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The Chinese Fastener Enterprises Suffered from EU’s Anti-dumping

By International Business Daily , 2015-04-16 12:00:00

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Chinese Fastener export-oriented Enterprises suffered most from this 7-year EU’s anti-dumping case against fasteners originated from China. Mr. Xu Pengfei, President of Ningbo Jinding Fastening Pieces Co., Ltd indicated that this case influenced the domestic fastener industry quite a lot. Purchasing orders of fasteners at presents take only 60% of that of before; many companies have no choices but to stop producing. In addition, around 30--40% enterprises will have to face the problem of bankruptcy.

Based on Mr. Xu’s introduction, EU market takes around a half of the whole exporting market . When the EU market was influenced, it would as well bring a huge influence to the domestic fastener companies. “Since 2008, EU imposes two different criteria for China’s local companies and Europe-own companies on mainland China respectively. Such an unfair measure also set a bad example for other countries to follow. For example, in August 2009, USA planed to impose anti-dumping duty against our fasteners exporting to America. Though we communicated a lot with the American traders and the local association to settle this issue, still there were similar cases happening in Mexico, South Africa, and other countries. ” said Mr. Xu.

Mr. Fu Donghui from Allbright Law Offices said that when this case was filed in 2007, the total value involved reached an amount of 0.9 billion Dollar and there were 120 enterprises responding to the Anti-dumping Suit. It’s worth mentioning that the enterprises involved were almost the private enterprises. As a matter of fact, this case was the first case that Chinese companies won in anti-circumvention case, and as well the first case that China and EU imposed anti-dumping duties on each other. On one hand, EU abused the anti-dumping regulation against China and on the other hand, it dumped fasteners to China, which was later imposed anti-dumping duty legally by China government.

Mr. Fu indicated that EU’s differentiating adjudications brought itself to failure in law and in execution, due to its abusing of surrogate country and substitute valence . “It was unreasonable to compare the common fasteners from China with the Indian auto fasteners. Auto fasteners are of high accuracy and therefore with a high price, while the Chinese common fasteners are middle, low-end products with a lower price. EU should not judge whether there was a dumping case based on that.” said Mr. Fu.

It was known that this anti-dumping case against fasteners was the first case China won after presenting the evidence that EU abused the surrogate countries to WTO. Also, it was the first time that EU admitted its abuse of substitution price, which later became the evidence that EU took advantage of China by driving up dumping margin. Mr. Fu said that Chinese fastener enterprises held confidence to win this fastener case in WTO dispute. China fastener industry still positively seeks cooperation in spite of the case. after entering into WTO for 15 years, China appealed an acceptation of China’s market economy status by EU. There would be no surrenders to seeking reconciliation and win-win under the premise of maintaining one’s legitimate interest.

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