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China remains leading export market for Namibia

By Xinhua , 2020-03-13 05:56:04

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China remained at the top of the chart as the leading export market for the Namibian products representing 25.9 percent of the total exports, the latest Namibia Statistics Agency trade statistics showed Thursday.

According to the statistics, South Africa claimed the second spot on the chart representing 17.2 percent of the total exports while Botswana held steady in third place, absorbing 10.1 percent.

"The notable rise in exports was due to substantial growth in foreign demand for domestic commodities by these countries. The increase in exports to China was mainly led by minerals such as copper (49.6 percent) and uranium ores (43 percent)," the report stated.

Additionally, according to the report, a new market for meat products was established in China which absorbed meat worth 157 million Namibian dollars (10 million U.S. dollars) contributing to the overall growth of exports to that country.

Namibia's imports were mainly supplied by South Africa, Zambia, China, Bulgaria, India, Botswana, USA, Peru, DRC and Chile, most of which also feature on the export list.

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