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Korea Metal Week 2019 Closed its Curtain in Seoul

By CFM , 2019-07-06 12:00:00

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From June 19-21, Korea Metal Week 2019 was held at Kintex, Seoul. Journalist of came to this exhibition with 25th issue of 華人螺絲ChinaFastener Magazine to get to know Korean industrial market.


There were 14 kinds of exhibits on show, namely, fastener & wire, foundry & die casting, automobile & machine parts, press & forging, tube & pipe, metal surface treatment & painting, 3D technology, aluminum, laser & welding, fundamental manufacturing industry, pump technology industry, tools, composite, control, measurement & automation.

Exhibitors were mainly from Korea, mainland China, Japan, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, etc. Some Chinese exhibitors included: Zhejiang GEM-Year Industrial Co., Ltd., Shanghai BSC Corporation Ltd., Hebei Fuao Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Huantai Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., Dong Tai City Huawei Standard Component Component Co., Ltd., etc.


GEM-Year Industrial Co., Ltd.


BSC Corporation Ltd.


Heibei Fuao Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Zhejiang Huantai Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.


Dong Tai City Huawei Standard Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing is one of the pillars of Korean economy. In order to maintain competitiveness in fierce international competition, on June 19, Korean government announced that its aim was to make manufacturing be one of the top 4 of the world.

According to the blueprint, Korean government will strive to increase the additional value of manufacturing from 25% to 30%, and increase the proportion of new industries and new projects from 16% to 30%. The aim was to make Korean export scale rank 4th of the world. At present, Korean export scale ranks 6th of the world.

According to World Daily, automobile manufacturing and maintaining leading position of semi-conductor are shinning points of the blueprint. Korean government plans to invest 8.4 trillion KRW to important fields to support their research and development. Korean government also plans to promote AI technology to all manufacturing industries. A series of strategies relating to AI will come out within the year. By 2030, Korea will build 2000 AI factories and establish data centers to accelerate the development of software, robot, sensor and equipment relating to AI.

However, the introduction of the fabulous policies does not change the worsening situation of Korean manufacturing. The rate of operation of the first quarter this year has dropped to the lowest level since 2008. The trend of manufacturing enterprises leaving Korea is obvious. Therefore, it takes time to tell whether the policies work or not.


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