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Cold former

Category: Machine & Equipment,Cold former, Parts former
Metarial: Carbon Steel
Surface: Zn
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Yixing QunYing Standard Equipment Manufacturing Co, Ltd

Business Type:Manufacturer

Tel:  86-510-87501756
Fax:  86-510-87501756
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stainless steel flat head rivets micro-diameter screws nuts-weld round hexagon & square din985 lock nut steel retaining clip rivet nut tool slotted pan head screws din 920 Plastic conicial anchor Common round nails
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Production range: Various kinds of standard equipment,nonstandard equipment, nut equipment(12- and so on, riveting machines, half empty screw machines, all hallow machines, nonstandard two module and four blunt machines(24-6.24-8.24-12), bead cutters, thread rolling machines and nut machines. Some of these machines have benn sold to South Asia, North Africa and South America, which enjoy high population.

本公司生产各种标准件.非标准件螺丝.螺母设备:12-等加长机.铆钉机.半空螺丝机.全空芯机.生产各种非标件的二模四冲机(24-6.24-8.24-12).切边机.搓丝机.螺母机等各种设备.本公司技术实力雄厚(工程师16人.技术人员30多人.员工500多人.产品远销、南亚、北非、南美等欢迎新老客户光临本公司. 谢谢 祝你发财.


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