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China Fastener Show launches European session

By Fastener+Fixing| 2020-09-27 15:56:57

Following on from the success of its first online edition, to help Chinese fastener companies with export, the China Fastener Show Online is holding a European session, taking place from 26th – 31st OctoberThe first edition was held successfully from 10th – 18th August. 9 days around the clock attracted 75,132 visitors, including 5,376 international buyers. During the exhibition, 309 one-to-one purchase meetings were held, which helped buyers find suitable suppliers efficiently.Operated and supported by, it is expected that more than 300 exhibitors, 3,000 European buyers and 50,000 professional visitors will participate in the show. These exhibitors will showcase a range of fastener products including finished fasteners – standard fasteners, non-standard fasteners, automotive fasteners, high-strength fasteners etc. Also on display will be fastener production equipment, fastener materials, as well as testing instruments, packaging equipment.During this period, more than 30 concurrent activities will be held, including one-on-one purchase meetings, Cloud factory visits, technology sharing, new product demonstration, etc.Highlights of the show will include 30 European associates participating, one-on-one purchase meetings with competitive suppliers, company live broadcasts, showcasing the strength of exhibitors and instant communication tools with English translation.

China Fastener Show Online returns for European Session, with cloud factory visits

By Jonathon Harker| 2020-09-23 00:00:00

Next month will see the return of the China Fastener Show Online for a Europe-targeted session, running 26-31 October 2020.The virtual show follows up August’s China Fastener Show Online, where approximately 300 purchasing meetings were held, and 75,132 visitors (including 5,376 international buyers) attended virtually at the ‘around the clock’ event.China Fastener Show Online (European Session) will be operated and supported by, and is expected to see more than 300 exhibitors, 3,000 European buyers and 50,000 professional visitors participate. This new session will again be designed to help Chinese fastener enterprises seize new opportunities for export.One-on-one purchasing meetings will take place, as well as cloud factory visits, technology sharing, product demos and more. Pre-registration is ongoing. Over 30 European associations will participate and instant communication tools are promised with English translation.The scope of exhibits will include Finished Fasteners, including standards, non-standards, construction fasteners, automotive fasteners, etc. Related products and services will be exhibited too, including consumables, fastener production equipment, fastener moulds, testing and inspection instruments and more.This year’s increased emphasis on virtual shows comes amid a tough year for the exhibition business, with most of 2020’s shows delayed or outright

China Fastener Show (Online) closed its curtains

By CFM| 2020-08-21 00:00:00

On August 18, 2020 China Fastener Show (Online), which was operated and supported by, came to a successful end.The 9-day online exhibition, with the theme of "new model and new business opportunities", helped suppliers and buyers communicate with each other through video, real-time negotiation, supply and demand docking, live broadcast, online activities and other scenarios. The show not only opened up new channels for Chinese fastener enterprises to expand overseas markets, but also provided a new platform for communication.More than 300 enterprises participated in the show, covering the whole supply chain of fastener industry. Exhibitors included Tong Ming Enterprise Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Washen Fastener Manufacture Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Xinchun Fastening Piece Co., Ltd., Shanghai Fast-Fix Rivet Corp., Jiaxing Kinfast Hardware Co., Ltd., Foshan Sailuk Rivet Co., Ltd., Shanghai Welfast Enterprise Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Ansheng Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd., Jiaxing Qimu Trading Co.,Ltd., Jiaxing City Qunbang Hardware Co., Ltd., Hebei Hanwang Stainless Steel Products, Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Kaixu Automobile Fitting Co.,Ltd., Beijing Jinzhaobo High Strength Fastener Co., Ltd., etc.In addition, Haiyan Special Area was set up with 55 exhibitors showcasing the strength of Haiyan’s fastener manufacturing. Most exhibitors said that they would take this opportunity to actively explore online sales channels to create new growth points for enterprises.As the first online exhibition of fastener industry, more than 30 wonderful online activities were held, such as "1-to-1" purchase meeting, cloud factory visiting, live broadcast, technology sharing, cross-border e-commerce, etc. By these ways, exhibitors succeeded in increasing brand exposure.During the 9-day exhibition, 19 enterprises did live broadcast, including Yuxing Fasteners (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd., Wuxi Anshida Hardware Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Da He Industrial Co., Ltd., Macdermid Enthone Industrial Solutions, GEM-YEAR Industrial, Beijing Jinzhaobo High Strength Fastener Co., Ltd., etc. In particular, full e-process control system and automatic production process of Tong Ming Enterprise Co., Ltd. left a deep impression on the audience.In addition, we also invited industry experts to make technical sharing, such as how to plan quality inspection by making good use of big data of failure analysis, ultrasonic measurement of clamping force", self-locking thread technology, etc. It is a new form of exhibition integrating presentation, negotiation, exchange and learning. It is very helpful to enhance economic and trade cooperation under the circumstance that international traveling is limited.As requested, another Fastener Show (Online), typically for European market will be held from October 26 to 31, 2020.

