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Cheese head studs for arc stud welding ISO 13918:1998,JIS B1198,GB/T10433-2002

Category: Bolts,Weld bolts
Metarial: Carbon Steel
Standard: JIS B 1198: 1995
Surface: Plain
Place of Origin: Handan
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Handan Yongxin Ning Fastener Co., Ltd.

Business Type:Manufacturer

Tel:  86-0310-8300992
Fax:  86-0310-8300992
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  • Product Detail

Product material: carbon steel

Product model: M10-25

Pre-weld length: 40-300mm

Standard number: GB/T10433-2002, ISO 13918:1998, JIS B1198

The cylindrical head stud is the abbreviation of Cheese head studs for arc stud welding. It belongs to a kind of fastener with high strength and rigidity. It is mainly used for large public buildings and super high-rise buildings. The more the main body is the steel reinforced concrete structure, in order to make the steel components have a good bonding force and work together, the fastener cylindrical head welding nails are widely used in this field, through many experimental and engineering applications. Industrial plant construction, roads, railways, bridges, towers, automobiles, energy, transportation facilities, airports, stations, power stations, pipeline supports, lifting machinery and other types of steel structures.

(1) Before welding, the welding nails shall be inspected and ensured that there are no rust, scale, grease, moisture or other defects affecting the welding quality.

(2) The porcelain ring for welding should be kept dry. If the porcelain ring is damp due to packaging damage, it should be dried before welding. The drying temperature is 120 °C and the temperature is kept for two hours.

(3) There should be no harmful substances such as oxide scale, rust or moisture that affect the welding quality within 50mm of the welding nail.

(4) When the length of the feeder wire is less than 50mm, the section shall not be less than 35mm2; at the same time, a dedicated power supply of sufficient capacity must be used, the capacity of which is generally 100KVA-150KVA, and should be protected from rain and sun. The distribution box should be bolted. Near the machine, it is easy to cut off the power when there is a fault. The minimum distance of the welder body from the wall or other obstacles is 20cm to ensure air circulation around the welder, which is conducive to heat dissipation.


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