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Aluminum and Steel Interlock Cup Type Blind Rivet

Category: Rivets & Self-Clinching,Non standard rivet
Metarial: Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel,Alloy Steel,Al
Standard: DIN 7337
Surface: Plain,Blue zn/white zn,Yellow zn,Black zn,Black Oxide,Zinc Cr3
Place of Origin: Shanghai
Brand Name: King Fastening
Payment Terms: TT

Shanghai King Fastening Systems Co., Ltd.


Business Type:Manufacturer

Tel:  86-21-63662199-809
Fax:  86-21-51685056
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We offer an extensive range of rivets:

 ^ Open type blind rivets

 ^ Close-end type blind rivets

 ^ Peel type rivet

 ^ Unigrip type blind rivet

 ^ Multi-grip type blind rivet

 ^ Hem-luk type rivet( Hemlock rivet)

 ^ Cup-luk rivet(Monobolt rivet)

 ^ Grooved type rivet

 ^ Pull through rivet

 ^ Bulb-tite rivet( Lantern rivet)

Material: Aluminum/Aluminum Carbon steel/ Carbon steel Stainless steel/ Stainless steel
Size of body diameter: 4.8 6.4mm
Size of body length:    10 12 14  16 19mm   

Grip range:                 1.58-15.87mm

Hole size:                    4.9-5.1    6.6-7.0

Material:                     Aluminum/  Carbon steel/ Stainless steel

Shear strength           2.3/5.6/6.0/ 13.4KN

Tensile strength         1.9/3.4/4.5/8.2KN


SPQ :50000pcs

Specifications:Various shape size according to client’s requirement

Surface :Galvanization \ Zinc coat \ Nickel plating \ Electro

Service:All the services/High quality service


Just feel free to mail us for best price with detail request on each part size and materials, quantity!        our website for more information

Feel free to mail:

Whatsapp:                 +8615300791620



Installation is simple and convenience, but needs riveter tool, such as hand press rivet gun, electric rivet gun and air riveter, etc.
Widely used in:


^clip (Stationery folder, hairpin)



^baby stroller

^electronic products







^electronic products industries

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