafastener.com3) Zhejiang Eyason Intelligent Technology Co., LtdZhejiang Eyason Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise located in Rui'an Luofeng Northern Industrial Zone. We are specialized in research and development, production, sales and service for the visual sorting and inspection machines.www.eyason.chinafastener.comDies Suppliers1) Dongguan Donglong Metal Mold Machinery Co., LTDDonglong Metal Mould Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in Dongguan City in 1998. It has been dedicated in developing and manufacturing cold forging screw toolings and selling screw machine.www.donglong.chinafastener.comMachine & Dies Suppliers1) Sheen Tzar Co., LtdSheen Tzar Co. specializes in R&D and manufacturing of high-speed self-drilling screw forming machines and dies for 28 years. We welcome those who manufacture and are about to make self-drilling & self-tapping screws to place orders for desired machines, dies, heading dies and thread lists of suppliers will be updated continuously. Welcome to read the magazine online, download or subscribe to it for the more suppliers: Tel: 86-20-82270680Fax: 86-20-62824820Email:

By CFM ,2018-04-24 00:00:00

In April, reporter of came to Taiwan, USA and Japan with the latest issue of ChinaFastener Magazine. Besides taking part in international exhibitions, visited Dongguan Donglong Metal Mold Machinery Co., LTD, Leesheng Industrial Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Jinming Hardware Co., Ltd. to discuss about the development strategy in overseas markets and to learn more about fastener industry in the city.The first company is Dongguan Donglong Metal Mold Machinery Co., LTD. The company was founded in 1998. It has been dedicated in developing and manufacturing cold forging screw toolings and selling screw machine. It set up a branch factory Suzhou Donglong Metal Mould Machinery Co., Ltd in 2003. The comoany chooses the high-quality raw material, uses high-end precise equipments and advanced technology. What's more, it has the most professional technical team. Meanwhile it passed ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ERP Management System is employed.Factory of DonglongMs. Wang, sales manager of the company said, "We will carefully choose our customers which can help our company develop better. We target high-end industry and now we are planning to use a piece of land to produce high-precision dies particularlly for European and USA markets. Though it requires a lot of energy and capitals, we think it will benefit the future of our company." During the visitation, reporter of noticed that the factory of the company was very clean and tidy without smudge and oil stain which reflected that the company pays great attention in its environment management.Ms. Wang introduced the company to reporters of Chinafastener.comAfter 20-year development, products of the company has become popular in many countries due to its high precision, high efficiency, steady, reliable and durable. Zhuo Hedong, president of the company believed that the quality and service of Donglong will be favored by more and more customers and the company will head toward high-precision molds market.After the visit in Donglong, reporters of came to another company, Leesheng Industrial Co., Ltd.Founded in 2000, the company is a professional fastener mold manufacturer combined R&D, manufacturing, sales and technical service together. The company adheres to the principal of "Client-Focused, Quality First, Precision Manufacturing and Innovation". Now it has more than 100 professional staffs with various advaned machines and testing equipment. It uses excellent materials and vacuum heat treatment.  Mr. Lin Yidong (center)Mr. Lin Yidong, manager of the company said that they are focusing more on export sales now and would like to develop their overseas business. The company is striving to produce high-quality products and to provide excellent service to their clients.Factory of LeeshengThe two companies shared their experience with reporters of ChinaFastener Magazine. To provide better service to fastener machine and dies suppliers, the next issue of ChinaFastener Magazine will be a special issue with machine, dies and molds special column. The next stop was a well-known end-product supplier, Dongguan Jinming Hardware Co., Ltd.The company was established in 2007.With strict management, high-quality products, and high standard service, the company is development rapidly with a great reputation among its clients. Now the company has strong technology, advanced machines and excellent technicians including 10 engineers with high and medium-grade professional titles.President Guo (second from the Left)President Guo of the company said, "Our company targets terminal markets such as Tesla, an American company that specializes in electric vehicles, energy storage and solar panel manufacturing. We invested much capitals in marketing and brand promotion. Now the company has perfect management system and becomes a supplier of all kinds of screws.

