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Flat washer & Square washer

Category: Washer,Spring lock washers
Surface: Plain
Place of Origin: Hangzhou
Brand Name:
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Hangzhou Ankou Hardware Co.,Ltd

Business Type:Manufacturer

Tel:  86-571-82872908
Fax:  86-571-82735381
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m10 projection nut threadless open end blind rivets a325/a563-dh/436 poly toggle hollow wall drive anchors square head bolt screw m3 a193 b7 threaded rods bar steel
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The ranges of our products as follows:

Flat washer: DIN125A. DIN126. DIN9021. DIN440. DIN433. USS. SAE ETC.

Spring washer: DIN127B. DIN7980. ANSI

Square washer: DIN434. DIN436

Hex Head Bolts DIN933 & DIN931

Hex Head Nuts: DIN934 and others stamping.

If you are interested in the above fasteners. Please contact us.

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