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SAE Flat Washers;SAE Through Hardened Washers

Category: Washer,Flat washers DIN SAE USS
Metarial: Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel
Surface: Plain,Blue zn/white zn,Yellow zn,Black zn,HDG,Zn,Black Oxide,oiled,passivated,Zinc Cr3,black phosphate
Place of Origin: Jiaxing
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H.J Tech Industry Limited

Business Type:Manufacturer

Tel:  86-573-84297069
Fax:  86-573-82510684
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DIN 9021 Plain Washers (d2 = 3 x d1)
ASTM series:
Fender Washers
SAE Flat Washers
SAE Through Hardened Washers
USS Flat Washers
USS Through Hardened Washers
Finished Flat Washers
Machine Screw Washers
Hardened Beveled Washers F436,A325,A490
Structural Washers
Square Beveled Washers
Belleville Washers
Hi-Collar Lock Washers
Lock Set Pair Lock Washers
Split Lock Washers
Tooth Lock Washers
Countersunk Finishing Washers
Dock Washers
Shoulder Washers
Bonded Sealing Washers
Serrated Safety Washers
Contact Washers
Conical Washers
Wave Washers
Cup Washers

In general, washers are used to increase the bearing surface of a nut or fastener’s head, provide a smooth mating surface or protect the surface from damage when the nut or head is rotated, compensate for oversized or irregular shaped holes, space or shim parts, or to resist loosening. Common washers are listed below, or click on a type above for detailed information.

Washer size refers to its nominal hole size and is based on screw size. Its outside diameter (OD) is always larger. Size and OD are usually specified in fractional inches, although decimal inches may be used instead. Thickness is typically listed in decimal inches although we often convert it to fractional inches for convenience.

Hardened and high strength alloy washers are used with graded fasteners, such as ASTM A325 and SAE Grades 5 and 8—see specific washers for details.

Depending on the washer type, common materials include aluminum, brass, nylon, silicon bronze, stainless steel and steel. Finishes include nickel for brass and steel, and hot dip galvanizing and zinc plating for steel. Unplated and uncoated steel washers—referred to as plain finish—may also be available and are susceptible to rust. Not all washer types are available in all materials and finishes.

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