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China's hardware industry rises rapidly

By , 2007-03-13 12:00:00

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Passes through for several years to grow with steady steps, the Chinese hardware manufacturing industry already became the world output first great nation, at present the annual production amounts to 250,000,000,000 Yuan.
According to News learned from China's Hardware Product Association that, took rises rapidly the profession, the Chinese hardware product year import and export volume, in 2004 achieved 31,220,000,000 US dollars, among, the export amount achieved 24,132,200,000 US dollars, produces along with the product can the expansion with the Chinese economy strong growth, in the future 3 years, the Chinese hardware import and export will still maintain 30% high rate of increment.
This kind of strong development situation causes the Chinese five gold brokerages at the international standing unprecedented enhancement. Chinese Hardware Product Association already officially obtained in 2006 the 49th session of world hardware congress the sponsorship, Chinese and Cologne, Germany, the exhibition company jointly held the Chinese International Hardware Show (CIHS) also already to become the world hardware profession to unfold the meeting influential, regardless of were participation business or displays the area, leapt to second in the world.
Chinese Hardware Product Association Director Zhang Dongli indicated that, in this year October the Chinese Hardware Show (CIHS) has gathered the Chinese 90% hardware shareholding system and makes the base, converges the hardware tool, the hardware, the kitchen health product and so on four big kind of high-quality goods, has represented the Chinese hardware profession strongest battle formation and the maximum level, becomes the overseas buyer purchase ¡°Made in China¡± important platform.
At present will come from Germany, US, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Mexico, Singapore, India, South Korea, Japan and so on more than 100 overseas participation business already registers the participation, the global four large hardware building materials transnational retail merchant - - Home Depot, Lowe's, B&Q, OBI leads to buy wholesale the hand meeting purchase greatly, the Kingfisher, Leroy Merlin, Carrefour, Wal-Mark, Metro and so on 40 transnational chain-like enterprises expressed the alliance unfolded can advance in China's several hundred million purchase plan.

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