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Manasquan Premium Fasteners Expands Product Line

By Unknown , 2011-10-27 12:00:00

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Manasquan Premium Fasteners, a leading provider of stainless steel fasteners to the residential, commercial and marine construction industries, has expanded its extensive inventory with the addition of several new high-quality product offerings from Starborn Industries and Simpson Strong Tie® as well as the addition of 6 lobe star drive stainless steel screws for wood and composites.
For nearly 25 years, Manasquan Premium Fasteners has supported the building industry with a full line of stainless steel fasteners in standard and hard to find sizes from its facility in Brick, New Jersey as well as the company website located at Most recently, Manasquan expanded this selection with the:
       SMART-BIT® PRO PLUG® System designed by Starborn Industries to simplify and enhance the beauty of wood plugged decking and flooring installations. Kits include the Pro Plug wood plugs, exclusive PRO-Plug Glue Nozzle and the proper screws and are also available in many wood species for use with tropical hardwood decking and interior wood flooring. The Smart Bit Pro Plug tool is sold separately. Several kit sizes are available to help build beautifully-plugged decks and floors in less than half the time of other plugging methods
       Simpson Strong Tie Stainless Steel Framing Connectors and Seismic & Hurricane Ties. Manasquan Premium Fasteners has added the latest Simpson AISI 316 stainless steel framing connectors, strapping & fasteners to their extensive Simpson stainless inventory. The recommended stainless steel fasteners are included with all framing connectors 
       Star Drive Stainless Steel Deck Screws are now available in trim head and bugle head design in both AISI 305 & 316 stainless steel

Founded in 1987, Manasquan boasts one of the nation’s largest lines of stainless steel fasteners. A complete "project oriented" selection of stainless fasteners, including; hand drive and collated nails, brads & staples to fit most collated fastening tools and applications, decking and trim screws (plain finish & painted head), specialty screws, bolts, carriage bolts, lag screws, threaded rod and hidden deck fastening systems.
Please visit to tour the company’s selection of products or call 1-800-542-1979 for more information. Orders placed online through the company’s website for in stock items are generally shipped the same or next business day.

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