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Global Fastener Trip 2017 - Taiwan Wrapped up on Apr. 17

By CFM , 2018-04-20 12:00:00

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Taiwan is known as The Kingdom of Fasteners since it has been the annual global industry sales leader for many years.

To investigate the current development situation of Taiwan fastener industry, organized a group of more than 40 Chinese fastener companies to take part in Taiwan International Fastener Show, and to visit Taiwan local fastener companies and Taiwan Fastener Museum, so called Global Fastener Trip 2018 - Taiwan from Apr. 9 to 17, 2018.

The first stop of the trip was Taiwan International Fastener Show. As the ONLY international B2B fastener show in Taiwan, the exhibition attracted near 20000 visitors from all over the world. More than 400 exhibitors highlighted their diverse products and service at the show.


ChinaFastener Magazine at the Show

The group came to Jieng Beeing Enterprise Co., Ltd.after the Show. Chen Huizhong, vice president of the company and other staffs welcomed the group.


Based on introduction, the company was founded in 1973. It has four offices in Taiwan, two factories in China and one in Vietnam. It sells its products all over the world.

As one of the earliest company specilizing in producing fastener dies, the company is regarded as a school of fasteners dies talents. During the conference, Mr. Chen introduced the history and its patented products to the group. Technicians of the company discussed with the group members about the technologies in producing fasteners and achievements.


During Q&A, staffs of the company answered questions from the group members and discussed the difference between dies of the company and dies of Italian companies, and the bottleneck of Chinese fastener companies and the future.

The group came to Ching Chan Optical Technology Co., Ltd.after ending the visit in Jieng Beeing. Alex Wu, president of the company welcomed the group.


Founded in 1992, Ching Chan staff adhere to "technique innovation" and "quality improvement" to successfully develop multiple optical sorting machines, meanwhile the establishment of OEM sorting department is to sustain a large number of practical field test to continually enhance and improve the quality.Nowadays, CCM high-precision sorting devices have gained excellent name recognition among the well-known fastener manufacturers in the worldwide.


President Wu shared the history of the company, the locations of its global agencies, and management experience with the group. He emphasized the application of its optical sorting machines and patented products. He also introduced its newly-developed technologies which can satisfy more customized requirements.

The Group came to a well-known museum called Taiwan Fastener Museum in Kaohsiung. The museum was established under the support of government and some fastner companies.


The museum records the origin and development of fastener industry systematically in Taiwan and spreads the knowledges about fasteners in different exhibitions.

The group came to the third company Chang Horng International Co., Ltd to survey how the company manages its company and its requirements of fastener machines.


The company is specialized in 2 Die-4 blow screw heading machines and cold formers. It sells all type of screw heading machines and also offers related technical consulting, training, repairing and maintenance.Now it has set up two branches in Shanghai and Dongguan in China.


Ke Jinghong, president of the company led the group to visit its factory after a conference. He answered questions from the gourp and introduced the future development of the industry and companies. The clean factory of the company impressed the group.

In recent years, China is focusing on environmental production. China government set higher and higher requirements for environment pollution. Therefore, after visiting all companies, organized a seminar on Rust ans Stain Removal Technology. All members expressed their ideas and opinions on the technological difficulties and shared their experience.


We keep learning in every trips and make progress after communication. The Trip in Taiwan helped us know more about technologies and achievements of Taiwan fastener companies and the current situation and tendency. We'll be in the USA for the next Global Fastener Trip. Follow us for more information of fastener industry.

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