Raw Materials

By CFM ,2018-03-30 09:19:17

On Mar. 29, 2018 Spring Reception of Fastener Industry Association of Guangdong Province was held at Foshang Luhu Interntanional Convention Center. A total of 500 people in China attended the Reception including experts, suppliers, distributors, materials suppliers, purchasing agents, fastener making machines suppliers, representatives of associations and media companies in China fastener industry.On the afternoon, the guests brought their product samples and brochures to displayed their companies before the official meeting. The official meeting began at 5:00 p.m., with the speech of Mr. Chen Jutian, president of Fastener Industry Association of Guangdong Province. He expressed his ideas in the development of fastener industry. He said, the development and popularity of the Internet and E-commerce brought new opportunities to fastener industry. However, fastener industry is somewhat different from other industries. He hoped all fastener companies could keep developing new products and technologies to upgrade their companies.Mr. Chen JutianFollowing the speech of Mr. Chen, Yao Haiguang, executive vice-president of CHINA GENERAL MACHINE COMPONENTS INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION (CMCA) and Mr. Yu Ruyong from CMCA-China Fastener Industry Association addressed the conference.Mr. Yao HaiguangMr. Yu RuyongDuring the conference, the association awarded prizes to new members. Mr. Yang Junfeng, chairman of presented prizes to the members. With the theme of "Discussing about new future of fastener industry", the conference aimed at gather industrial workers to discuss about the topic together to make a better future for fastener industry in Guangdong.

By Cheang Ming ,2018-03-13 13:15:38

Recent tariffs on U.S. steel imports will likely hurt some Asian steel producers more than others, according to Nomura.Smaller South Korean companies are expected to be hit harder than their larger counterparts while Japanwill probably experience minor impact after U.S. President Donald Trump last week signed off on tariffs of 25 percent on steel imports, analysts from the research firm said in a note.Smaller Korean steel companies are likely to be more negatively affected than bigger players due to the level of exposure they have to the U.S."Due to the series of anti-dumping and countervailing duty orders imposed in the past couple of years, Posco has reduced U.S. exports significantly, and the U.S. currently represents less than 1 percent of its carbon sales volumes," Nomura analysts Cindy Park, Yoon Ki Kim and Yuji Matsumoto said in a Friday note. Posco is the largest steel producer in South Korea.For Hyundai Steel, another large Korean steel manufacturer, the U.S. represents around 5 percent of total sales volume."A more visible impact will likely be centered around companies such as Seah Steel, Husteel and Nexteel, which have much higher U.S. exposures," the analysts wrote.Japan is also expected to see limited direct impact, given how just 1.8 percent of its crude steel production and 1.5 percent of steel product output last year were exported to the U.S., according to Nomura.Those views were similar to what was expressed by ratings agency Moody's in a note last week, when it noted that the direct impact of tariffs would be moderate on Korean steelmakers, to low on other Asian countries.South Korea and Japan are the third and seventh largest sources of U.S. steel imports, according to a 2017 U.S. Department of Commerce report — they are also the two largest sources of U.S. steel imports from Asia.Nomura's research, which considers steel imports from the European Union collectively, ranks South Korea and Japan as the overall fourth and eighth largest sources of U.S. steel imports, respectively.Steel producers in the region traded higher on Monday, recovering from losses recorded in the last session. The Topix Iron & Steel index rose 1.54 percent by midday trade, with Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal up 2.3 percent and JFE Holdings higher by 0.53 percent.Elsewhere, South Korea's Posco and Hyundai Steel were up 2.9 percent and 1.96 percent, respectively.Source: CNBC

