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Stainless steel Monobolt

Category: Rivets & Self-Clinching,Blind rivets
Metarial: Stainless Steel
Place of Origin: Changzhou
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Jiangsu Aiweide Fastener Co., Ltd.

Business Type:Manufacturer

Tel:  86-519-89591951
Fax:  86-519-89591952
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  • Product Detail

stainless steel structural monobolt rivet

material: stainless steel ( A2)
Dia: 4.8mm ( 3/16’’), 6.4mm( 1/4’’)
head: Protruding head.

surface: polish,Cr3+Zinc

Size: 4.8* 10 mm, 4.8*14mm, 6.4*14mm, 6.4*20mm

Product Feature

* multi-grip capability

* high shear and tensile strength

* good sheet take-up performance

* visible lock for quick and easy inspection

* excellent hole fill via rapidly expanded body

* stem mechanically locked into body

* wide choice of installation tools

* one fastener can be used to replace several standard grip fasteners

* reduced fastener inventory and simpler stock control

* compensates for irregular,oversized,slotted or misaligned holes

* can stop sheet movement in non-standard holes

* large gap closing capability

* provides very strong,vibration resistant joints

* no damage,electrical problems or rattling due to loose stems

Product application:

* Automitive

* Cabinets and enclosers (containers)

* Commecial vehicles

* Domestic appliances

* Heating and ventilating

Assembly material:

* metal to metal

* metal to plastic

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