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Grade 4.8 Thread rod

Category: Thread rods & studs,Thread rods
Metarial: Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel
Standard: DIN 975
Surface: Plain,Black zn,Zinc Cr3,Blue zn/white zn,HDG,Yellow zn
Place of Origin: Jiaxing
Brand Name: Qiimu
MOQ: 1  Ton
Payment Terms: TT

Jiaxing Qimu Trading Co.,ltd


Business Type:Manufacturer

Tel:  86-573-82693306
Fax:  86-573-82693379
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Surface finishing: Electro galvanized,Hot dip galvanized,Black;

Standard:DIN,B7,ASTM,JIS,BS,AS,ISO,GB,nonstandard bolt(according to your order);

Material:Carbon steel;




Supply ability:2000 tons per month;

Packing first by woven fabric packing then by pallet.


 How to Choose Threaded rod

1) Before use, confirm whether the mechanical properties of the product meet the customer's requirements (such as the tensile strength of bolts and the safety load of nuts).

2) The length of the bolt should be selected appropriately, whichever is 1-2 pitch of the exposed nut after tightening.

3) The threads of front teeth should be kept clean.

How to use the thread rod correctly

1) When tightening the rod, attention should be paid to the direction of the wrench applied to coincide with the axis of the screw, and do not tilt.

2) In the process of tightening, the force should not exceed the safe torsion and be uniform, and the torsion wrench or sleeve should be used together as far as possible.

3) too fast locking speed will lead to locking. It is recommended not to use electric or pneumatic wrenches.

4) Keep the threads clean. In order to ensure that the screw and nut match smoothly, it is recommended that the product be taken in a clean container and not placed at will.

Standard for maintenance of Threaded rods

1) If there is slight damage to the dismantled teeth, screws and nuts, the plate teeth and taps shall be used for repair.

2) Removal and restoration of teeth, screws and nuts shall be maintained in the form of oil bubbles or lubricating oil, and shall be arranged neatly according to specifications, models and purposes.

Abandonment Standards

Threaded rods with obvious cracks, broken snaps, sliding dead, screw screw tension deformation, shear marks and other bolts that can not be repaired by the field leaders can be scrapped

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