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Taiwan Hui Hung Industry Co., Ltd

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wave washer

Category: Washer,Wave or coil spring washers
Standard: DIN ,JIS,BS ,ASME
Place of Origin: hangzhou
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MOQ: 1  Ton
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Hangzhou Xiao shan Fada Spring Washer Co.,Ltd

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Tel:  86-571-82795938
Fax:  86-571-82799839
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  • Product Detail

1)Standard Size

DIN127B 2-64mm

DIN7980 3-48mm

DIN6796 2-30mm

DIN6797 1.6-30mm

DIN6798 1.6-30mm

DIN137B 3-24mm

DIN137A 1.8-10mm

ASMEB18.21.1 No 4- 1/2

BS1802 1/8-11/2

JIS B1251 3-36mm
SEMS 1.6-16

2)Material spring steel(70# , 65Mn),stainless steel(ss302,ss304,ss316),copper

3)surface treatment:Polishingblack, zinc plated (blue, white, yellow), hot dipped galvanized.trivalent zincZ/PCR3.Phosphating

4)Packing:In carton/sack and palletized,Generally 25kg per unit or packing according to customers' requirements.

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