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Coatings cover varied screw applications

By unknown , 2008-08-06 12:00:00

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Rino Industries offers a range of specially treated and coated screws for precision applications Raydent treated socket head cap screws offer excellent resistance against corrosion, chemicals and abrasions.
They have excellent lubricity which is appropriate for preventing screw burnouts and biting and spectral reflectivity is below 1.5% making them ideal for use with optics machinery and tools which necessitate reflection prevention.
They may be used in rough and medium vacuums, in a clean room, or with FPD and semiconductor production equipment and devices.
Socket head cap screws with molybdenum disulphide coating are ideal for preventing problems that occur during construction and for analysis of machinery, tools and devices.
Again, excellent resistance against corrosion and abrasions as well as lubricity preventing screw burnouts and biting is standard.
Teflon coated socket head cap screws are another range offered as they have many advantages.
Excellent resistance against heat and chemicals means they can be used in chemical resistant applications such as FPD, semiconductor production equipment, printed circuit board etching devices, metallic surface treatment equipment and chemical plants.
They will prevent screw burnouts and seizing as they have excellent lubricity.
Sizes range from M3 up to M10 threads as standard.
Gold coatings offer virtually the same properties as Teflon, except they are also resistant to acids and electrical conductivity.
Socket head cap screws with an antibacterial treatment are also available as one of the more unusual treated screws on offer.
This unique alloy plating has excellent antibacterial, antifungal and anti-algae characteristics, making them ideal for use in food processing and medical related machinery.
The antibacterial property used is over 10 times faster than traditional antibacterial treatments.
Even in dark environments, the antibacterial effectiveness continues for long periods of time.
An electroless nickel plating is available on socket head cap screws offering a strength classification of 12.9, which makes them ideal for machinery or tools that cannot use rust preventative oil.
Sizes range from M3 to M5 as standard.
Trivalent chromate treated socket head cap screws are the last in this range offering a reduced environmental impact as they are hexavalent chromium free, RoHS Directive compliant and have a strength classification of 10.9.

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