The 11th Fastener Expo Shanghai opened on August 18

By CFM| 2020-08-19 17:14:17

On August 18, 2020 Fastener Expo Shanghai, jointly sponsored by Hyve Exhibition Group, and Shanghai Shangsou Exhibition Co., Ltd. opened its curtain.Fastener Expo Shanghai lasts from August 18 to 20. With the spirit of ingenuity, organizers continue to build an upgraded version of fastener professional exhibition, focusing on building a one-stop fastener procurement and display platform at home and abroad. In this way, exhibitors can realize the goals of brand promotion and business development.Fastener Expo Shanghai covers an area of more than 20000 square meters. About 590 exhibitors attend the Expo, including Zhejiang Xinchun Fastening Piece Co., Ltd, Shanghai Fast-Fix Rivet Corp., Focus Machinery Co.,Ltd, Zhejiang Ansheng Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd., Wenzhou Jinsheng Fastener Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Xing Chang Jiang Group Co., Ltd., Hebei Hanwang Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd., Fixdex Fastening Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Jinzhaobo High Strength Fastener Co., Ltd., Beijing Jinzhaobo High Strength Fastener Co., Ltd. etc.In addition, Haiyan Exhibition Area, Jiashan Exhibition Area, Pinghu Exhibition Area and Zhejiang fastener industry technology alliance zone are specially set up to provide perfect product solutions for downstream industries.Fastener Expo Shanghai is not only an important B2B platform, but also an important stage for fastener enterprises to make their annual debut. The range of exhibits covers the whole industry chain from fastener raw materials, molds, mechanical equipment, finished fasteners, inspection and certification, warehousing, logistics, and product sales, so as to meet the needs of end users, fastener manufacturers and buyers.Most exhibitors said that Fastener Expo Shanghai is an influential exhibition, bringing many well-known fastener manufacturers at home and abroad together. For enterprises, it not only provides a platform for communication with peers, but also further improves the brand influence and popularity of the enterprise itself.China Fastener Show (Online) European session held in October also attracted a great many people’s attention.

The 1 on1 Purchase Meeting efficiently helps buyers find suitable suppliers

By CFM| 2020-08-17 00:00:00

The 1 on 1 Purchase Meeting, which is a concurrent activity of China Fastener Show (Online) held from August 10-18, efficiently help buyers find suitable suppliers. Up until now, the 1 on 1 Purchase Meeting has been successfully held more than 200 sessions. Buyers felt satisfied with the quality of suppliers.Mr. Bill Walsh from Vertex Distribution (U.S.)Mr. Fabio Cerquetella from V.B.C. SRL (Italy)Ms. Arina Olkhovaya from Ved Consult (Russia)Mr. Petr Hayer from Automatic Mass (South Africa)Mr. Tayyab Kausar from Tradtron International (Pakistan)The 1 on 1 Purchase Meeting will be held until August 18. If you would like to attend, please register on and fill in your purchase needs. Professional service team can help you find suitable suppliers.China Fastener Show (Online) is sponsored by Haiyan County People's Government, Jiaxing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, organized by Haiyan County Commerce Bureau, Zhejiang Fastener Industry Association, and supported by This edition will last until August 18. The next edition is scheduled in October, 2020.Haiyan Area Exhibitors List

