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Drywall screw

Category: Screws,Drywall screws
Metarial: Carbon Steel
Surface: black phosphate
Place of Origin:
Brand Name: FIXDEX
MOQ: 100000  MPCS
Payment Terms: T/T or L/C



Business Type:Manufacturer

Tel:  86-311-+86-311-67796659-815
Fax:  86-311-+86-311-67796657
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FIXDEX is a professional manufacturer of drywall screw, such as hex washer head, hex flange washer heads, modify truss head, large wafer head, and Lotus head with stainless steel head cap and bugle head Drywall Screw etc.. FIXDEX hold honesty as our principle to server customers for long-term cooperation within customers, suppliers and crafts. We also hope that we could build up close partnership for mutual profit.

Drywall Screw - Bugle Flat Head Fine Thread / Coarse Thread

Product Description:

Material: Carbon Steel, C1022 Steel, Stainless, S.S302, S.S304, S.316, S.S410

Head Type: Bugle Head, Modify Truss Head, Thin Wafer Head, Laminting Head, Trim HeaD, Pan Framing

Drive: Phillips, Square

Thread Type: Fine thread, Type S, SS, Coarse thread, CS, Hi-low thread, HI-LO thread

Coating: Zinc Plated Cr+6, Zinc Plated Cr+3, Zinc Yellow Cr+3, Zinc Yellow Cr+6, Grey Phosphated, Black Phosphated, Ruspert 500HRS, Ruspert 1000HRS, Ruspert 1500HRS, Class 3, Class 4, Other Special Coating

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