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Fastener Expo Shanghai 2019 Got a Great Success

By CFM , 2019-07-04 12:00:00

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On June 28, Fastener Expo Shanghai 2019 and 10th edition of Automobile Fastener Expo closed its curtain at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). They turned out to be a great success.


The exhibition hall covered an area of 60,000 square meters. Nearly 800 exhibitors from around the world attended this expo. Some exhibitors included: Jiangsu Washen, Zhejiang Xinchun, Foshan Sailuk, Ningbo ABC, Dongtai QB, Zhejiang Brother, Jiaxing Chinafar, Suzhou YNK, Ningbo Zhenhai Huazhi, Shanghai Fast-Fix, Zhejiang Ansheng, Jiaxing Zhengying, Shanghai BSC, Jiangxi Kaixu, Ningbo Ningli, Shanghai UAZNC, Beijing Jinzhaobo, Shanghai SRC, Dongguan Chunqing, Foshan Guangqingchang, Jiaxing Kinfast, Wenzhou Qiangbang, etc.


Jiangsu Washen


Zhejiang Xunchun


Foshan Sailuk


Ningbo ABC


Dongtai QB


Zhejiang Brother

Exhibits included standard fasteners, non-standard fasteners, automotive fasteners, high strength fasteners, stamping parts, lathe pieces, equipment, materials, molds, technologies, etc.


As Fastener Expo Shanghai celebrated 10th anniversary, Mr. Yang Junfeng, chairman of, said “At present we face a huge challenge and fierce competition. What we can do is to face it and create more value to our customers with professional service. Meanwhile, we need support from our friends, and we should be cooperative. Only when we work together can we be seen by the world.”

During the exhibition, a series of colocated activities were held at the same time, such as face to face purchasing meeting, technical interchange meeting, round table, etc. The themes were related to fastener market and business mode, technology creativity and craft optimization, AI manufacturing, product application, future industry development strategy and sustainable development, etc. The topics reflected opportunities and challenges China faced in respect of design, R&D, production, application and trade, etc. Speakers gave valuable solutions and suggestions. All activities were in favor of the development of the industry.


Face to Face China Fastener Purchasing Meeting


The next edition of Fastener Expo Shanghai will be held from June 3-5, 2020 at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai).

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