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China's auto export up 110.7% in first half

By , 2008-03-08 12:00:00

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During the first half of this year, China manufactured 4.5 million automobiles, up 22.4 percent year on year, according to announcements from the 2007 Annual Meeting of China Automobile Components and Parts Industry held in Wuhan. Of the automobiles manufactured, 241,000 were exported, with the export value up 110.7 percent.

According to latest statistics from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, during the first six months of 2007, China produced 4.5 million automobiles and sold 4.4 million, up 22.4 and 23.3 percent respectively. Of the automobiles prduced and sold, 3.2 million passenger vehicles were produced and 3.1 million sold, up 20.9 and 22.33 percent respectively; 1.3 million commercial vehicles were produced and 1.28 million were sold, up 26.1 and 25.9 percent respectively.

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