Company News

By Bossard ,2018-05-17 00:00:00

The Bossard Group continues its high-level growth: Sales in the first quarter of 2018 hit a record-breaking CHF 220.4 million, an increase of 10.9 percent ( +8.7 percent in local currency). Once again, the Group posted broad-based growth in all three market regions. In Europe, where Bossard generates about 60 percent of its sales, growth was 14.8 percent. Business in America and Asia also made a strong contribution to this gratifying first quarter performance. The above-average sales growth confirms the Group’s investment policy of previous years, which has a llowed it to systematically consolidate its market position in different countries and regions. Above all, this surge in growth had a positive impact on earnings performance.Bossard’s successful investment policy is especially evident in Europe where over the last several years the Group has made major acquisitions, expanded capacities, and pushed t he development of new activities. This allowed all European markets to contribute to a vigorous 14.8 percent growth (+8.5 percent in local currency). Double-digit growth rates were achieved in most Southern and Eastern European countries, where Bossard continues to see considerable growth potential. Even in more mature markets such as Switzerland, Germany and Denmark, growth was encouragingly solid. The Group’s targeted development efforts on the European continent paid off in broad-based growth.Growth in AmericaBossard also posted gratifying growth in America. In local currency sales increased by a respectable 8.2 percent (in Swiss francs: +2.1 percent) to CHF 58.1 million. This boost in performance stems from a solid overall demand for Bossard products and services in America. Business with the l rgest US electric vehicle manufacturer was less dynamic in the first quarter. In spite of higher production volumes, sales remained at the previous year’s level, mainly due to a change in product mix. This cooperation did fuel some discussion in the financial markets over the past two weeks. The fact is that this customer accounted for less than 6 percent of Group sales in the first quarter. The rather flat business development with this customer was compensated by sales growth with other customers.Groundwork in Asia creates solid foundationThe groundwork of the past years is paying off in Asia as well. Sales in this market region rose by 12.7 percent to CHF 30.2 million (+10.7 percent in local currency). The investments made in past years have created a solid foundation for additional growth, especially in China. In this market, our most important in Asia, growth reached double digits in the first quarter of 2018. We also posted double-digit growth rates in Taiwan and Thailand. In addition, we see positive signs in India: After government intervention brought business in the wind energy sector to halt, we were able to increase our sales volumes in other industrial sectors and gain market share.Optimistic outlookOur business performance in the first quarter bodes well for the coming months. We expect sales volumes in fiscal year 2018 to approach CHF 850 million, compared to last year’s CHF 786 million. Our confidence in this forecast is based on the Group’s ability and strength in different markets and countries. Other meaningful indicators, such as the purchasing managers’ indices which point to substantial industrial growth in our key sales markets, also give us reasons to be optimistic.

