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DIN 444 Eye bolt 002

Category: Bolts,Eye bolt, eye screw
Standard: DIN 444
Surface: Plain
Place of Origin: wenzhou
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Yuyao No.2 Standard Fastener Factory

Business Type:Manufacturer

Tel:  86-574-62003860
Fax:  86-574-62003980
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The spherical surface is very smooth,the precision of screw thread is high. As accessory it can improve integrated quality for your product.

Material:low/medium carbon steel,stainless steel,structural alloy steel Technological process:cut precious after hot forging Specification:Common American system
Grade: 4.6-12.8,etc

Features: 1) Plating:plated Zinc various/BLACK(BLUE) OXIDE etc. 2) Standards:DIN 444(DIN444),GB 798(GB798),M8-M64
Free sample! High quality and best price.
Main Scoop of Inventories:1.Materials:low/middle carbon steel(4.6) Alloy Steel(8.8-12.8)stainless steel 304 & 316 2.Dimensions:a)Low/middle carbon Steel,Alloy Steel M8-M64 b) Stainless Steel 304 & 316 M5-M30 3.Cut precious after hot forging,manufacture mainly adopts the method of hot forging,cold forging few;tensile strength of stainless steel 304&316(Other materials are also available in a small amount.)

Competitive Advantages:1.Punctual Delivery 2.Competitive Price 3.Short Lead Time 4.High Quality 5.Superb R&D 6.high OEM Capaciity 7.Various Product Line 8.Reliability 9.High Reputation 10.Made To Order 11.Rich Experience

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