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Accumulation of Steps Leads to Great Success------Mr. FAI LUK , the General Manager of Sailuk Rivet Co., Ltd

By CFM , 2014-08-18 01:57:55

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"No accumulation of steps, can't lead to thousand miles; No integration of streams, can't result in seas and oceans" quoted from Xunzi, famous thinker in Zhou Dynasty. Journalist from CFM finds Mr. FAI LUK, the General Manager of Sailuk Rivet Co., Ltd pay much importance to accumulation in the Short interview. It is due to the 24-year experience that Sailuk Rivet Co successfully stands out from the Chinese rivet industry and wins number of customers.     

Sailuk Rivet Co., Ltd. was established in 1990, located in Guangdong province, Foshan City, the economic prosperity region in China, covering an area of 6000 square meters. With kinds of advanced equipments imported from Taiwan and Italy, the company can help customers design and manufacture sorts of professional and high quality rivet according to their requests, like Open End Rivet, Peel Type Rivet, Closed End Rivet, Unigrip Type Rivet, Multi-grip Type Rivet, Monolock-luk type rivets, Nowlock-luk type rivets, Grooved Type Rivet, etc. The products are widely used in different industries: aviations, ships, automobiles, machineries, furniture and so on. There are over 200 staffs so far and 30 of them are technicians, producing more than 3 billion pieces average annually. What’s more, Sailuk Rivet is the first company that supplies aeronautical manufacturing directly at home.
Talking about the technicians, "In Sailuk Rivet, the average working age of technicians is over ten years, and our talents never flow out." Mr. Luk said proudly. That shows the strong soft power of the enterprise and the personality charm of the manager.
During the interview, Journalist of CFM was impressed by Mr. Luk’s “forgetfulness. " I do not remember the exact number of our facilities or the full name of our VIP customers, but for every production line, each machine and station, I can remember clearly; and regarding the customers, I believe that they are perfectly handled by our sales team. The only thing I need to concern is to ensure quality of our rivets." Mr. Luk said. His forgetfulness reflects their concentration on the quality instead of the flatulent propaganda. What worth to mention, Sailuk offers very good after-sales service with a highly professional after-sales department, which promise to deal with complaints and quality problems from customers within 24 hour with high satisfaction.
Comes to the future development and brand building, Mr. Luk emphasized stability are the key for success.
There are plenty of intelligent and ambitious forerunners but few punctilious and prudential performers like Sailuk Rivet in the changeable market. It is firmly believed that Sailuk Rivet will achieve further success through their steady development.
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