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New WORX SD Semi-Automatic Driver with Screw Holder Provides Fumble-free Fastening for Home Projects

By American Fastener Journal , 2015-08-20 02:25:43

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The new WORX® SD SemiAutomatic Driver is equipped with an exclusive Screw Holder attachment that firmly secures and levels the screw until it is driven flush to the surface of the work piece. The Screw Holder also is handy when removing screws so they don’t slip out of place.

Household repairs and projects often require holding a screwdriver in one hand, while fumbling with a screw and the item to be fastened in the other hand. This is even more frustrating when driving a screw in tight quarters with one hand. Some everyday examples include hanging pictures, putting up blinds or curtain rods, fastening products that require assembly, repairing toys, installing shelves, attaching drawer handles or hinges, mounting peg board, changing switch plate covers and installing door sets.

The Screw Holder attachment connects to the body of the SD Driver and is spring-loaded. When depressed, the jaws of the attachment open. Once the screw-driving bit makes contact with the head of the screw, the jaws grip the screw’s body to keep it steady, whether it’s being installed or removed.

Besides the new Screw Holder attachment, the innovative, cordless WORX SD SemiAutomatic Driver features a six-slot revolving chamber that rotates an assortment of bits in and out as needed. The user can quickly switch from slotted to Phillips to square recess bits in several sizes at will. The SD Driver’s revolving cartridge holds six standard one-inch, hex-shanked bits. The operator slides back the tool’s magazine (top cover) to advance a bit into the chamber, slides the cover forward, and the cordless driver is ready to use. Each bit is loaded into the cartridge, so storage or lost bits are never a problem.

One-inch, hex-shanked bits are widely available at home centers and hardware stores. The user can customize the cartridge to meet specific needs, whether the job calls for slotted, Phillips, square-recess or a combination of bits. The WORX SD SemiAutomatic Driver with Screw Holder is powered by a 4-volt lithium-ion, built-in battery. Lithium-ion batteries can hold a charge for up to 18 months. The plug-in charger brings the driver to a full charge in 5 hours. Constructed of nylon composite with a comfortable rubber grip on the handle, the SD driver with Screw Holder features a two-finger trigger, an LED light to illuminate the work area, plus a forward/reverse rotation button. The 1.1-lb. tool has a ¼ inch chuck, a no-load speed of 230 rpm with a maximum torque of 27 in-lbs.

The kit includes the SemiAutomatic Driver with Screw Holder attachment, bit cartridge, screw holder, 5-hour charger and six screw-driving bits: Phillips #1, #2; Slotted #4, #6 and square recess #1, #2.

The WORX SD SemiAutomatic Driver with Screw Holder (WX255L, $39.99) is available at

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