Exibition & Association News

By Winnie LEE ,2018-05-21 00:00:00

The 24th edition of METALTECH, organised and newly acquired by UBM plc, Malaysia's largest event dedicated to metalworking and machine tools, alongside the leading Automation and Technology Exhibition, AUTOMEX, is set to break records with its largest ever exhibition this year, featuring over 35,000 sqm of floor space hosting 2,000 exhibiting companies covering everything from machine tools and sheetmetal technology to measurement technologies and much more.METALTECH 2018 will give an estimated 20,000+ visitors access to products and technologies from over 2,000 participating companies. Visitors will gain the full industry experience inclusive of business-matching making programs, industry seminars, and a gamut of live demonstrations from 23-26 May at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.Meanwhile, a comprehensive slate of seminars will cover innovations ranging from Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence to collaborative robotics and all phases of smart automation. One highly anticipated session is the Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Experience Day presented by Fraunhofer IEM from the Media and Game Innovation Centre of Excellence (MaGICX). The session will depict live demonstrations of the industrial use of augmented and virtual reality in manufacturing processes, and promises to be an exciting avenue for knowledge expansion.Much hype also revolves around some of the more innovative products expected to feature at METALTECH. Highlights include the HAAS VF-2SS laser cutter by Haas Factory Outlet (A Division of Robo CNC Sdn Bhd), which cuts so efficiently that it turns steel into butter, Iwatani Malaysia’s MOTOMAN Arc Welding Robot, Akyapak Makina’s AHS plate rolling machines and many more.Also in the limelight is METALTECH’s first ever live manufacturing process demonstrations entitled ‘End-to-End Solutions in Smartphone Manufacturing Processes’and ‘Innovative Robotics Display and Demonstration’. The former will be held at Hall 4 of METALTECH and highlights how Precision Engineering, Collaborative Robots, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are enabling breakthroughs in smartphone manufacturing, while the latter will be held at Hall 6 of AUTOMEX and includes the latest automated and collaborative robotic technologies from top Asian companies.Not to be missed are the showcases of METALTECH’s main sponsors, including Platinum sponsor Taiwan Excellence, a globally recognised certification body who is expected to exhibit and demonstrate a variety of award-winning products and manufacturing innovations at its National Pavilion.Meanwhile, Diamond Sponsor Malaysian Industrial Development Finance (MIDF), the national finance body supporting the technological advancement of manufacturers, and Gold Sponsor Monitor ERP System, specialists in user-friendly and cost-effective Enterprise Resource Planning."Even now in its 24th edition, METALTECH continues to draw great excitement and anticipation from our exhibitors, speakers and visitors alike. As always, we have tried to add as many new features and conveniences for our guests while building upon established activities and services to ensure everyone enjoys a first class business-efficient experience" said Mr. M Gandhi, Group Managing Director ASEAN Business and Vice President of UBM Asia.In addition, METALTECH will this year offer onsite business match-making programmes, expanded parking facilities, shuttle services, and a tie-up with"GRAB" to provide rider discounts throughout the event.METALTECH 2018 is once again proud to acknowledge the endorsement of various government agencies, including the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), the Malaysian External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) as well as the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOSTI).For more information about METALTECH and AUTOMEX 2018, including download of official visitor show guides, please visit and .ABOUT METALTECH:METALTECH 2018 is organized by UBM plc and is the 24th ASEAN International metalworking, machine tool, CAD/CAM, metrology, mould & die, surface & heat treatment, sub-contracting, foundry, industrial automation, robotics, precision engineering and welding technology exhibition.Running concurrent to METALTECH 2017 for the 11th year is the Automation Technology Exhibition (AUTOMEX), the Malaysian event for all automation professionals with a comprehensive showcase of automation technologies focused on specific industry and commercial applicationsABOUT THE SHOW ORGANISER:METALTECH and AUTOMEX are organised by UBM plc. UBM is the largest pure-play B2B Events organiser in the world. Our 3,750+ people, based in more than 20 countries, serve more than 50 different sectors. Our deep knowledge and passion for these sectors allow us to create valuable experiences which enable our customers to succeed. Please visit for the latest news and information about UBM.

