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Taiwan Hui Hung Industry Co., Ltd

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DIN 125 flat washer

Category: Washer,Flat washers DIN SAE USS
Metarial: Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel
Standard: DIN125 Flat washer
Surface: Plain,Blue zn/white zn,Yellow zn,black phosphate
Place of Origin: JiaXing City
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Jiaxing Dazhe Fastener Co., Ltd.

Business Type:Manufacturer

Tel:  86-573-84096695
Fax:  86-573-84096348
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  • Product Detail

DIN125 flat washer
1)material: carbon steel, stainless steel
2)standard: DIN125 flat washer
3)Finish: YZ, WZ, black, plain
4)Size: M3-M80
packing: carton/pallet, according to customers requiremnt.

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