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Automatic Full Close Sealing Shrink Wrapping Machine

Category: Machine & Equipment,Inspection equipment
Metarial: Carbon Steel
Place of Origin: Suzhou
Brand Name: PINYI
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Kunshan City Pinyi Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd

Business Type:Manufacturer

Tel:  86-0512-57777830
Fax:  86-0512-57777851
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Machine  specification

1. It is suitable for small screw and nut, etc. working with  optical  CCD sorting machine, weighing system and counting vibrator   to  sort and pack

2. PLC player control  system ,  PE  bag size and  heating  time  both can be setting

3. Packing  quantity  can be  customized and  hopper   direction can be  chose

4. Hot sealed , tight, flat, good sealing ,nice look

5. Can work with intelligent printer or labeler ,instead of labour


packing  arrange:

head  diameter:¢3~¢20   length:3~40mm

weight: 100g~5000g

(Carbon steel fasteners, for example, to the actual packaging products as the standard )

Speed :  1~3 bags/min

 Material :PE Plastic film 

PE film thickness:≥0.08mm

Bag making form: up and bottom sealing

Bag  size :(L): 200~320mm  (W): 200/220mm

Dimension :1400(L)*550(W)*800(H)mm

Conveyor Size:1400(L)*500(W)*500(H)mm

Feeding pipe loading:10~12kg

 Power:AC 220V/50HZ

Air pressure:5~7kg/cm³

 Net weight:180kgs

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