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Taiwan Hui Hung Industry Co., Ltd

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Category: Material,Stainless steel wire
Place of Origin: bingzhou
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MOQ: 5000  Piece
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Kunshan Zhongmao Hardware Co., Ltd

Business Type:Manufacturer

Tel:  86-512-86162111-8831
Fax:  86-512-57307977
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wire weld coil nails cable steel fisplate bolts lock nut 2 inch common nail hcr dies-steel, bolt & screw forming extruding 60mm bright common nail stainless steel all thread rod
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We can produce many kinds of thimbles (European type, Italian type, US type )
We mainly produce stainless steel products, such as: shackles, wire rope clips, ringer, turnbuckles, snap hooks, swivel, pulley, eye bolts, eye nuts, U-bolt, link, hinge, terminal, ship-rigged, round ring, abnormity products and according to drawing and sample.

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