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HT ( High Tension ) Bolt with Nut

Quantity: [1500PCS]

Post time:2016-07-12

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high strength fiction grip hex bolts, nuts and plain washers

Post time:2015-08-27

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hgd bolt sets.threaded rods,anchor bolts ,gi bolt sets

Quantity: [80TONS]

Post time:2015-01-04

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Enquiry on DIN 976 & Antivandal Nuts

Quantity: [50000PCS]

Post time:2014-12-17

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Flange Head Shoulder Bolt

Quantity: [1500000PCS]

Post time:2014-04-25

United States
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High tention Bolt and Nut Grade 12.9

Quantity: [16800PCS]

Post time:2013-09-10

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High-strength bolts

Post time:2013-07-24

Russian Federation
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High strength DIN6914 DIN6915 AND WASHER

Quantity: [1FCL]

Post time:2011-08-18

Russian Federation
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RFQ # LV-080811-06 A325 bolt nut and F436 washer

Quantity: [100MPCS]

Post time:2011-08-09

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A325 Heavy hex bolt nut and F436 washer

Quantity: [50000SETS]

Post time:2011-07-19

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Railway bolt sets with nut and washer

Quantity: [40MPCS]

Post time:2010-11-24

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HDG hex bolt sets inquiry

Quantity: [10MPCS]

Post time:2010-11-23

United Kingdom
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