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Chinese custom steps up efforts to cut fees for import firms

By Xinhua , 2020-03-11 12:00:00

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Chinese custom will roll out new measures including cutting arrear payments for import enterprises, as a part of efforts to promote work resumption, according to an official guideline released Tuesday.

Enterprises that failed to declare their imported goods in time due to the epidemic can apply for the exemption from paying delayed declaration fees, according to the guideline from the General Administration of Customs.

The guideline showed impacted firms have trouble repaying their taxes can apply for deferral with written applications, and penalty payments will be exempted if their payments are originally due as planned.

Companies can apply for a three-month extension for items declared before April 30, with guarantors temporarily exempted from paying indemnities.

While enhancing epidemic control and prevention at ports, the ministry pledged efforts to make full use of various policy tools and further streamline process of clearance, in a bid to ensure steady growth of foreign trade.

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