China Fastener Show (Online) was inaugurated on August 10

By CFM| 2020-08-10 23:00:23

On August 10, 2020 China Fastener Show (Online) and Zhejiang Haiyan Online Export Fair, sponsored by Haiyan County People's Government, Jiaxing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, organized by Haiyan County Commerce Bureau, Zhejiang Fastener Industry Association, and supported by, was inaugurated grandly.Making full use of 16-year experience in B2B platform operation and 11-year experience in Fastener Expo Shanghai, devotes all efforts to link suppliers and buyers in fastener industry at home and abroad.Mr. Zhang Liang, subprefect of Haiyan County, stated that since the beginning of this year, COVID-19 has swept the world and brought serious impact to the global economy. Many offline exhibitions have been canceled or postponed. The traditional channels for foreign trade have been blocked, and normal international economic and trade exchanges have been greatly affected.In order to help Chinese fastener companies break through the global market and reduce the impact of COVID-19, Haiyan County and jointly host 2020 China Fastener show (Online) and Zhejiang Haiyan Online Export Fair to help Chinese fastener companies open up new channels, and build a new platform for Chinese and foreign fastener peers. Haiyan County is one of the main production bases of fastener in China, so it is famous as "Iron Haiyan". It has formed a complete supply chain of raw materials, mold and product production, surface treatment, product testing, equipment manufacturing, logistics distribution, domestic and foreign trade, etc. Haiyan County has more than 700 fastener companies, including 30 companies with export value of more than US$5 million. Annual export value of fastener products reached US$600 million, which accounts for 10% of the China's fastener exports. Products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions. More than 200 enterprises which engage in fastener manufacturing, equipment and mold participate in this exhibition. Up until now, over 1,000 international buyers registered. They are from 35 countries and regions including the United States, U.K, Germany, Italy, France, Brazil, Japan, Turkey, Australia, etcDuring the exhibition, a lot of wonderful online activities will be held, such as FACE TO FACE purchase meeting, keynote speech, cloud factory visiting, and live broadcast. In particular the "1 on 1" purchase meeting will reduce the impact of not being able to participate in offline exhibitions this year due to COVID-19. It is foreseeable that this will be a new industry cloud exhibition integrating exhibition, negotiation, communication and learning.The digital economy is the trend of the world and the opportunity of the times. In recent years, Haiyan County government has implemented policies to encourage fastener companies to actively carry out digital and intelligent transformation, build a fastener innovation service comprehensive center to provide product design and development for the fastener industry, centralized procurement of raw materials, technology financial services, and technical training and other services, so as to further enhance the quality control capabilities and corporate management levels of fastener companies.It is hope that companies will take this online exhibition as an opportunity to actively explore online sales channels, reduce the impact of COVID-19, and create new growth points. It also sincerely hoped that through the launch of the trade fair, all parties build economic and trade cooperation in various forms in more fields so as to promote win-win cooperation and mutual development!

Economic arsenal 'sufficient' to support growth

By China Daily| 2020-05-25 17:03:43

China is capable of reaching its goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects by next year with support from macroeconomic policies, despite troubles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, political advisers said.The country has sufficient policy tools to tackle economic challenges amid the pandemic, and the fiscal and financial system is generally stable, Yang Weimin, a member of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, said in a speech on Sunday.Both fiscal and monetary policies have "sufficient ammunition" to support economic growth, said Yang, former deputy head of the Office of the Central Leading Group on Financial and Economic Affairs.Liu Wei, president of Renmin University of China and a member of the central bank's monetary policy committee, said China's potential GDP growth rate is estimated to be 3 percent this year.Also a member of the 13th National Committee of the CPPCC, Liu said strong expansionary policies to stimulate aggregate demand and measures to promote supply-side structural reforms were likely to drive up GDP growth to around 5 percent. But China "will pay a high price" for employing such policies and measures, he warned at a CPPCC meeting on Saturday.Instead of setting a specific GDP growth target, this year's Government Work Report made safeguarding employment and people's livelihoods priorities, considering the impact of the pandemic.The government is aiming for a surveyed urban unemployment rate of around 6 percent this year and is seeking to create more than 9 million jobs in urban areas. These targets may require a GDP growth rate higher than 4 percent, Liu said.China has launched many measures-such as raising the debt-to-GDP ratio, extending government debt, increasing liquidity and lowering financing costs-to offset the impact of the pandemic.Political advisers suggested that macroeconomic policies, including fiscal and monetary measures, be more targeted."As long as these policies are in place, China will take the lead in achieving economic stability and recovery," Yang said. "The epidemic has brought many changes, but it cannot change the fundamentals and momentum of China's long-term economic growth."Economists believe China's sustainable economic growth will mainly rely on huge domestic demand, but the country will not abandon the international market. The urbanization process will continue to create a new driving force for the economy."Markets are the most scarce resources for economic growth in modern society. Any rational investor will not give up on the large and growing Chinese market," said Yang, who also stressed the importance of deepening reform and opening-up.In the face of increasing downward pressure on the economy this year, China did not adopt the "flood irrigation" approach to monetary easing. Policymakers concentrated on ensuring stability of employment, the financial sector, foreign trade, domestic and foreign investment and expectations."The fact that there is no growth target this year does not mean China's leaders have stopped caring about growth," said Louis Kuijs, head of Asia Economics at Oxford Economics, a British think tank.The Government Work Report also committed to continuing reform and opening-up and cited a three-year action plan on State-owned enterprise reform."While the details have yet to be seen, based on earlier information, some of the components of the plan will be along the lines of expanding mixed-ownership reform and cutting overcapacity in sectors including coal and electricity, steel and nonferrous metals," Kuijs said.

Manufacturing World Nagoya rescheduled to September 9-11, 2020

By CFM| 2020-03-25 00:00:00

Due to growing concerns related to COVID-19 conronavirus, 5th Manufacturing World Nagoya has been rescheduled and will take place from September 9 to 11, 2020 in Aichi Sky Expo.

