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SS410 Hexagon Washer Head Self Drilling Screw

Category: Screws,Self drilling screws
Metarial: Stainless Steel
Standard: DIN7504 K
Surface: passivated
Place of Origin: Jiaxing
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Jiaxing Unitek Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Business Type:Manufacturer

Tel:  86-573-82053711
Fax:  86-573-82297060
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  • Product Detail

Stainless Steel Self Drilling Screw
Material: SS 410
Surface: passivated
Diameter: 2.9-6.3mm
Length: 16-250mm
This kinds of screws are commonly used in steel construction. the sus 410 and heat treatment make it surface hardness reach 680-750 HV. its self drilling point make it easy penetrate metal sheet.

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