By CFM ,2018-05-18 00:00:00

Fastener Expo Shanghai 2018, Asia’s Leading Trade Fair for Fastener Industry will come to its 9th edition on June 20-22, 2018 at National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai), co-sponsored by ITE Asia Exhibitions Limited and Shanghai ITE Ebseek Exhibition Co.,Ltd. The number of exhibitors will be around 800 with expecting number of professional visitors more than 28000. The exhibition will cover an area of 60,000 sqm. As we can see in the 2017 Expo, 742 exhibitors coming from 13 countries / regions including Belgium, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Netherland, UK, USA, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan region.Themes such as "advanced manufacturing", "high-tech materials" and "close link to End-user" are to be the main focus, with the aim to drive the next take-off of the fastener industry. During the exhibition, some concurrent activities will take place. For example, Face to Face ChinaFastener Purchasing Meeting will held on June 21, 2018 at the same venue of the exhibition, organized by The Meeting will provide a platform for purchasers and suppliers to communicate.China Fastener Summit will be held on the same day of the Meeting. At the meeting, several professionals from the fastener industry will show up as speakers to make speeches based on the theme "The Pratice and Development Trend of Intelligentization in Fastener Industry". More than 300 Chinese companies leaders will take part in the show.Here are parts of the other Onsite Conference & Activities, High performance fastener in typical mounting applications, Latest development in vehicle light weight designing, Solutions for fastener installation fault and malfunction, Latest surface finishing treatments and its impact on the properties of fasteners, New bolt loosen prevention technique in transmission and distribution tower construction, Computer aid engineering simulation technology in fastener heat treatment, Bearing capacity of new chemical anchor bolt and its application in construction, Anti-seismic fastener and its application in high building construction.There will be several theme zones, including Taiwan Group Pavilion, Haiyan Group Pavilion, Jiashan Group Pavilion, Pinghu Group Pavilion, Automotive Fastener Pavilion, Stainless-steel Fastener Pavilion.Background:With the adjustment and transformation of the industrial structure gaining momentum in China, China's fastener industry currently presentsboth opportunity as well as challenge. At the forefront of industry development, Fastener Expo Shanghai, Asia’s largest and the world’s most influentialtrade show in fastener industry, has not only been catering to emerging markets in China and abroad, but also providing an excellent platform for fastenersuppliers from worldwide to gain access to these regions.Scope of Exhibits:1) Fastener and FixingIncluding Standard fasteners, Non-standard fasteners, Stamping and lathe parts, variousfasteners for specific applications;2) Fastener Manufacturing EquipmentIncluding Fastener manufacturing equipment, fastener materials, molds and consumables,testing equipment, packaging equipment and other related production technology and equipment.Parts of the Exhibitors:Jagular Industry Ltd., TaiwanZhejiang Dongrui Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd.Suzhou Jinyuan Fastener Co., Ltd.SRC METAL (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.Shanghai Changbiao Hardware Mechanical Co.,Ltd.Anchor Fasteners Industrial Co.,Ltd.Zhejiang Sanlin Metals Products Co.,Ltd.Haiyan Hongmao Hardware Products Co., Ltd.Wenzhou Fengding Fastener Manu. Co., Ltd.Dongguan KAO-MENG Machinery Co.,Ltd.Ningbo Swikuo Machinery Co.,Ltd.Changshu standard factorySuzhou YNK Fastener Co., Ltd.RIVET Precision Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Carlo SalviFischer Instrumentation Ltd. HiayanJingbeeing Metal Products Co.,Ltd.Tainan Chinchang Electrical Co., Ltd.Jia Shan San Yung Electric Furnace Industry Co., Ltd.SUMON Industrial (Jiashan) Co., Ltd.Tainan Chinchang Electrical Co., Ltd.JiashanSanyung Electric Furnace Industry Co., Ltd.Suzhou New Best Wire Tech Co., Ltd.Wuxi Aotian Steel Wire Products Co.,Ltd .……Online pre-registrationBenefits:1) Have the chance to upgrade as VIP2) No need for queuing3) 1 Free Show Catalogue4) Participate in all concurrent events5) Get an exhibition souvenirLink: us:ITE Asia Exhibitions Limited、Shanghai ITE Ebseek Exhibition Co.,Ltd.Mrs:Wendy WeiTEL:+86 21-6180 6789 ext 860Email:Wendy.wei@ite-asia.comLink:

