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Screw Header Punch

Category: Molds & Consumption goods,Punches
Place of Origin: Renqiu
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Huachao Screw Tools Manufacturing Co.Ltd

Business Type:Manufacturer

Tel:  86-317-7909808
Fax:  86-317-2229113
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screw header punch
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Second Punches
Description of screw header punch
1. Punch can be made with
  JIS series: JMP, JMT, JMB, JMF, JWR etc.
  ANSI series: AMF, AMP, AMT, AMB, ATF etc.
  DIN series: DMF, DMP, DTF, DTP, DWF etc.
  Non Standard series
2.Punch head including: Pan Head, Truss Head, Flat Head, Oval Head, Round Head, Cheese Head, Binding Head etc.
3. Punch driver including: Phillips, Slotted, Combination, Hexagon, Pozidriv, Six-Lobe, Square, Triangle, S-Type, H-Type, Spline etc.
4. Punch specification: 12*25mm ,14*25mm ,18*25mm , 23*25mm ,30*25mm
5. Punch material: M2. M3. M42
6.Punch hardness: 61-63
7. Punch coating: Plain , Tin, Tialn
8. Unit weight: 12*25mm / 25g , 14*25mm / 30g , 18*25mm / 50g , 23*25mm / 80g
9.Package:10pcs in one box, then packing by carton.
10. Delivery time: 10-20 working days
11. We also provide SPECIAL punch

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