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Taiwan Hui Hung Industry Co., Ltd

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Panel Fastener

Category: Rivets & Self-Clinching,Panel fastener
Metarial: Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel,Alloy Steel
Surface: Plain,Blue zn/white zn,Black zn
Place of Origin: dongguan
Brand Name: GMM
MOQ: 100  PCS
Payment Terms: T/T

Dongguan Grand Metal Precision Tech Industrial Limited

Business Type:Manufacturer

Tel:  86-769-85161020
Fax:  86-769-85161021
Email: Login to Check the email
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Grand Metal Manufactory in China, has partnered with the highest quality overseas producers of  P.E.M. equivalent parts and self clinching hardware. We are proud to be able offer these to our customers at substantial savings over domestic producers. We have been able to save our customers time and money on their high production self clinching hardware needs. Most quotes can be obtained in 24-48 hrs., with samples usually available in 2-3wks. Production times vary from 30-45 days depending in run size. Please allow 30 days for overseas shipping. If you are experiencing delivery problems with your current vendor give us a call, chances are we can save you time and money.

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