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Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd., the largest trade show organizer in Japan announced that Manufacturing World Japan 2018is coming back at Tokyo Big Sight from June 20 - 22, 2018 with the largest scale in its history. It is world’s leading trade showfor the manufacturing industry.Held with the Largest Scale Ever!According to the huge supports from manufacturing industry of Japan and all around the world, the number of exhibitors in 2018 is expected to reach 2,580. This figure is the largest ever in the history ofManufacturing World Japan. The number of visitors is expected to be 90,000and they will pack the show floor during 3 days show period. From the survey of visitor pre-registration, motivation of visitors for purchasing from exhibitors is extremely high.All kinds of Industrial Subcontracting & Motion Technologies (Bearings/Motors, FA Technologies, Springs, CNC Turned/Milled Parts, etc.), Industrial IT Solutions (CAD, CAM, Industrial IoT/AI & 3D Printers, etc.), Medical Device Design & Development (Medical parts/Electronic Components, Medical Materials, etc.), 3D and Virtual Reality technologies and solutions are gathering.More International Exhibitors - Great Meeting Platform for Global Business!The number of international exhibitors of 2018show is expected to be 420. This is also the largest number in Manufacturing WorldJapan’s history.Huge Number of Major Companies are Exhibiting!Many major companies from all around the world are exhibiting in Manufacturing World Japan 2018.They are unveiling the world’s latest or world’s cutting-edge technologies/solutions/products which are “must-see” for all professionals working in manufacturing industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to catch up the world’s latest solutions for manufacturing!Keynote & Special Sessions – Industry leaders address their latest topicsKeynote & Special Sessions will be held as the concurrent events of trade show. Top industry leaders from global leading companies such as MAZDA MOTOR, NEC, OMRON, HONDA MOTOR, HITACHI, FUJITEC, STRATASYS, DESKTOP METAL, NISSAN MOTOR, OLYMPUS, UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO etc. will reveal their latest topics for manufacturing innovation, IoT technology, smart factory, IT strategy for manufacturing industry,etc. 11,718 attendees in 2017 show.<Bilingual Keynote Session (V-K)> English & Japanese-Alfonso E. Albaisa, Senior Vice President, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.- Susumu Tachi, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo- Michitaka Hirose, Dr., Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology,The University of Tokyo<Bilingual Special Session (D-S2)> English & Japanese- Hiroaki Katayama, President & CEO, Stratasys Japan Co., Ltd.- RicFulop, CEO and Co-founder, Desktop Metal, Inc.Information of Manufacturing World Japan 2018- 2,580* exhibitors, 90,000* visitors (*expected figures) -Dates: June 20 (Wed) - 22 (Fri), 2018Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, JapanOfficial website: Visitors (FREE)Exhibition Ticket Request: Ticket Request: Visit (For More than 6 persons): Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.Manufacturing World Show ManagementErika Suzuki (Ms.)TEL:

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KOLKATA: Domestic steel production is expected to remain high in the current year 2017-18 and is likely to rise by around 8-10%, an industry research report by CARE Ratings has said. However, steel prices may rise going forward as steel producers are expected to face increased cost pressure due to supply disruption and a steep surge in coking coal prices on account of Cyclone Debbie in Australia. The latter accounts for around 70% of India’s coking coal requirements that are fulfilled through imports. Sharing its outlook for steel industry in the current year, the latest report by the agency said government allocation for infrastructure in the union budget 2017-18 is expected to act as driver for construction and infrastructure in the country. Additionally, the National Steel Policy 2017 also aims to raise steel production the report pointed out. A number of steps by the government are likely to increase domestic steel consumption and thereby production it said. It includes Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, Make in India campaign, encouraging use of Made in India steel for various projects and spending in areas like railways, roads and urban development. Domestic producers are also increasing steel producing capacities expecting an increase in demand for steel of account of several initiatives taken by the government. Incidentally, India’s crude steel production grew by 4-5.5% during financial years 2012-14 on year on year basis. It stood at 81.69 million tonne (mt) in 2013-14 and 81.69 mt in 2012-13, while output grew 8.9% to 988.98 mt in 2014-15. In 2015-16 it saw a subdued growth and went up marginally by 0.89% to 89.78 mt, before gaining momentum and rising 9.4% to 89.11 mt in April 2016-Feb 2017 as steel producers raised output backed by government’s strong measures like Minimium Import Price to rein in cheaper imports.Source: The Economic Times


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