The 6th Taiwan International Fastener Show will be held in Kaohsiung Exhibition Center from April 21 to 23, 2020

By Taiwan International Fastener Sh| 2020-01-20 10:13:12

Organized by BOFT, the 6th Taiwan International Fastener Show will be held in Kaohsiung Exhibition Center from April 21 to 23, 2020.Taiwan International Fastener Show is the third largest fastener show in the world, the second largest in Asia and the only professional B2B fastener industry exhibition in Taiwan, connecting the complete fastener industry supply chain, showcasing the value added and niche products. It is one of the most professional procurement and industrial information exchange platforms in Asia.Exhibits include: nuts, bolts, screws, fastener manufacturing, tooling machines, fastener tools, meters and instruments, wire and raw materials.It is estimated that 430 enterprises will participate in this exhibition. 1187 booths will be provided, an increase of 6.9% compared with the previous edition. Well-known exhibitors include: ZYH YIN, CHUN YU, PATTA, CHING CHAN OPTICAL, SHEH FUNG, RAY FU, BEST VIEW, JERN YAO, YESWIN, HOMN REEN, YING MING, BI-MIRTH, UNITECH, TYCOONS, CHITE, LU CHU SHIN YEE, BOLTUN, ANCHOR, SAN SHING, YOUR CHOICE, JAU YEOU, GWO LIAN.In 2018, there were 33,681 people of visits. In 2020, people of visits are expected to be 35,000.

22nd Manufacturing World Osaka Concluded with Great Success

By Reed Exhibitions| 2019-11-08 00:00:00

The 22nd Manufacturing World Osaka held on October 2-4 concluded with great success with 1,367 exhibitors and 40,071 visitors.It consisted of 5 specialized shows, the exhibits covered mechanical components, engineering design, subcontracting services, factory equipment, IT, AI/IoT, 3D printing, additive manufacturing solutions and comprehensive range of high quality products/services/technologies.Right from the first day of the show, the exhibition halls were full of visitors. Visitors were eager to see the exhibits and demonstrations provided by the exhibitors. Across the exhibition hall, exhibitors and visitors actively engaged in onsite explanations and business discussions.329 international exhibitors from China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Germany, Malaysia, UK, etc. participated in the show. Most of them were satisfied with the quality of the show and achieved great success. Also, 8 Groups of 115 people from China, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, etc. visited the show as Group Visitors. See what the international exhibitors and the group visitor said about their experiences.International Exhibitor CommentWe exhibited in Tokyo and Osaka shows and because Vietnamese exhibitors are very rare, we even have visitors coming from Tokyo to meet us. This exhibition provides good interface opportunities with new customers and can increase exposure for our products. We have already booked the booths for next year. (- SSP Moulding Co., Ltd./Me Tran Binh Xuyen Electronics Co., Ltd)We have been exhibiting for more than 10 years in both Tokyo and Osaka. We choose these two locations because these places have high potential customers. We are considering exhibiting all three Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka show next year. (- SKP Polymer Co., Ltd.)We were worried about the “Japan-Korea relations” but we did not feel any impact during the show. In contrary, we achieved the best results this year. We are thinking to expand our booth size next year. (- Kotra-Korean Trade-Investment Promotion Agency)International Group Visitor CommentWe came with a group of 9 people. We are extremely satisfied with the services provided by the show organizer. We came to this exhibition to purchase and find business partners. During the show, we have collected lots of industry and company information for sourcing purposes. (– by Spring Ming Co., Ltd)The next edition of Manufacturing World will be the Tokyo show - Manufacturing World Japan 2020. Celebrating its 31st birthday, 2,300 exhibitors and 80,000 visitors are expected to participate in.2020 Tokyo Show will have 8 specialized shows displaying exhibits such as mechanical parts processing, FA/transmission technology and industrial automation, industrial IT solutions, factory energy-saving products/equipment, aerospace components/materials, 3D printing/additive manufacturing, manufacturing AI solutions, industrial IoT platforms, big data applications in various fields and many more. For more details please check the preshow report: If you are interested in knowing the trend of manufacturing industry trend, cutting-edge product technology, or collecting industrial information in Japan; or if you plan to source from Asian manufacturers, please do not miss this exhibition.Click for the Visitor Ticket of Manufacturing World Japan 2020: For exhibiting request, please contact the Show Management through Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.Manufacturing World Show ManagementAddress: 18F Shinjuku-Nomura Bldg. 1-26-2 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0570 JAPANTEL: +81-3-3349-8506  FAX: +81-3-3349-8500email:

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